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         Let’s close the loop on this. I visited the genius bar on Friday the 12. They took the machine in the back room to look at it. They came back out with an evaluation of the damage. The declared it a level 4 repair and stated it would cost $755(before tax) flat fee to repair. They were able to give me an RMA number and could have sent it out immediately, except I needed to pull data off the hard drive.


         I turned the machine over to the Apple Store Sunday the 14th. It was returned to me today the 18th. They fixed the main logic board, the battery, and the top case w/keyboard. They even replaced the display clamshell which had a cosmetic dent from a previous incident.



    • The Genius Bar was definitely worth the visit, they were able to give me the price, advice and the RMA number.
    • The repair was very expensive but they have shipped me back a machine that is in perfect working order that even looks prettier. The warrantee is only for 90 days on the items that they repaired, so the price does not include much more of a warrantee.
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    Apologies if someone else mentioned this, but it's worth noting that Lenovo, Dell, others make keyboards that are spill-resistant. One of the trade-offs of buying a Mac is the greater spill danger. If that's a big concern, you might consider a Lenovo over a Mac.

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    Just an FYI,


    I spilled about 12 oz of water on the MBP I'm typing on right now.  Here is what I did.  Ripped all the peripherals and power cord from the laptop as I turned it upside down and held the power off button for 4 seconds.  Within about 2 minutes I had the back cover off and pulled the connection between the battery and the logic board. 


    I set the computer open on it's side where the water would drain down toward the CD drive instead of the logic board and connectors.  There was definitely a little bit of water but nothing major.  Next I pulled the logic board out of the chassis and inspected.  Luckily, there was no visible damage.  I ran a hair dryer until the logic board was completely dry.  Next, I ran the hair dryer on the keyboard face on low heat for about an hour.  Still unsure if there was water pooled under the keyboard, I pulled the black covering form the back of the keyboard and inspected.  To my suprise, it was completely dry.


    I think the key to success here is speed.  If you turn it upside down immediately, the water does not have much time to seep through the small holes in the paper under the keyboard.  The paper under the keyboard is glued at all edges with seep holes for various mountings and cables.  Also, removing the battery connection to the logic board removes power which should drastically decrease chances of damage.  Besides the water test strips that turned red inside the chassis, everything is functioning perfectly as before; except my self loathing for making such a bone headed mistake.

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    Fantastic! However, do watch out for any long term issues. Not everyone here can do what you did. Everyone here can not eat or drink near their Mac though and avoid the "accident" altogether.

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    I just bought a BT Apple keyboard and trackpad.  I let the MBP sit away from the keyboard/trackpad and only risk the loss of those instead of the entire MBP.


    My humble opinion.

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    My dozy son recently spilled orange juice on my £1000+ macbook pro. Didn't tell me for over two hours before I notice it damp! After calming down from the initial shock, anger and hysteria I cleaned all the keyboard and back with kitchen towel and gently blowed it with the hairdryer on a very cool setting.  I then left my dehumdifier on beside the open Macbook for two days solid to hopefully draw any moisture out then prayed! Today I have nervously switched on the Macbook to see if it has survived it's ordeal and it has! The Machine is working and seems to be functioning normally. I have never had a more anxious 48 hours waitin all my life! My son has been banned from using it again.

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    Mac OS X

    Can you come back in 3 months with a smiley face.

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    The acid in the orange juice will continue to cause damage, you really need to take this in for inspection and cleaning (if possible), good luck

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    Someone dumped a whole glass of milk on my keyboard over a year ago. Did the hairdryer thing and never had any problems until last week when just a lil bit of beer got in the magsafe port. Hairdryer couldnt save it this time. Guess macbooks just arent beer drinkers.

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    What kind of beer, import or domestic

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    ---Don't eat or drink near your laptop.


    ---Don't let friends eat or drink near your laptop. Hide the computer when they come to visit.


    ---If you have friends with IQs lower than the legal speed limit in the US, give them a blessing and then go find some smarter friends.

    Accidents never happen and you should never let your friends know you have a computer. Also, if your friends ever have an accident involving your property, they're not worthy of your presence.


    You must get out a lot.

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    Accidents never happen


    That is not what was said.  Accidents occur, usually to people who fail to evaluate the risk of behaviors.


    The OP asked the risks, so I think the OP is being wise in asking.


    and you should never let your friends know you have a computer.


    That came from your imagination.  It was never stated.


    Also, if your friends ever have an accident involving your property, they're not worthy of your presence.


    Friends who bring open glasses of beer around a computer they will have never pay to repair (when they spill on it) are not friends.  Friends respect your property, and will pay for repairs if they cause damage.


    You must get out a lot.


    No ... not worth the effort ...

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    Question for you guys - This has happened to a friend who indicated it was juice spilled by her child. That said, I wasn't informed about this until last night, so I'm assuming that she hasn't done anything with it for a number of hours.


    I'm tempted to try the "rice" option as a last resort. Some questions:

    1. Does this require removing the casing or do I keep the MBP assembled as-is if I'm "submerging" in rice?
    2. I plan to fill up a large tupperware container with rice. Do I place the MBP upside down?
    3. Follow up to the last question - if I do submerge the MBP in a ton of rice, do I keep the MBP closed (screen shut closed)  or should I have it open?




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    Mac OS X

    Spill Cleaning


    And, don't think that just because it was two teaspoons and not a glassful that there is a difference.


    Some liquid has just spilled into your Mac. What should you do?



    • Immediately shut down the computer and unplug the power cord.
    • Remove the computer's battery (if you can)
    • Disconnect any peripherals (printers, iPods, scanners, cameras, etc.)
    • Lay the computer upside down on paper towels to get as much liquid as possible to drip out.
    • Note what was spilled on your Mac.
    • Bring the computer into an Apple store or AASP as soon as possible.




    • Don't try to turn it back on. Liquids can help electrical current move about the components of your Mac in destructive ways.
    • Don't shake the computer (this will only spread the liquid around).
    • Don't use a hair dryer on it (even at a low setting a hair dryer will damage sensitive components).
    • Do not put in a bag of rice in as much as rice will get into the ports and optical drive and do further damage.
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    Reasonable dos and don'ts. However, the whole point is surely to avoid that very costly visit to the Apple Store is it not? If they tell you the mainboard needs changing how are you gonna know whether it really does or not? Their procedures probably say to change it anyway as the risk of damage from liquid ingress is high. Plus once you take it in they have all your data and have you over a barrel - you either pay the $1000 or lose the machine and the data.


    Water damages any laptop because it is an ionic solvent and it therefore conducts electricity. Therefore if the machine is powered on then the water (or other liquid that contains water such as milk or juice) may short circuit the mainboard and any other components it comes into contact with. The key factors are whether it was powered on, how much you spill into it and what you do next.


    These would be my actions:


    1) Turn it upside down IMMEDIATELY, even before you power it off. By the time you have wasted 5 seconds shutting it down, the liquid will have drained much further in.


    2) As soon as it's inverted (i.e. keyboard flat to the table or whatever) hold the power switch to force a hard shutdown as quickly as possible. It it hasn't died before you do this there is a good chance you have been lucky.


    3) Remove the back cover and use absorbant paper towels or similar to absorb as much water as you can see, and place towels under the keyboard to absorb what drips out. If very little or none is evident from this side, this is good news.


    4) Place the unit in a warm place for several days such as in a closet near your hot water boiler. You can speed up the drying process by using a hair dryer or similar on warm (not hot). You can use rice or any other hygroscopic material such as silica gel in with it - just make sure it or the dust can't physically get inside the Mac, e.g. by placing in a bowl next to it in the confined warm space. Also, change the orientation of the machine during this period several times (e.g. flat, on each edge) so that any trapped liquid pooled in a particular area runs away and dries. For the last day, leave it with the keyboard face up i.e. in the normal orientation.


    5) If you have a lot of valuable data on your Mac, consider buying a cheap external drive caddy that accepts 2.5 inch drives (either directly or with an adapter) and during the drying period remove the hard drive from your Mac. Copy the contents to an iMac or other laptop. It is highly unlikely that the hard disk will have been affected by the liquid ingress unless there was a lot of it and you have been very unlucky. Replace the hard drive in the Mac.


    6) Now the moment of truth. Replace the back cover and power on the laptop. If it works normally then you have been lucky. Consider buying accidental damage insurance for it via your house insurer in case you spill something else on it or if it does have some damage that just isn't manifesting itself yet. The machine's own heat and fan will continue to dry any residual fluid that may remain over the coming days/weeks.


    7) If it doesn't power on then it's a visit to the Apple Store for you. However, if you have backed up your data (or you had a Time Machine backup anyway) then at least when the eye watering quote comes back you have a choice of whether to simply buy a new one and restore from the backup or to bite the bullet and pay. Many repairers will not entertain the idea of diagnosing and repairing components of the mainboard, so they will simply replace the whole board, which Apple prices at 80% of the cost of a new machine of course, making it very poor value for money.

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