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I occasionally have  a problem with my new Macbook Pro Retina Display.  Sometimes when i am typing in forms such as this discussion forum or the address bar for URLs, the words do not show up.  The page seems to freeze up or lag.  Sometimes, i will see the mouse cursor spinning.


This is very frustrating as there is nothing that can be done.  Sometimes refreshing the page will help but generally nothing seems to work.  It just seems to freeze up and lag.  When i type some words it might see a  delay when the letters show up or when im deleting letters it just seems to lag behind and is not being deleted right away.


Luckily i am able to get through typing this report.

Hope someone can help me or share their experiences.  I am well within my warranty coverage so i am not worried about that...but i am worried that i can't reproduce the problem when i am at the Apple store.


Thanks in advance.




MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion
  • design_guy Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem as well, on and off. It gets really frustrating when you're a really fast typer lol.

  • rootn1 Level 1 Level 1

    Mine is also doing the same thing, it is much more noticable when i am running a second display.

  • RooDot Level 1 Level 1

    Happening to me too, but its not consistent with all internet sites. Im running 2.3/16/256, I've just decided it was my slow internet connection, i'm not to tech savy, so maybe its something else.

  • Richard Raanes Level 1 Level 1

    Mines is doing exactly the same thing.  I notice it more when typing in 'status update' form such as in Facbook & Twitter.


    May have to call AppleCare and investigate.

  • design_guy Level 1 Level 1

    You know what, I do sort of notice a big improvement after I adjusted the keyboard setting in system preferences. It doesn't happen all too quite often now.


    System preferences, keyboard, "display until repeat" slide it to the second bar till "short"


    It delays a tad bit but at least it doesn't lag as much.


    Give it a try and let me know how it goes for you. been using it for a week now and so far it's been good.

  • DCY Level 1 Level 1

    I would say to anyone who has this least call it into Apple support and document it in the history so you have a record of it.  This is just in case there is a problem found in the future and you are close/out of warranty.   Don't let them scr*w you once you're out of happened to me before on my old Macbook for another issue.

    Even take it it in and if they can't reproduce the problem that is fine, but at least you have documentation that this intermittant problem did occur.

  • chunbelievable Level 1 Level 1

    Like the others before me, I am having the same issue.  Has there been any developments or news on this issue?  Even as I am typing this now I am seeing the type lag.  Typing really slowly fixes the problem but trying to get a thought out at 20 words per minute *****!

  • rrahimi Level 3 Level 3

    Firstly, it is not expected behavior. I'm typing with no delay on my 2007 MBP which is certainly much slower that your 2012. You should experience no delays typing things.


    Second, there are just too many things that can cause slow downs. Let's see if we can track it down.


    Can you please run Activity Monitor and then try reproducing the issue? In the bottom of the Activity Monitor window, there are sections for CPU and System Memory. Could you post here what shows in those sections when the slowdown happens?


    Here's an example screenshot:



  • chunbelievable Level 1 Level 1

    I imagine it is not an expected issue, as my 2010 MBP worked just fine.  Also, were the issue expected I would hope that it would be compensated for.  I am typing this response on the Retina MBP and there is definitely lag or letters disappearing all togther.  I am also typing this to get the screen shots of the activity monitor.


    Here are the results:

    Screen Shot 2012-09-12 at 6.21.50 PM.png Screen Shot 2012-09-12 at 6.21.57 PM.png


    Also, when posting the pictures here in this message, the images seemed askew until I scrolled the screen a little.  It would seem to me a video card issue but I am not a Mac genius so I am just guessing.  I am using the default "best for retina" resolution setting.


    This is also what I am saw just now as I was scrolling:


    Screen Shot 2012-09-12 at 6.27.20 PM.png


    Notice the lines of text don't align.

  • chunbelievable Level 1 Level 1


  • rrahimi Level 3 Level 3

    Nothing out of ordinary here. Temporary spikes in resource usage are expected.


    With regards to graphics, your laptop has two video cards, one integrated and one discrete. Technically, every time a more demanding task is required your laptop switches over to the more powerful discrete card (which of course consumes more power too).


    Try disabling the automatic graphics switching and see if that solves the slowness issues:



    It's more of a workaround rather than a solution.

  • chunbelievable Level 1 Level 1

    Did it and I will see if there is any change.  On a possibly related note, was working in PhotoShop CS6 last night with an external monitor.  When dragging comps to the external and then magnifying, I got sever distorion with neon colors everywhere.  Perhaps this work around will prevent that from happening again but I am really thinking that the graphics card might be messed up.

  • jambinn Level 1 Level 1

    I too have this issue and it's really frustrating.  It seems to be only web text boxes, and it either lags signficantly behind typing, or you start typing and the text/cursor disappears.


    It's been a problem definitely in ML, don't know if in Lion at all since I wasn't on it too long.


    It's a real shame, it ruins internet usability.

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