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    Are you talking about posting the app itself or the results page that was generated by the app? If you are asking for the latter, I am not sure I still have it for I believe I deleted it after deleting the failed files. Unfortunately, running the app now returns a clean page with no failures in red, but I will check my folders to see if I may have saved it somewhere, assuming that is what you are asking for. Have you already run the app and if so, did it reveal any failures. Let me know.


    BTW, it is not my app, but rather someone else's in the discussion group who created it to help troubleshoot a different issue he was having.

  • davefromscottsdale Level 1 (0 points)

    You can't use anything that is not Apple or it will freeze.  Nice.

  • castles Level 1 (0 points)

    I've been having random freezing issues. I originally thought it was a heat issue so I took the side off my mac pro and pointed a fan at my gpu. This didn't really help. I've now just tried entrecheck and removed a few old plist files.. I'll wait and see.


    When my system does crash I've been restarting via ssh...


    sudo shutdown -r now


    It takes a little longer than holding the power button but it shuts down a bit cleaner.

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    @ Castles , might I recommend trying to figure out which programs are running when you have the freeze .  This is what I did , with the help of an upper level Apple Care engineer , we were able to determine that it was an app that I was running along side my browswer , after the ML upgrade the file became corrupt , I came to realize this and I completely uninstalled it with an app cleaner and then reinstalled the most recent version of the same app , now it's working beautifly .  Let me know .

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    Did you use a log file to identify which applications were running when the freeze occurs, did you use something like activity monitor, or do only run one app at a time and have no background applications. i.e. dropbox, evernote, crashplan etc... I'm looking for ways to help rule out possible apps that are causing my freezing issues.

  • StarCruiser Level 1 (0 points)

    Actually, most of the software that froze was Apple software, such as Logic, Final Cut Pro, Garage Band, Soundtrack, etc. So the issue was hardly exclusive to non-Apple apps.

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    That's a great idea and something that many users are probably not aware of. Are you willing to share the process you went through with the upper level Apple Care engineeer? What app cleaner did you use?

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    @StarCruiser , I had been on the phone for several hours over the course of a few days trying to trouble shoot etc , I then went to the Genius Bar to have them force a reinstall .  Still didn't work , my over the phone support was elevated twice and it put me in to direct contact with one of the engineers , he continued trouble shooting and as part of that he had me run a program to capture the logs of crashes etc and send them the file in an email .  They determined that it was Chrome and Norton Anti-Virus that was causing the problem , I was NOT convinced .  So I turned off the Norton , still crashed , updated both Norton and Chrome (which updates itself) , still crashed .  I had suspected that it was the version 38.1 of Tweetdeck that i was using .  I turned Norton back on and didn't open up Tweetdeck , ran it for several days , NO crashes , so I used App Cleaner 2 and completely uninstalled and then reinstalled the newest version . 


    What I seem to think is that some programs become corrupted once ML is running .  If people can narrow it down the same way I did , I would recommend doing the uninstall and reinstalling again from scratch .  Hope this is helpful . 


    I will say that the Apple Tech/Engineer I spoke and emailed with multiple times , couldn't have been more helpful and understanding . 

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    Good to know Hersey10! I'll run AppCleaner 2 just for jazz to make sure I caught everything and nothing else sneaks up on me later on. Never liked the idea of doing a full reinstall, only because it can take a couple of weeks to restore all the installed apps, updates, plugins, and other fixes I have instituted over the past couple of years. That would be like going back to square one and starting all over again, re-experiencing the same issues I already solved. Bottom line, if what I did and ruuning the cleaner you just mentioned doesn't eliminate the issues completely, then I will take the more drastic tack and do a full system restore. Thanks man.

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    I think I may of solved my issue. I took your suggestion Hersey10 and the next time my computer crashed I logged in via ssh and ran "top -u". I noticed plugin -container kept popping up. Once I rebootted I completely uninstalled the flash plugin ( and also disabled it in chrome via about:plugins.


    I haven't had a single crash or issue (apart from a few sites not working) for over 18 hours. My next step is to reinstall flash but that can wait because I'm enjoying a working computer.

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    What version of flash player did you have installed and was it up to date?

  • castles Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Kevin.. I did check that. I was using the latest version... except I think it was the debug version.

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    I am having the same problem since i've installed Mountain Lion! It keeps freezing several times a day! The cursor moves but nothing works! And the system is very slow!!!!

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    Read my last couple of posts and see how I've resolved it .

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    I recently upgraded my "mid-2009 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo MacBookPro" to ML.

    This is actually my worst experience since 10 years with Apple ! Freezing, crash of apps, etc.


    Reading discussion posts from support communities did not help me so much !

    For sure, some apps or add-ons are not compatible with ML (see above). However, non-apple apps seem not to be the cause of problems.


    From my own experience, i would seriously suggest ML users to:

    1) Check if your computer meets ML's graphics requirements (e.g., ATI Radeon X1900 and Nvidia Geforce 7300 seem not compatible).

    2) Repair the disk using ML Recovery Disk Assistant (press Option button while booting); Repair disk permissions using Disk Utility app.

    3) Disconnect Spotlight while installing news apps or configuring your OS in Pref panes (it ***** a lot of RAM !)

    4) Move to 64 bit mode ! Your Processor and EFI firmware should be in 64 (free apps do the job for you). But not necessarily the Operating system's kernel (better if it is). To go thru, read this: n/


    Hope this helps.

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