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  • hardballapple Level 1 (0 points)

    Firstly, we should check out whether this is a hardware problem or a software problem. What do you think?


    Do you experience the lag in other software?


    I once had found there is significant lag in Office 2011-Word under Mountain lion OS 10.8.2. I found the problem for this lag might be caused by the add-in of Endnote X5. So I reflect this problem to Endnote inc. After removing the add-in in Office word. The lag does not happen.


    Apple inc and engineers should care about this problem and respons ASAP.

  • rrahimi Level 3 (615 points)

    Firstly, we should check out whether this is a hardware problem or a software problem. What do you think?

    Can't say with certainty, but from what I've read around the forums of other users' experiences these types of interface lags started happening around the time dual-graphics MBPs were introduced. My understanding is that the low-powered GPU can not render graphics properly all the time, even through it employs the CPU to help as well. For things like 3D gaming or modeling Apple switches to the higher-powered (discreet) graphics but in case of tasks like browsing that was deemed unnecessary as the expectation was that they are not demanding enough to switch graphics.


    The problem with this auto-switching in Retina is that the graphics card is already under pressure to push out a large number of pixels. Therefore lags are more pronounced on Retina MBP than the older non-Retina and can happen in instances where low-powered graphics used to be sufficient.


    As I said, this is all guesswork since I have no idea how the automatic graphics switching works, basically the logic behind it.


    Apple inc and engineers should care about this problem and respons ASAP.


    Unlike iPhone or iPad or even Macbook Air, rMBP is a very limited release product. If Apple cared at all they would have looked into the image persistence issues with LG displays in rMBP.

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    I just got a 15" macbook pro reitna a few days ago and I'm expericing the same issue.  I thought it was a software that is loaded but I'm using the same software in my macbook air and I don't have the lag isssue.  It doesn't happen all the time.


    I'm thinking that it's something to do with the video since it seems like the display is trying to catch up to the typed keys.  I hope a fix comes out soon to resolve this issue.

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    I am experiencing the exact same problem. Even while I type this in this text box! This is driving me crazy. I want a new MPBR. Has anyone called Apple about this? My 30 days phone support is up. What can be done?


    This is a huge problem. We all use our comps for typing every day. I have never had a computer thag laggs text input before. This is completely unacceptable.

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    For now turning off the automatic graphics in power settings has pretty much cured this problem - but that's hardly a solution.




    I have been in discussion with apple bugreporter and they are looking into some logs that I made when the lags occurred and trying to find a solution.


    I recommend doing the same...


    Or if someone has the time to take it to a Genius, that would be great too.  I have 16GB RAM, a 700GB HD, i7 processor, and I can't type a full sentence.  I can't imagine that this is a hardware issue, probably a software issue.

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    Apple has recently released an update 2.0 .....have you guys installed it?  Any lag issues after the install?


    I personally have not had any issues since the update but then again i have not been using my laptop much lately.....

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    I still get the lag. If I switch to the discrete video it does help with the lag. So maybe it's the integrated video that just can't keep up with the retina display?  I'm hoping there will be a fix since when I surf the web I get some bad delay on my screen.

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    I believe this is a software problem. I had a problem with a severe lag when switching desktops. I ran Titanium Software's Maintenance, checking every box except Reset folders' display. The problem went away for a while, then returned. I tried doing the maintenance scripts only, and that had no effect, so it appears that the problem goes away when some cache or the other is cleared. Or perhaps only the restart is needed, I don't know.


    I read an article at The software didn't show up when I ran Software Update, so I followed the link and downloaded and installed the software from Apple. It completely eliminated the lag from switching desktops, but I still have a problem with typing freezing up, and when the typing freezes up, the mouse cursor disappears. Switching to another desktop and back fixes it. That reinforces the theory that it is a software problem.


    Since it is happening on our retina MacBook Pros, it's got to be happening on the retina MacBook Pros in internal use at Apple, so there will probably be a software fix soon.

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    I am actually using this as a test to see if all the new revisions of Sotware, Firmware & Updates have made a difference. I am on a Brand New MBPr Purchsed last Oct. 20 I am finding no lag on anything I am doing so far. My Biggest Issues with these machine is Non-Upgradablity. Other than that I am Actually A-B ever app & detail of both the MBPc & MBPr side by side on my desk for a week. No Audio in, No DVD, SMaller Hard drive, But quiet as **** & wicked fast in Comparison to the Classic version.

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    Yeah but unfortunately the software update didn't fix everything for everyone.  I'm still having many issues in web text boxes.


    It seems to be whatever happens with "automatic graphics switching" as that's the only time I have the problem.  Even scroll bars get screwy, not just typing.

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    I still have the issue after all the updates.  Sometimes it gets so bad that the browser have overlapping text boxes and I can't see what I'm typing.

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    When I use the discreet video full time I don't have the issue.  However, in doing so uses a lot more battery than using the intel 4000 video. 


    So it seems to me that the intel 4000 video just can't handle the retina video as by using the nvideo descreet video I do not experience any issue.  Would it still be possible for a software update to fix this?

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    Just solved this problem. I have a Macbook Pro Retina 15.4" that has been lagging for months. I had no clue what it was until know. I even discovered that all my friends with this retina computer from Mac have the same issues, even though most of them didn't know until I showed them :-)


    I made a video that explains the problem and how to solve it temporarely.


    The video is in swedish but I think you might understand anyway.


    There are only two ways to solve this 1) turn off plug-ins or 2) install clic2flash.


    However, when you do no 1 you wont be able to see any flash contents anymore, and if you choose no 2 you will not be able to preview any flash content, but on the other hand you can just clic on the flash area click2flash will activate flash for you on the page that is open.

    Heres the video that describes the problem and solution.



    Ps. I mainly notice this problem when sufring Facebook or

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    It happens the same here with the keyboard of my MacBook Pro Retina Display 15". I tried all suggested fixes along this post, nothing works, nothing fix it.
    I thought it only happens with prompt boxes over internet but I saw the lagging in other pieces of software, I discovered keyboard delays after leaving the computer free for a while, say half-hour or less..., sometimes I see delays in the little green light in the caps lock key, I have to press it 4 or 5 times until green light turns on, I experimented same delays in f1 and f2 keys for display brightness, even delays in volumen and mute keys sometimes (f10, f11, f12).
    ** This is happening since last software update (10.8.2)**


    This is irritating and annoying, hope Apple staff will fix this issue soon.

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    I've noticed the same pattern. All of the lag problems I'm having are happening in MS Word 2011 with Endnote add-on installed. Typing everywhere else is fine (including this form).


    How did you disable the add-on, and is there a way to turn it off and on quickly? Unfortunately, I need to use Endnote with MS Word quite a bit.