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  • jpreston Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks to Keigotw for his suggestion.  I unshared all the folders on my Win 7 computer, rebooted (because that is what you do with Win computers), and reshared.  For the first time since the day ML released I can now access files from the MBP to the Win 7 computers and from the other direction.


    Of course I don't know if this is sustainable over time but it is encouraging.  Best of luck to the rest of you Mountain Lion sufferers. 


    - Jim

  • Paul Littlewood Level 1 Level 1

    Just to add my voice to this. Since upgrading to ML from SL I to have lost access to all my Windows shares (a mixture of XP and 7). I can't see them in finder and they can't be accessed via "connect to server" using any of the methods discussed in the post. 10.8.1 has not resolved the issue.


    This is very inconvenient. After a day of running around with a USB stick I'm now having to use a NAS drive to interact between Macs and PCs which luckily we can both see. I couldn't even see the NAS originally since ML does not support "legacy AFP services" by default - Why I couldn't be given a message to that effect when trying to connect rather than me having to spend a good couple of hours researching the issue and running some terminal commands to fix it is beyond me.


    What annoys me even more is that I wouldn't even have upgraded to ML had I had the choice. In a production environment I would much rather have upgraded to Lion rather than ML, a month old OS which would likely still have bugs. Apple has seen fit to make this impossible though by removing Lion from the App Store.

  • sam2004gp Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the same problem as you.  Win 2000 Server, and the user/password box in ML just wags even though there is no password on the the file shares. Upgrading from Win 2000 Server is not possible, and I have had to suspend all Mac upgrading to ML because of this mission critical issue.


    I am hoping that 10.8.2 may fix this.

  • yeeeoww Level 1 Level 1

    My guess is that legacy server software such as Windows 2000 will no longer be supported going forward since SMBX does not currently support version 1.0 of SMB. But one can hope.


    The odd thing to me is that Mountain Lion sees the Win 2K server. I'd sort of expect it would leave it off the volume list in the Finder.


    Personally I've turned back the clock to Snow Leopard until my employer updates the antiquated server.



  • Dougbtn Level 1 Level 1

    I wanted to add my voice of frustration to this in case anyone at apple is listening.  I had a server meltdown and bought my shiny new macpro server with Mountain Lion onboard.  After many late night sand screaming, almost £700 in on-site tech support no-one can find fixes to make our accounts PC's get stable networking of drives. Such a backward step.  Surely it isn't rocket science to have a mac server serve files to PC's


    The only stable way to run windows (any version) and use the server file sharing without flaws is via parallels desktop.  I won't list my woes over this but it has caused me sleepless nights and forced me into backward workarounds on something that should I would think be fundamental.


    I feel really let down by this and hope it gets cleared up.  Having read through this forum and others, the truth that took me 2 + weeks to admit is ---- it doesnt work with windows :-((

  • jpreston Level 1 Level 1

    I'm able to use Finder to connect to my Win 7 computers and access files and Win Explorer to access files on my MacBook Pro Retina.  The latest upgrade for Mountain Lion seems to have worked for me.  I opened the Win folders to simple sharing with my user account.  Not really magical.  However, before it worked I had to unshare everything and start over as someone suggested above.  Only after that could I access file on the MBP from Win.


    Hope this helps.  Since my problem is fixed I'm out of here but I wish the rest of you the best in sorting this out.

  • netispguy Level 1 Level 1 I have been saying, SMB enabled shares on Mountain Lion do not work well (if at all) when trying to access files from a Windows client... It seems that Apple did address some of the issues relating to a Mac client accessing Windows shares, but all of the Windows based clients still have substantial issues going in the other direction...and yes, SMB access is enabled in the system preferences.


    Snow Leopard works just fine in both directions...

  • Keigotw Level 1 Level 1


    Just unshared everything and do reshare again.

    It works and still working

  • Paul Littlewood Level 1 Level 1

    I've tried the unsharing/restart/reshare on a Win7 machine. I can now connect using "Connect to server..." "smb://"serveraddress/share". The Win7 shares still do not show up automaitcally in finder.


    I can't get this method to work on XP/2000 machines however. :/


  • iPod Mike Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the same problem. Before ML I was using L and was able to access my Windows 7 PC from my MacBook Pro. Since upgrade to ML I can no longer connect to the windows 7 PC. Interestingly, I can still connect to a D-Link NAS which is also password protected.


    I can see my windows PC in finder and I can attempt a connection but when prompted for a windows userid and password they are rejected.


    When will Apple be addressing this issue?

  • C Polk Level 1 Level 1

    Well, update 10.8.2 has new and improved Facebook sign in, Facebook as an option for sharing links and photos, Facebook friends contact information in Contacts, but


    NO fix for the SMB issue.


    So, I guess Apple Phone Company is all about Facebook and other uses, but using your Apple as a computer in a professional work environment is no longer a priority. (It has been two months since 10.8 and no full fix... I just want to point that out.  But the Facebook stuff... good thing that's firing on all cylinders.)

  • freyke Level 1 Level 1

    From what I've been told by several of the senior advisors, there is apparently a possible fix, but that will come at a price - the price of thier enterprise support group ( ).  IMHO it seems that the probllem only exists wirh win2000 and 2003 based OS.  These are basically dinosaurs and if something "breaks" with the latest upgrades, Apple's take seems to be "oh well - time for you to move on."  They're not going to through resources at fixing thier OS to work with a near extinct OS. 


    I have set up shares with win7  and  Win server 2008 boxes - no issues.


    I know this ***** - but it is what it is...


    I just moved all my local private stuff over to a network drive hanging off my router (WD Mybook_Live) - works like a champ and is compatiple with time machine.

  • iPod Mike Level 1 Level 1

    This isnt correct, my problem is connecting to a windows 7 PC.

  • VikingOSX Level 6 Level 6
    Mac OS X

    If you have the budget, and your SMB2 needs justify it, you might consider purchasing a dedicated NAS device. Simply removes Win7 from hosting duties and you from platform upgrade anomalies.


    We have this Synology unit running at home via Gigabit Ethernet. It never crashes or misbehaves. Simple to manage. No client connect headaches. Just an initial Command-K, configure the smb:// or cifs:// address, follow the steps, and connected. Subsequent requests remember the last server and a return just connects and mounts the share. SMB shares remain mounted and do not sporadically disconnect. Life is too short ot fuss with aggravation.

  • prontosystems Level 1 Level 1



    is there anyone who have this problem with a new clean install of Mountain Lion? There are a lot of posts in this thread but a short overlook let me believe that everyone did an in-place upgrade from a previous version of Mac OS.


    Thx & Bye Tom

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