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  • Stephen Schulte1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Thanks for your reply and sorry to be so long getting back to you. I will be trying this when I get back on my Mac today working from the iPad now.


    More soon again thanks so much.



  • Beacher3 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey Pete Eisemann ... the <cmd> ~ seems to work well for me ... thanks.


    Since I use "Quickeys", and since I don't use the ` accent, I made a Quickey Shortcut using <Cmd> ~ repeated twice and used the Tilde Key as the trigger, so when the cursor disappears I hit the Tilde key once once and voila the cursor is back. This only works of course if there are only 2 windows open since it filps to the other then back. Doing it manually does work better for multiple windows.


    Hard to believe that this issue hasn't been resolved by Apple yet? What a distruptive frustration to a very common workflow. If this isn't fixed in 10.8.3 (and it will be the FIRST thing I check) we should get the bazooka's out.

  • aimpromo Level 1 (0 points)

    I am finding the same thing with MultiXfinder app, which is an app switcher version of ASM. Seems that if I create a new message, I loose the cursor on that page, but if I click back to the main Mail window and back to the message I am creating, the cursor is back. Same frusrations here as others are having, but I figure that if enough people express their frustration, Apple may look in to the issue.

  • Freedomcoach Level 1 (0 points)

    I've been following this thread for some time and frustrated the same as others are that Apple hasn't fixed this annoying bug. However, I have an explanation for this that many people will think is insane but I've decided to post it anyway.


    I believe Apple is punishing their users for using the "hide others" command in different apps. I do not say this in a frivolous manner. I've watched the evolution of the OS for some time and have seen how Apple has continually made it difficult fo automatically hide other apps. They force you to do this manually.


    I've had to resort to using a utility program called iKey to make this happen automatically. I believe that Apple is not fixing the bug until there's an overwhelming demand for it to be fixed. Feel free to dissagree.


    I know there is very little logic to my statement but it is nevertheless, a strong gut level feeling. All comments appreciated.

  • Pete Eisenmann Level 4 (3,145 points)

    You may be right. I use a small application called "LiteSwitchX" that allows for a number of different window behaviors to be managed. When I am using multiple monitors I use the normal behavior of no hiding, but when I am just on the laptop I hide all applications but the foremost one. This, Mail, is the only application that doesn't "keep" the cursor in view when switching windows (there may be others).


    I'm not sure about the idea of punishment but frustrated none the less with this problem. My solution takes a few extra keystrokes but at least is manageable for me.

  • Stephen Schulte1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Appreciate your frank comments, but in my opinion I really think we have a bug here and not a conspiracy.  Mountain Lion also has WOL (Wake On LAN) issues (won't wake!)-- also has random rearrangement of all Finder window settings (especially in icon view) and all these issues need addressing -- needed it from August of 2012 -- astounded that they have not been addressed.


    As to this issue: Any method of "hiding all windows" whether via ASM, DragThing or the Finder gives the same result:  Disappearing cursor in MAIL.  Maybe other programs lose the cursor, too.


    I am almost 100% avoiding to use "hide all windows" but that is truly NOT the long-term solution.


    I shall refile / re-update my bug report.  You can file one here:


    Hopefully 10.8.3 will give us a solution ---


    Best regards,



    Steve Schulte

    Thursday 10 January 2013

  • revDAVE Level 2 (260 points)

    I am having the same problem in mail - cursor vanishes on 10.8.2

  • Freedom Coach Level 1 (10 points)

    If this is, as you say, a simple bug, and Apple has known about this for how long now? At least 6 months if not longer, why hasn't it been fixed?


    I think we are more in the camp now of this being a "feature" rather than a bug. This is my assertion and I'm sticking with it until proven wrong.


    If you look carefully at previous versions of the OS you will see that the ability to automatically "hide other apps" has always been a non directly supported aspect of the OS and it has usually taken 3rd party apps or utilities to make this happen.


    This is no accident! Feel free to call me crazy, but Apple doesn't want us to do this, don't know why. To further support my assertion, ask yourself, what triggers the cursor to go away? It is hiding other apps! If you switch apps but never do the hide others, I bet the cursor will remain present.


    Last point, if there are any Apple employees reading this thread, I challenge them to come forth and say, yes, this is a bug and we are working on fixing it. Not happening! The prosecution rests, your honor.




  • jamespaulley Level 3 (700 points)

    Having same problem. Cursor vanished or appears jumpy. Any solutions?

  • Trust Divine Level 1 (0 points)

    The same symptoms FINALLY disappeared for me when I, one by one, closed / uninstalled my third party apps… there was a QuickSilver preference I had enabled that auto-hid all apps other than the one current and also made the cursor disappear.   That QS pref. was the culprit.

  • Stephen Schulte1 Level 1 (10 points)

    You are missing the point.  ANY APP (QuickSilver, DragThing, others…) that hides all the other apps-- OR DOING IT MANUALLY YOURSELF EVEN - is the trigger to have the cursor disappear.  It's like the other apps disappear and the cursor is almost being treated like it is an app (maybe it is!) and it disappears, too! 


    BIG BUG is what it is and needs to be fixed!!!!!!!!  I like to hide other apps lots of times and now it drives me crazy losing the cursor!!!!!!!!


    Best regards,



    Steve Schulte

    Sunday 10 March 2013      FIX THIS APPLE, s'il vous plaît !

  • maharaj Level 1 (105 points)

    cursor also disappears intermittently in Safari as well, while i'm typing messages in facebook...  i have to guess where it is... go figure

  • justinbr Level 1 (0 points)

    This is a graphics driver issue with 10.8 which whilst it can be recreated by using hide all, hide fuctions alone are not the only cause.  Simple rendering with healing brush in photoshop and any number of other tools create the same disappearing cursor.  Seems there is a fix coming.  Apple have had an unusually high number of beta's for 10.8.3 suggesting there is some problem they are trying to fix.  Sounds as if a release is imminent finally!


  • aimpromo Level 1 (0 points)

    I am sorry to say that on my test machine, the latest 10.8.3 beta build 74 hasn't yet fixed the problem. I'm still looking for causes or workarounds. Hopefully the public release will have better success.

  • Freedom Coach Level 1 (10 points)

    As I've said many times before, the issue is not Apple's ability to fix this issue. Rather, it is their willingness and commitment to solve the issue which is non existent.


    They've known about this for close to a year and not only have they done nothing about it, they have not even acknowledged the existence of the problem.


    I hereby challenge Apple to have one single employee or official support person actually admit this is a real issue needing to be addressed.


    I believe the only way this will happen is if there is a huge relentless campaign to push it into their face over and over again until the weight of sheer embarrasement causes them to address it. Otherwise, it ain't happening!


    If you get the impression that I'm ****** about this, you're right!! My workflow is disrupted by this idiotic bug all day long every single day and they don't give a **** about it.



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