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    I followed instructions at and installed Boot Camp 4.0 (i.e., ran its setup.exe) in Windows 7 compatibility mode. Everything but the track pad worked (Anyway, I primarily use an external wireless mouse Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 with the MacBook). For the track pad, I used  the "USB Input device" driver method as suggested in the thread and it works (Had tried TrackPad++ before but that didn't work for me).

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    I tried preventing the keyagent from loading by ren it to a bak file


    that didnt work


    I deleted the keyagent.sys now totally


    that didnt work


    I tried the rededit and it was alreadt setup as the admin, the binary was already 10


    anyother suggestions?  Keymagic.sys removal?

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    That really doesnt help, sorry.

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    I'm not convinced this is actually a problem with Bootcamp or the Apple drivers.  In my pokings around I found a similar problem reported in a Logitec form:



    For me, the keyboard would work on the first reboot attempt, but after some windows updates installed it wouldn't work at all.  My workaround involved using Window's automatic recovery whatnot (Shift+F8 at boot, it takes a while, like 15 minutes or more) to get things back to where they worked.  I then enabled the guest account.  A bunch of windows updates installed again, and this time when I rebooted and couldn't type my password, I logged in to the Guest account and the keyboard started working.  I logged out of Guest and could then type my password into my own account.


    Hope that helps somebody!

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    Has there been any update to this? I forced this to work by restoring my windows 8 machine. But then the PC updated and it happened again when I turned off the computer. It also removed my system restore option from the date prior to that update to after the update. So I cannot access my machine at all.

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    I had the same issue on MacBookPro with Windows 8 where the keyboard's letter and number keys and the onscreen keyboard didn't work after rebooting the laptop after installing windows 8. I reinstalled windows 8 3-times then after the last installation, I disabled the password in the user settings and changed the language settings in Control Panel. Go to Control Panel, Language, Click on Options, Under Input method added a new language "United States Internaltion(Apple) then removed United States (Apple). then rebooted the computer. now both the keyboard and onscreen keyword work.

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    This worked like a champ and now I am able to use my MacBook Pro keyboard. I still need to use a USB attached mouse as my trackpad does not work. Any ideas there?

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    The Trackpad solution is here:



    Just Download the 4.0 Bootcamp Drivers from the link at the top of the first answer if you don't have them already.


    Then follow the directions in the second answer...



    Go to Device Manager and uninstall (and delete drivers) for the two Trackpad devices then rescan for hardware.

    After which, then go find your Boot Camp drivers, and don't run the full setup, but instead find the folder that specifically has the driver install packages in them and install the ones that are along the lines of "Apple Multitouch Trackpad."

    After this, go to your Boot Camp options to make sure that it now sees your Trackpad.



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    Dude , thanks a lot dude ... My problem was same as yours ... Now I am restoring it ... Thank god .. Otherwise I would have lost all my files. And by the way , I have a problem with \ and other important signs for programming using Mac keyboard on win 8 . I came across this problem while I was updating the keyboard driver to US version from UK . So how do we rectify that problem of \ | or some otherwise so that Mac physical keyboard and the characters that are displayed in windows 8 are both same ... Please reply me dude ... :)

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    Like kjmathew, I have the problem where the Caps Lock key is recognized at the password screen, but the keyboard doesn't work.


    I was able to find two separate solutions:


    Solution 1. Roll back my Windows 8 install to somewhere near October 2012. It seems apparent now that a Win8 update is messing things up, but I didn't have the patience to narrow it down to the specific one.


    Solution 2. I don't like having my Windows install be outdated, so my preferred solution for the moment is to delete (or rename) the 2 Apple keyboard driver files:





    The second one appears to be the one that's actually causing the problem, but removing both of them does the trick for me. I moved them to my desktop rather than try to delete or rename them, and that was sufficient.


    With these 2 gone, I can type again - but the special keys (eject, volume) no longer work. For now, I can live with that. :-)

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    I should add that I tried plugging in several third-party keyboards as well, but they also failed to work - and for whatever reason, Windows would load the KeyMagic.sys driver for them as well. Ultimately I decided that yanking that file would result in the least amount of hair-pulling.


    Now hopefully soon Apple will update their drivers!

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    Hi, hoserama99,


    I found the two drivers you mention, in my Boot Camp. But even though I am the administrator for my iMac, I am unable to rename the files or remove them. Get Info says I have read only permission.


    So I'm stuck. How can I rename the two offending files?


    Thanks for any help you can provide!



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    Have you tried changing your language settings. you don't need to delete or remove any files. if you remove drivers the OS will copy them back.

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    Well...that's more problematic. ;-)


    My solution to that was to roll back my Win8 install to the oldest restore point before the updates were applied (which got keyboard support back), then once in Windows, rename the files. The restore point rollback process is probably a bit more detailed than I can reasonably describe here. An incomplete description is here: tions-provide-major-improvements/6496 - that's the best I could find in a quick Googling.


    An alternate solution might be to get a read/write NTFS driver (like MacFUSE + NTFS) and do the grunt work from the Mac side. If you have Parallels or VMWare, start Win8 using that (which will remount Boot Camp as read/write on the desktop) and do the tweak from the Mac side, then shut down Parallels/VMware.

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    I tried changing my language settings - no luck. And you're correct that "uninstalling" the driver via the device manager will simply bring it back, because that doesn't delete, move or rename the offending files. That's why I recommend removing the files entirely.