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    Running itunes 10, I was able to select a song (any song) on an album, right click for 'info', than select 'artwork' tab.  You can then select the album cover you wish, or add, etc.  All the songs on that album were changed to reflect my selected art work.

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    update -- sorry, repeat procedure for each song.

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    I've had the same thing: no matter how many times you change the album art, iTunes Match keeps on returning it, in a matter of minutes, to a previously uploaded (custom) cover picture.


    This roundabout solutions seems to work so far for me (just tried it today).


    1. On the offending album, go to each song and manually delete the existing album art (the one iTunes Match keeps reinstating).
    2. The album will now have a generic "music notes" picture.
    3. Update iTunes Match through the Store menu.
    4. Match will return the unwanted album art once again.
    5. Now select the entire album, Get Info, and drag in the new, desired artwork.
    6. Update iTunes Match again.


    For me, this has resulted in the new cover art staying in place for test albums (for a few hours now).

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    As an addendum to my post above: the changed cover art for one of my test albums has been reflected on my MacBook Pro, which has nu music on it but just links up with iTunes Match. For the other, the old cover is still there.


    Also, as an aside: albums with multiple disks are not shown as such on the secondary Mac. It seems as if the "Disk 1 of 3" settings do not carry over through Match.

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    This fixed my problem with this issue...


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    They've finally fixed it on the server end it seems.
    Replace away!


    It definitely works when I hadn't downloaded it. I delete dold artwork. Downloaded, and then added new artwork. Reflected on iPhone soon after, which did display the older artwork just before that.


    Don't get me started about songs being split up into multiple album listings though. A bit of refreshing metadata (modify, and re-edit) for whole album seems to work.


    But this pesky 4010 error seems to be rearing its ugly head for me.

    Can't add to Match library unless you quit and re-open iTunes.


    And for what it's worth, still have a few albums missing artwork on some of the songs.
    Will keep tweaking.

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    The artwork sync seems to still be off - songs that have artwork on my end are missing it on my iOS devices - and iTunes stubbornly still wants to change some song/album titles to match what it thinks they are.

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    The description I gave earlier worked for a week or two, but eventually some of the songs reverted.  But believe I finally found the method that worked for me.  As far as I can tell, everything still seems to be in order a few months now.  As is mentioned above, maybe this has been fixed with a recent iTunes update.  Here's what worked for me a few months ago.


    - I copied all my music onto one computer - the reference computer - so that there was nothing left in the cloud that wasn't on this computer.  I wanted to make sure I had a local copy of everything I wanted to keep.  I highly recommend making a complete backup before proceeding - there's lots of deleting coming up.

    - Then signed out of "iTunes Match" and the "iTunes & App Store" on all devices and computers - kind of scary, I know - but you have your backup, right?

    - On my second computer, I deleted the songs/albums with all the mixed up artwork. Do the same on all computers if you have any.

    - I believe I removed all music from my iDevices.  Once you have signed out of "iTunes Match" and the "iTunes & App Store" on you iDevice, you can delete anything that remains on them.

    - I then fixed the artwork on the reference computer.

    - Then I signed back in to iTunes and "iTunes Match" with the reference computer and let it initailize and upload all files.

    - When this was complete, I signed back in to "iTunes & App Store" and "iTunes Match" on all the other computers/devices.


    I'm pretty sure this was the sequence.  It kind of makes sense - the Cloud was keeping copies of bad artwork for the devices that were still connected.  Without anything connected using the service, all resources were released and I started with a fresh iTunes Match account which was initialized with the library on my reference computer. It's probably good to clear out the iDevices as well to make sure nothing was left to confuse the matching.


    I hope this works for you.  If not you have your backup, right?  It's all very time consuming of course, hopefully that's the end of it.

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    Looks like Apple has turned on TURBO mode for iTunes Match. 4010 error has gone after a week now, and so has 3231. Almost instant MATCHING, no more gathering etc of 1 minute, when adding new items to iCloud.


    I'm still getting blank artwork based on mismatch of metadata if it exists in iTunes Store, especially when their artwork changes due to new editions. A lot of mucking about with meta fields, especially Album Artist, and Album Name.

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