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    Thanks for that link!


    Just spent the better part of the morning trying to figure out the various compatibility dilemmas after "upgrading" to Lion (Mt Lion still to come!) - and Intuit definitely is not trying to sell you Quicken 2007 - anywhere!


    Glad I found this post, before shelling out $50 for the Mac Essentials version !

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    Quicken 2005 in Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion Success Story


    Quicken 2005 and earlier versions worked very well for me forever for 3 company checking accounts and my personal checking account.  I did not upgrade to subsequent Quicken versions due to some supposed buggy behavior.  I will state that after earlier attempts within Quicken to integrate investments, I abandoned that approach for me personally.


    However, I generate like 300 checks per month and very much count on being able to access all data back to 1999 or before.  I looked at alternative programs to translate to and begin using.


    In the end analysis, initially with no real Quicken for Mac solution in sight (other than Quicken essentials),  I intentionally upgraded my MacBook Pro and Macbook Air to the very best versions operational with Snow Leopard, fearing I would be stuck at this version of Quicken and my OS for the forseeable future.


    With the Quickens Lion upgrade for Mac, with diligent efforts I was able to convert all my data in Quicken 2005 dating from at least 1999 to be fully functional in Mountain Lion using all the recommendations on the Quicken website.


    It took the last recommendation of exporting all files, then importing into the new program to be successful.


    All checkbook entries are there.  All categories are there.  All accounts are there. 


    You will however likely lose, like I did all memorized transactions & all scheduled transactions.  Sounds horrible at first, but I tell you that Mountain LIon is much zippier in all actions, and you can easily in Quicken  re-enter your scheduled transactions, and to re-create you many memorized transactions. 


    For memorized transactions, you simply need to go back in your check book register(s) and "command Y" your last month's payments.  Worked great.  Now I have the current OS, and all of my old transactions and the familar Quicken interface.  

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    Always glad to hear another Quicken success story, considering what Intuit puts us Mac users thru!


    Are you suggesting that you did a different procedure than just simply using the PowerPC version of Quicken 2006 or 2007 to "convert" your Quicken 2004 and earlier data and then opening this data file in Quicken 2007 for Lion/Mt.Lion?


    Of course, Quicken 2007 for Lion/Mt.Lion will just open data files for Quicken 2005, 2006 and 2007, so it is the earlier versions that need conversion (such as when I converted my Quicken Deluxe 2002 data file for use in Lion).


    If it was a different process, it sounds like it was much more time consuming than what I just suggested.  Was it as time consuming as you suggest? Where were you given instructions to this different procedure?


    I do not recall if I lost my scheduled/memorized transactions, as I have so few of those.


    I posted my conversion instructions on this thread at an earlier point (but forgot to note that Q2005, 2006 and 2007 files open directly in Quicken 2007 for Lion/Mt.Lion):


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    I fortunately had Quicken for Mac 2005 files that I converted to Quicken 2007 for Mac Lion, that worked fine on Mountain Lion. 


    2004 or earlier Quicken for Mac users may want to upgrade to at least 2005 before converting to Quicken 2007 for Lion as described.


    I too had a handfull of scheduled transactions in Quicken, so re-entering those was not a big deal. 


    The loss of memorized transactions was howevever a very very big deal (write a check to the electric company of 20 years and nothing fills in). 


    However, the work arround:  just go back a month and "command Y" all of your usual individual transactions in your check register and you are all set.  Then when you write a new check all is just fine.  The address and all the usual stuff fills in like before. 


    This is a work-around that none of us should have to do, however I am encouraged that Intuit has apparently heard the call and has released this patch for Lion and now verified by me for Mountain Lion.


    I will tell you that the upgrade to Mountain Lion (skippin Lion) from my totally upgraded Snow Leopard on 2 machines has been without issue. Mountain Lion is much zippier and well worth it.

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    On 05 March 2013, Intuit released Quicken 2007 16.1.3. Fully Mountain Lion compatible. Which now draws a line under this discussion. (They hide it carefully, but it works great.)


    Thankfully, Apple have also made Snow Leopard 10.6.8 Combo updater available once again. Which enables its disgruntled user base who do NOT want a consumer, iOS based OS on their "niche" machines - that are used for professional work, instead of the kiddie-option of trolling and wasting their days on F***book.


    Apple would do well to learn from the experience Intuit went through with Quicken. Be warned, Apple. Neglect the IT-savvy at your peril ... there are a lot of people out there who hate Justin Bieber.

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    So what is the order to do things

    Update to mountain lion and then download the new quicken

    Or quicken first then mountain lion

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    Quicken 2007 for Lion (and Mt. Lion) will also run in Snow Leopard.


    So my advice is to upgrade your Quicken first (especially if you have a data file from Quicken 2004 or older, which will require conversion in PPC, as noted above, first).

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    Thanks will try it

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    Altruist wrote:


    On 05 March 2013, Intuit released Quicken 2007 16.1.3. Fully Mountain Lion compatible. Which now draws a line under this discussion. (They hide it carefully, but it works great.)


    Thankfully, Apple have also made Snow Leopard 10.6.8 Combo updater available once again.

    The 10.6.8 Combo has not been released once again, it has been continuously available for download.

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    I became terribly depressed trying to migrate from a very old version (Quicken 6 for Windows - 1995 version) to something that would run on Mac and give me the same essential functions. The data migration seemed to be prohibitively complex, requiring several intermediate versions be purchased. I had tried several replacement programs but none satisfied me. I managed to acquire a version of Quicken 2007 for Mac (16.1.0), and discovered that I could export .QIF files for each account under WIndows, and then directly import those files into Quicken 2007 for Mac without intermediate conversions. As far as I can see, everything seems to be right, except perhaps for memorised transactions. Just did this today; maybe problems will develop later. Perhaps I'm lucky to be jumping nearly 20 years instead of just one version.

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    Your method is sound: export to QIF and import into Mac version.  And, yes, you will have to recreate memorized transactions manually.


    You should not experience problems in the future!




    Be aware that some have expressed problems with version 16.1.3 of Quicken 2007 for Lion/Mt. Lion and some have said that 16.1.4 solved these problems, while others continued to express problems.


    I personally have remained with 16.1.2 and continue to be very happy with its performance.


    How did you get version 16.1.0 if you did not purchase it back in Feb/Mar 2012?

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    Well, I'm now on 16.1.4, prompted by the automatic update, and seem to have my data from as far back as 1991. I guess I just feel elated to be back in my comfort zone again, particularly after reading some of the horror stories from others trying to update or import their old files. I couldn't believe it was so easy and don't recall having read anywhere that this was how to do it.

    I tried to buy the 2007 version, but the website does not entertain foreign purchasers. I acquired what I needed by just googling and finding an alternative download source, which I am not proud of using. But after paying about $169 for each of several old versions and a couple of $99 upgrades in the 1990s, I don't feel too guilty. I recall stepping back to Q6 for Windows from the upgrade at that time, which had made the program clunky, slow, and unfriendly, and have been using it ever since, most recently under VMware.

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    Make a $15 donation to a charity!

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    Thanks to everyone for your contributions to this discussion.  I'm late to the party but just upgraded to Mountain Lion.  Intuit doesn't seem to be very transparant with the update to Quicken 2007 for Mountain Lion -- and after reading reviews I REALLY didn't want Essentials. 


    I downloaded the Lion update linked here and my data opened perfectly.  Again, I thank you all!

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    You're welcome!