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    I upgraded to Mountain Lion, and then to Mavericks within days of their releases. 


    I was really disappointed with Calendar "Alert/Snooze" notification capabilities lost when iCal went away with ML (What were Apple thinking; appears an intentional exclusion to me.).  So I was forced to purchase BusyCal from the App Store (It wasn't inexpensive).  I discussed with Apple tech support, by phone (haven't done so about Mavericks yet) in the past, and spent too much time trying to get the person on the other end of the line to understand my issues - very frustrating.  They couldn't understand what I was talking about (Don't Applers use calendars and snoozes - how do they keep track of their days schedules?).  But BusyCal mimicked the snooze capabilities of iCal (and "MicroSoft Outlook" I was forced to use at my employer before I retired). And, although unhappy with having to pay $$ for BusyCal, I've been doing fine since.


    Then, after I upgraded to Mavericks, I read the original post to this string and was getting happy - until I tried Mavericks snooze (I didn't drop my BusyCal app - never get rid of what works until you have a viable alternative).  For the life of me, I can't figure out why Apple (by the way I am a GIANT Apple fan; have been for over 30 years - own almost 1,200 shares of AAPL common stock).  And I understand new software releases are likely to have bugs/issues.  But this has been and issue, at least with me, for over two years (upgrades) now.  I think that is way too long, unless there is something I don't understand here.


    NOW TO THE POINT - Mavericks calendar "Snooze" options currently look mostly great to me.  Except, based on my use of Mavericks calendar so far, if you are not at sitting your compurter when the "original" or "snoozed" calendar alert pops up it will "dissapear"/ gone within XX minutes, without your "affirmative" election to "do something," like "Dismiss" or "Snooze to a Later Date and Time" .... If it "goes away" you have lost it - not good!  I need to be able tell my software (not them to me) when to "delete/dismiss" my alert notifications - not let "dumb" software make the decision for me. 


    Why can't Apple just mimick BusyCal???


    Am I missing something?

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    In Preferences/Notifications, you will find 3 Calendar alert styles: None, Banners, and Alerts. Banners go away automatically. Alerts stay on screen until dismissed. So, I would guess that your notifcations are set to "Banners" and need to be set to "Alerts" if you want them to stick around until you have either closed them or set a "snooze" time.

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    Thanks Vic,


    I still may be missing something (I learned years ago software only does what asked to do, and I'm not a Geek), but I've been trying my own non-geek tests of the snooze feature of Mavericks calendar.


    I'll keep trying, but what I've seen today after several "experiments" is that a Calendar Alert (I don't have my alerts set to "Banners"), if let run the full snooze time (or even if not snoozed), will automatically "delete" after 5 minutes.


    I'll keep trying.




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    I have yet to try Mavericks' Calendar.  After being so disapointed in it in ML, mainly the Snooze feature lost from iCal, I moved to BusyCal.  Surprisingly, some BusyCal notificatons do generate a Calendar type notification but it goes away.  Is Calendar still not giving the option to set a new time for another reminder when the notification pops up?  I see, from the messages, it is self deleting (or canceling) as it did in ML if not attended to (clumslily, IMHO).  BusyCal isn't perfect but the reminders are easily reset; unfortunately it costs as much as ML cost.  It seems that a small code change (and I'm no coder) would allow Calendar the ability to reset its reminders as it once did.



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    Snooze time may be set by the user in Mavericks:

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    Any specifics?

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    Click and hold on the Snooze button to bring up a drop down menu. Snooze times from minutes to hours to days to weeks.

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    Click and hold on the Snooze button to bring up a drop down menu. Snooze times from minutes to hours to days to weeks.

    ...UNLESS you weren't at your desk and the reminder has dismissed itself. Then you get NO snooze.


    I love that BusyCal ALWAYS assumes I wanted to know about an event even if it takes me a week before I'm at my computer to see it. Better safe than sorry when it comes to calendar events. Hey, if it isn't important why is it on your calendar?!

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    There are different snooze options for "Alert" snoozes and "Event" snoozes, as I found out during my lengthy session with the Apple phone support. 

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    Click on System Prefrences/Notifications/Calendar and select "Alerts" under "Calendar Alert Style" and the reminder will not dismiss itself but will wait for you to dismiss it.

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    I don't mean to sound dissagreable.  But, I have spent considerable time talking with senior advisors at AppleCare since my original post, and this is what we have come up with:


    1.  There are two different types of calendar alerts - pre-event and event.


    2.  Snooze options for pre-event and event alerts are different (make sure you hold the snooze button down to see the options).


    3.  Pre-event alerts work fine, but when the event start time is reached the pre-event alert becomes an event alert, and the snooze options change.


    4.  If you do not either close, or snooze, an event alert it will self-close when the event duration (end time) is reached.


    You can test it yourself.  Set a calendar event start time a couple of minutes from your current local time with a short duration (maybe two minutes).  Watch as the event alert displays, then wait the (two) minutes and watch it close.


    AppleCare is elevating the item to engineering, and I have posted to  I'm wating to see what they have to say.

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    What about Reminders alerts?  Do they behave in a similar fashion, or do they continue to display until dismissed?

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    I came from Snow Leopard to Mavericks. I read through this thread and finally found this Click-and-hold-Snooze feature, which solves I big problem Lion and Moutain Lion users had to sustain for 2 years. Phew, that I switched so late, really saved me some headache.


    But I also have to fight with the dismissing Alerts, Reminders, Events, especially when my Mac is sleeping during an Event , Alert or Snooze-Event. Thanks @dicksondm for your writing about the details of events and pre-events. Have to think a bit about this, if we maybe do not use the Calendar right. But in the end I am confident, that auto dismissing alerts is a big design BUG.


    So @dicksondm I would be very pleased, to read here more from your escalation with the Apple-Feedback-Team. Thanks a lot.

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    If the auto-dismissal only applies to Calendar alerts, and not to Reminders alerts, then I guess there is a sort of logic to it i.e. "why would you want to be reminded about an event you have missed" might be Apple's argument (though personally I would, please, Apple). However, if Reminder alerts - which I use for payments due , insurance renewals, etc. - are also auto -dismissed then that is illogical as well as inconvenient, since they are often reminders of actions that are not tied to a particular hour or even day.  I'm not clear, though, from the preceding discussion whether the auto-dismiss feature applies to Reminders alerts as well as Calendar alerts, to just the latter?

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    Sorry, that final sentence should have finished with "OR just the latter".