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I have a factory unlocked i-phone 4s and I am using a Straight Talk sim card.  This has worked well for several months.  Last week I started having trouble with my 4G connection.  I called Apple and they walked me through re-setting the Network settings.  The 4G connection worked great, except I could no longer send or receive mms messages.  My data network tab is not on the phone.  Apple said that it was my carrier but after speaking with Straight Talk I was told that the problem was with my phone.  I took my phone to the Apple store and they ran diagnostics and could not find a problem.  A friend with the same phone, except they have an AT&T sim card, put her sim card in my phone and once again, the mms messages did not work.  Any suggestions????

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
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    Try making sure MMS is enabled on the phone.


    Settings > Messages > MMS Messaging > Enable

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    I'm having this issue also (same circumstances: Factory Unlocked iPhone 4S, Straight Talk Sim, perviously worked well) and I went to Settings > Messages > MMS Messaging > and made sure it was Enabled, still having issues.

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    I just got an Apple iPhone 4S and now on Straight Talk and that's a commonly known issue that one isn't able to get MMS unless the iPhone was Jailbroken. I am not interested in Jailbreaking my awesome iPhone 4s. As of now, I am only able to send SMS, Calls & Data usage. I was told that we were not able to access the MMS APN settings to be able to change. If you can find a fix, I'd like to know.


    Thank You


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    As of right now this is the only way to get MMS to work in iOS 6 on any device.


    Follow the steps carefully. You'll need a T-Mobile sim card. i got a free one from a local shop. They ended up just giving it to me.


    1.) Get a T-mobile micro sim card

    2.) Start Iphone and let boot up. Then take out ST sim card

    3.) Place the T-mobile sim card in and let it connect to network

    4.) Under general and cellular there is cellular data option

    5.) Under cellular data you see fields for Data APN an MMS

    6.) At this point double hit home button at the bottom to open camera or some other app

    7.) Then take out T-mobile sim and place ST sim card into phone

    8.) Right away, double hit home key and pick settings button at the bottom

    9.) The Data APN and MMS settings window should pop up. Let it connect to Straight Talk Network. Enter in the info below after that:



    data apn: att.mvno





    mms apn: att.mvno




    MMS proxy:

    Max Size of Message: 1048576




    10.) After click back upto and it should store the settings. You can click cellular data to check if the settings are in.

    11.) I had to repeat the process twice before it took.


    By following the steps, changing out the sim cards and entering the proper APN settings you'll be able to send MMS texts from iOS 6.

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    works great had to do it several times after reading your post real cose, I also save then rewrite to ibackupbot, and then put to phone as a permanent soulation

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    If you try to send an MMS (picture text) and it fails with a red exclamation mark, do the configuration routine again, but this time leave the UAProf: field BLANK.


    I spent a day struggling witht his, then discovered a posting elsewhere that mentioned this, and it fixed it for me.


    You can test this by turning iMessage off temporarily, then sending a pic to a friend, or yourself.


    Hope this is helpful!

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    Thanks this has worked for me with the exception of having to redo the T-mobile SIM swap process following the 6.01 update in early November. I buy the 90-day unlimited Straight Talk plan which comes to $42.25 a month for unlimited talk, text & 2Gb of Data. Be advised, do not stream excessively or exceed that cap or Straight Talk/AT&T will throttle your data bandwidth. Before Straight talk had our iPhones showing "HOME" as the  carrier name but about 4 weeks ago it changed to the correct carrier name AT&T. I'm so glad this has happened. I thought it looked stupid with HOME at the top-left of the iPhone next to the antenna bars. Not sure why and how they changed it. But Thanks. Anyone else experience this? Btw, my phone is only unlocked and not jailbroken.

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    I got a Tmobile sim card and tried the steps outlined in your post. However, when I put the tmobile card in my phone, I get an error saying "Invalid SIM" instead of it opening up the settings.  Any idea why that might be happening?  I'm thrilled with StraightTalk... except for this one big problem. 



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    Method doesn't work for CDMA iPhones like those from Verizon, Sprint, Cricket, Virgin Mobile, etc.

    Only designed to work on GSM iPhones from the likes of AT&T.

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    Your iPhone isn't unlocked when you get invalid SIM msg.

    Have you tried having it unlocked ?

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    I have an iphone 4 which was on AT&T until I switched to StraightTalk a couple of weeks ago.

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    I contacted AT&T and asked them to unlock the phone, and I got an email saying that it had been unlocked.  Is there a way I can look at the info or settings on the phone to see if it was actually unlocked or not?  I'm just not sure where to look.  Thanks.

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    Yes if you connect to iTunes and do the backup and restore process then it says its unlocked. Have you done this yet?

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    I am having the same Problem, what if i dont have a tmobile sims?.

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