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When I select "get info" on a jpeg file using Mountain Lion, I am able to see all the "More Info" data, but if I come back to that same file after navigating away from it, all the data disappears? I was able to flawlessly recreate this scenerio with multiple jpeg files.


Here's where it gets even wierder. If I open that same file in Photoshop and select "File Info," the information is still there; however, after If I close the file and go back in the Finder the info comes back, but goes away as soon as I navigate away from it and come back to it.



MacBook Air 13" 2012 Thunderbolt

1,7GHz Core i5

4Gig RAM


OS 10.8 Mountain Lion

Adobe PhotoShop CS5.5


Apple Thunderbolt Monitor 27"

USB external drive for TimeMachine

USB Keyboard, Mouse

USB Smart Card Reader

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
  • Steven Bytnar Level 1 (0 points)

    Please use to file a bug describing the problem.


    Here are the details on what I submitted. If you're seeing the same thing, please reference the Bug ID# 12156897.


    Title: Finder Get Info... "More info" (spotlight info) disappears when reopened



    The "More info" data is replaced with "--" after the first time it is viewed.


    Steps to Reproduce:

    Make sure the boot volume has Spotlight enabled.

    Download some files using Safari.

    In the Finder, navigate to the Download folder.

    Command-I to get info on the downloaded files.

    "More info" shows where the file was downloaded from.

    Close the Info dialog.

    Use Command-I to reopen the Info window.


    Expected Results:

    "More info" has the same data as before.


    Actual Results:

    "More info" is replaced with "--" where it previously showed the download URL.



    If you open the same containing folder (Downloads in this example) in a new Finder window, the first time Get Info is used, "More Info:" is correct. The second time or later, it is replaced with "--".

  • sjk Level 2 (165 points)

    I've also submitted a bug report for this problem, which has consistently occurred since upgrading to Mountain Lion.

  • Projectionist Level 1 (0 points)

    I've also noticed this issue on both my iMac and Macbook Air, both on Mountain Lion 10.8.2 and filed a bug report. To expand on what the OP noted, I get this same behavior on every file on my system. 1st time opening Get Info and "more info" is populated as expected. Closing and immediately reopening causes "More info" to display "--". If I return a few hours later I can get "more info" to display properly again one more time. I haven't yet determined what exactly occurs in the intervening time to essentially reset "more info."

  • sjk Level 2 (165 points)

    Projectionist wrote:


    […] If I return a few hours later I can get "more info" to display properly again one more time. I haven't yet determined what exactly occurs in the intervening time to essentially reset "more info."


    On my 10.8.2 systems, it usually takes longer than a few hours before More Info temporarily displays correctly (one time) again.  Workaround to force it to happen sooner is relaunching Finder, e.g. by holding the Option key while click/tap--holding Finder's Dock icon and selecting Relaunch from its menu.


    Still haven't isolated a cause for this problem.  I've suspected some third party software (e.g. Quick Look plug-in) might be interferring with Finder (and/or…?) but it even happens here on a relatively generic system.

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    Any luck on this? I just started having this problem over the weekend....very annoying.

  • Projectionist Level 1 (0 points)

    no luck on my end. Still have the same annoying issue. I've all about given up on trying to figure it out.


    Did you install any quicklook plugins or do anything else to change your system over the weekend when this started happening? Maybe you can help us narrow this down.

  • tissuebox Level 1 (0 points)

    No luck here either. I started having this issue when I first upgraded to Mountain Lion, I don't remember ever having it before then.


    It's very annoying indeed, it's becoming more and more apparent that Apple doesn't pay much attention to the needs of the pro market.

  • sjk Level 2 (165 points)

    I'm waiting to see if it's fixed in 10.8.3 before digging any deeper for a/the cause/solution.  It's been too long to remember when I first noticed it and what had changed right before then.

  • KMH Level 1 (5 points)

    Have had the same problem since installing ML. Cant recall if it happened in Lion. Also has continued to occur with the past several updates.


    Figured a couple things out if it helps diagnose (happens with all files, but using a jpg as example):

    Only seems to be the More Info section of "Get Info" that dissapears.


    Doing the following temporarily resets the more info data. ("Get info" the second time and its gone again):

    Relaunch Finder

    Open file and close (without saving) with any application. ( I placed it in or opened it with with Preview, Photoshop, Firefox, etc.)

    Searching for file with Spotlight (doesn't reset when searching via Finder!)


    So easy work around has been to open with Preview, keeping the Preview "Get Info" pane open, to expedite the next image check...


    Hope this helps diagnose.

    Apple, good on you for the Itunes mini player fix!

    So they do pay attention! At least thats what im going with for now...

    So like sjk says—i'll remain hopeful with 10.8.3

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    I've also just found that I can reliably "reset" the more info section if I open a finder window and toggle between icon view and either list view or Cover Flow. However, toggling between icon view and column view doesn't reset it. In case that doesn't make sense, here's the steps:


    Open finder, switch to icon view & select a file

    CMD-I to open get info and more info displays properly.

    CMD-W to close get info

    CMD-I to open get info. More info is now "--"

    Switch to list view or cover flow (at this point you can CMD-I the same file but more info is still "--")

    Switch back to Icon view

    CMD-I and more info is populated again. Magic!



    --------------- EDIT after some more testing ----------------

    ...and by reliably "reset" I apparently mean that this only seems to work for image files that are on my desktop. Doesn't seem to be working on other file types, or images in other locations... 


    I am done trying to fiddle with this bug.

  • RAHaviland Level 1 (0 points)

    Another issue to throw into the mix.

    I've been going through old family photos with Aperture and adding metadata, including a caption.

    Uploading to Smugmug (1,000s of files).  Now find the caption doesn't always upload with the file in the metadata.

    So what is happening?  Is the caption really there or not?  Is it temporarily non-available and not uploading, or not there at all?  Waiting on Apple . . .

  • Glenn Gutierrez Level 1 (30 points)

    This bug seems to be fixed by 10.8.3 in my initial tests with a few audio and image files. I can actually "Get Info" more than once and the "More Info" detail on dimensions, sample rate, channels, etc. hasn't disappeared (this was extremely irritating in a pro environment). Hooray!



  • Projectionist Level 1 (0 points)

    Just updated my iMac and Macbook Air. Both had this issue before, but are now fixed under 10.8.3. Huzzah!

  • sjk Level 2 (165 points)

    I concur that this bug is fixed in 10.8.3.

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