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Since the update in Mountain Lion, I can not sync my iCal with my iDevice in iTunes. and you

Synchronization in iTunes starts but nothing happens ....

Thank you

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion
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    I have the same problem.  I have to imput the information in on both my iphone and on ical.  I tried to sync it with icloud now I have over 4 of the same events on ical not on the iphone.  I have spent over 3 hours trying to remove all of the duplicated on ical now and I'm totally lost.  I cannot get anything to sync with this new system.  Just upgraded today.  I should have stayed with Snow Lepoard. :-(

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    I have the same issue with iCal&Mountain Lion. And noticed that part of my 'Notes' are gone from OS.X AND my iPad (3rd generation).


    I am not going to try iCloud as I had the same problem as Alice; duplicate entries everywhere...


    I tried to use TimeMachine to recover the notes that I've lost but it seems Notes as an app is not supported/included by TimeMachine. Not sure what to advise but other than stay with Snow Leopard if you are depending on iSync between iPad/iPhone/iPod and your OS.X.

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    Same problem. Very frustrating.

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    same here...Ical/Ipad/Iphone sync via Itunes completely broken in both directions since Mountain Lion. I am surprised that this is not getting more press..


    I was never interested in Apple keeping all my private data, but since the Icloud hacking debacle I'm surprised not more people are finding/commenting on this issue.

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    I had the same problem and resolved it by doing the following.


    Close all open applications including iCal and iTunes.


    OpenLibrary from the desktop (option key-Go Menu>>Library)

    open the Calendar folder,

    delete files named "Calendar Cache" and "Email Cache.plist".

    Restart Mac


    Open iTunes

    Select iPhone on left

    Select Info tab

    scroll down to Advanced Section Replace information on this iphone:

    Check Calendars

    Hit Apply button in lower right

    Let it sync and rejoice

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    I had the same issues as the above listed posts. Deleting the cache files fixed the problem. Thanks altonk. Now apple needs to update iTunes so my notes and reminders app will sync.

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    alas in my situation the repeated cache deleting has corrupted my ical on my mac and so I cannot replace data on ipad as it contains my uncorrupted calendar, and I am unable to back it up because it requires sync with itunes to do so!

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    Hi Sixnon,


    thanks for letting me know - otherwise I might have gone down the same route (of multiple deletes)!


    I found your other submission and I followed this. Now I 'one' way sync working, e.g. I add an event on the Mac, which will show up on the iPad, but events set on the iPad won't sync back.


    Another 'wierd' thing: If I change an event, e.g. first 'New Event' and then change it to 'Olympic Marathon' at a different time, the iPad has two appointments; one 'New Event' and one 'Olympic Marathon' event. This seems to be pretty much broken to me.


    We have a company policy not to use iCloud at the moment so this is something that needs fixing and the update that is in the pipeline (10.8.1) seems not to address any iCal issue.

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    I only had to delete Cache files once and normal syncing returned. Based on your comments, it seems multiple deletions of the cache files causes problems.


    I also found some remnant MobileMe sync files in my system that I deleted during this fiasco.


    Bottom line is Apple needs to find a solution for syncing to our mobile devices. it is a very basic feature that we have become dependent upon because of our adoption of the iPhone and iPad. This simple failure could bring down the whole empire. Fix the foundation Apple.

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    The following is a summary of other posts: It helped some of us. Try it out!


    1. Make a backup ( a) Time Machine, b) Export > Archive iCal) Close iCal


    2. In Finder hold down alt-Key while choosing "Go to..." menu


    3. Select Library


    4. In the folder Calendar delete the files

    Calendar Sync Changes

    Calendar Cache


    5. In the folder Preferences delete the files

    (not sure which one is the bad guy, but it did not hurt to erase all of them)


    6. Start iCal, it will update itself.



    HTH, Patric

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    I also have the same problem, and I don't want to use the iCloud for this.... I wish I never had upgraded to mountain lion

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    Did you try out the "recipe" I gave? Did it help you?

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    all of the above did not work, but seemingly fixed in least from ipad to ical, which means i now at least have an ipad backup as the above formula's did delete all of my ical data.

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