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    idontcarejustletmein wrote:


    iCloud does not Sync Contacts or Calendars (they are DAV services, look it up) it doesn't sync Mail either (Imap does that), you are mistaken about how it works, so tell me again what you think it should do?


    I don't give a **** about Contacts or Calendars. I care about my notes and the only way to sync them is to use iCloud. That is all.


    Edit: BTW you can sync Contacts and Calendar with iCloud if you want to. Don't believe me? Go into your phone's iCloud settings, they give you the option to "turn it off".

    Yup, that disconnects you from the DAV calender, so you can't see it locally.

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    Yup, that disconnects you from the DAV calender, so you can't see it locally.

    Err ... I see my calendar just fine.


    The thing with using iCloud to sync the calendar is that is a separate "iCloud only" calandar.


    DAV calendars sync with DAV

    iCloud calendars sync with iCloud


    They don't mix.

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    All of the following are DAV clients, use any of them with iCloud.


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    This is regarding Notes no longer being able to sync with my Mac and iPhone via iTunes without iCloud in Mountain Lion, and this may seem to stray the topic a little, but in actuallity it doesn't.


    I cannot emphasize how much this trend with Apple disturbs me, a long time Apple user since System 7.

    iCloud however useful in some ways, is now starting to leave users without a choice for syncing critical data without using cloud computing.

    Forcing users to become reliant on an internet connection to sync their Apple devices is an extremely disturbing trend, of which I will never participate.

    What's going to be in the next incarnation of the OS? Contacts must be in the cloud ? Will we be forced to have and internet connection to watch our movies and play our music ? Will we be forced to pay for extra storage for larger libraries of music and movies if we want them at the ready to play and/or to sync to all of our Apple devices ? Will they eventually do away with internal storage alogether in our computers ?


    I don't want to have to have an internet connection to watch my movies, play my music, and for the here and now- to sync my freakin notes.

    The innovation of computing was about ease and not having to be dependent on other factors and physical things. No longer having a dependence on physically writing information down on paper, keep a filing cabinet for records, not having to load a VHS or cassette tape into a player, etc. etc.

    Computing with a dependence on the cloud, is against everything we have innovated so far for, and even as Apple has been such the innovator, it's so very anti-innovative, and it's becoming anti-personal computing.


    Is Apple becoming bigger than itself, becoming a forest so large that it can no longer see the trees ?


    The day Apple moves syncing completely and shifts computing more into the cloud without physical connections (as it has begun to do with the omission of optical drives in it's latest line of laptops) will be the same day I will purchase my first computer of a different platform.

    To me it looks like Apple is becoming the Orwellian figure it was breaking free from in it's advertisements of yore.


    A disturbing trend indeed.

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    Actually JFKFC,


    Your post doesn't stray off topic at all. It nicely sums up the whole problem with some of the direction Apple is going. I find it unfathomable that they would remove the ability to do things locally - as opposed to simply add new functionality - ie, the ability to sync through the cloud. THAT would be advancement, an increase in choice. But this is terribly regressive, a huge, erroneous leap in assumptions, that all will not only have reliable fast internet, but WANT to run all their data through it. Talk about short-sightedness on Apple's part.


    For my own solution, in the short term I did end up compromising and activating iCloud, for the sole use of Notes. I came to this decision by the rationalization that the data I keep in Notes isn't terribly important - ie not sensitive, but still necessary. I looked at third-party alternatives, but they all seem to basically be similar implentations that require network connectivity to sync anyway. And due to the way this change was suddenly dropped onto us, I was scrambling a bit to retain the Notes functionality. So as repugnant as the feeling of having no choice was, I went onto the iCloud site and set it up.


    After a few issues with iCloud (well documented elsewhere), and the turning off of every other service available in it, Notes are (sort of) syncing again. I say sort of, because there doesn't seem to be any way of manually initiating a sync or controlling the interval at which things are "pushed" to the cloud. It's maddening, the time lost setting this up, being forced to even do so, and the reduced robustness of the system now that I'm reliant on my lousy ISP here in the Middle East as opposed to a simple white cable. Apple could have at least left us Wi-Fi sync!!


    I cannot see any other function of syncing that has been forced over to using iCloud solely. Reminders perhaps? I don't use it, and since it used to be contained in Mail, I guess it too is a victim of this asinine decision . My hope is that these anomalies - Notes (and Reminders) - were some kind of oversight in Mountain Lion and the next version of iTunes, a checkbox for "Sync Notes" will appear again under the "Info" tab...I will be watching closely. If it does not, if the trend continues and Apple continues to try and force my decisions, and my data out of my control, I will have to seriously re-think my whole mobile computing paradigm, perhaps use simple folder synchronization as I already do for certain things.


    But what a huge leap backwards from the simplicity I've had with local sync.

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    JFKFC wrote:




    The day Apple moves syncing completely and shifts computing more into the cloud without physical connections (as it has begun to do with the omission of optical drives in it's latest line of laptops) will be the same day I will purchase my first computer of a different platform.

    Clearly that day is here, behind us in fact, which platform will you be leaving from?

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    Apple: Please, please provide syncing of Reminders & Notes through iTunes. I have extremely sensitive information on these apps including social security numbers, bank accounts, passwords, etc). Security is the reason that I did not purchase the first iphone because at the time, it's security did not compare to that of Blackberry. Now, Apple requires that we put sensitive data in the "Cloud" in order to transfer it to our other Apple Devices. Because every account can be compromised, I will never transfer these data through the Cloud. And not being able to privately share my data on my devices is very frustrating and very upsetting. Apple should be a company that understands there is no such thing as one size fits all. If there were, everyone would be using Microsoft Windows.

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    Likewise. For any sensitive information in Notes, the best solution is to sync locally through iTunes.


    Since, unfortunately, at the moment "Syncing Notes using iTunes is no longer supported on OS X v10.8 and later" (according to, is there any simple 3rd party Notes-like application that would sync through iTunes plain text messages between iOS 6.x devices and Mac OS X 10.8.x systems?

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    Still nobody has come up with a great solution to this problem.  Bummer.  I also liked the convenience and piece of mind of syncing Notes directly from my iPad to computer via USB or local wifi.  None of this fancy schmancy iCloud BS.  Why couldn't Apple just have added iCloud and left local syncing alone.  Bad move Apple!

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    Adding my voice to this discussion. I want local syncing for notes (and all else) as well. It should ALWAYS be an option. I too am interested in any apps that can provide this functionality. Even some kind of LOCAL document sync or drag and drop which may be the way to go. It doesn't need to be "notes." I can keep them all in one or more text documents and local sync or drag and drop those if anyone has a good suggestion.

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    Let me add my plea to the debate:  My business requires that I hold data given to me in strict confidence.  This includes personal data, sensitive, proprietary and potentially criminal information from clients and other sources.  None of that data do I place on a "publicly" accessible server for many reasons including monetary ones.  However, the greatest reason is that placing such data on a server, or even transmitting it through public methods could leave me open to a lack of due diligence charge if it were discovered that I had done so, whether or not it is intercepted or not.


    I have become reliant on having some of my Notes and ToDo's on my iPhone.  The convienience of having some of that data while in the field without lugging around my PB was great!  But even that required MarkSpace's Missing Sync to facilitate and there were some sync issues there also. 


    Whether or not some of us have legitimate reasons for staying of the web or we are just being "paranoid" is irrelevant.  The fact of the matter is that we are being forced on to it and functionality, in what some of us consider a critical area, is being sacrificed for, given, a greater convenience in others.


    This should be an easy fix for someone with programing expertise (Apple) to do.  Please, someone make all syncing wired, WiFi and Cloud optional!

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    I just posted this to a similar thread and will post it here too.


    I thought of something. Haven't done it yet, but will when I "re upgrade" to mountain lion (I downgraded back to Lion when I noticed the issues with notes. It really is a dealbreaker for me.)


    This isn't ideal, but it's what I'm going to do.


    Contacts (so far) can still be synced locally. Each contact has a "Notes" field. What I'm going to do is create a group in my contacts called "Notes", and when I have a note, I'll just create a new contact for it. I'll put the title for the note in the "Company" field, write the note in the "Note" field, leave the rest blank probably, assign it to my "Notes" group in contacts, and that will be my new "non-cloud notes app"


    Again, its not ideal, but I think it'll do.


    Apple, please dont *^%! around with the rest of the syncing apps. A cloud OPTION is nice. But it's not practical for a lot of people. This almost got me to switch to Android, becuase if I was going to be forced to sync through clouds, I no longer had a reason to stick with Apple products.

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    That ought to do it, but what a disapointing workaround for such a spectacularly customer responsive company!  Apple: Please, Please, Please fix this issue!  The new Notes, Reminders, Calendar and Contacts have some great potential!

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    About "turn it off" please check this thread: <>


    Once your data is in the iCloud, turning off iCloud results in removing all your addresses and calendars from your computer, while they remain in the iCloud!


    After switching iCloud ON, your data doesn't belong any more to YOU, but to Apple!


    I do fully agree with winglet and Z001.

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    A disturbing trend indeed.

    Yes indeed!

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