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  • cglubish Level 1 (0 points)

    No excuse except that they just don't care.  I was told by apple to reset Winsock.  Oh sure, nice fix, maybe I should reinstall windows while I'm at it.  Can you imagine if some Microsoft product caused these problems on OSX.  Apple would put out TV commercials about it, and all the apple fanboys would decry a crime against humanity.


    Don't get me wrong, I've had every generation of iphone, 2 ipads and a macbook and I like their devices.  But I also need PCs in my environment and I just can't understand why Apple doesn't care.  Its either a foundational problem that they CAN'T fix, or they don't care.  Either way its infurtiating.  This stuff is pushing me slowly to other options.



  • mikethewalsh Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello? helllloooo...

    Dont know if you guys noticed, lots of people having problems and you pushed a new version of iTunes with the same are begininng to suck again this supposed to be the Post PC world?

    • ath.exe at 50%
    • AppleMobileDevice"Helper".exe upwards of 50%

    hmmmm...that doesnnt leave a lot for me to anything...please fix, getting tired of going into services to manually restart this crap to sync my iPad and iPhone. Sorry, still have to use Windows, but my faith in Apple is begining to wane....

  • chriskeeble Level 1 (10 points)

    ".. perhaps the best legacy Jobs could leave is a company that will continue to go from strength to strength..." (one of many similar quotes on the Internet).

    I have an Apple iPhone 4S ... and I'm due for an upgrade in around 60 days.

    I have an original iPad ... which (because it cannot receive iOS 6) is now not supported by the latest upgrades to a few of my favourite apps (understandable).

    Two years ago, if you'd asked me am I planning to upgrade to Apple, I would have answered with a definite "yes". Today, I'm seriously considering the alternatives.

    Apple's competition is now (and at last) as good as Apple in lots of respects. And in some areas the competition wins hands down.

    Is the competition problem-free? No, of course not.

    But the reason I was happy to be smothered in Apple cotton wool previously was because it protected users from themselves. And , while of course I don't think I personally need protecting, it meant that Apple products just worked. And they worked well.

    Today? Not so. Apple products and software have more and more bugs and glitches. The OS and software design decisions are questionable and poorly thought through.

    It feels as though perhaps Steve Jobs really did QC every design and tech decision Apple ever made, and the company is really missing him. Big time.

    Perhaps one man can make a great company after all...?

  • Correzpond Level 1 (10 points)

    Insightful post chriskeeble.


    The evidence is that Apple's competitor to iOS devices have not only caught up, but they are racing by Apple.


    It's increasingly evident that Apple post-Jobs is becoming (has become) an unresponsive greedy behemoth incapable of directing its (considerable) resources on issues that matter to its customers.


    But even that's been done before.


    I think of Apple now as Microsoft mark II.  

  • topedia Level 1 (0 points)

    Apple published an update for iCloud Control Panel, Version 2.1. Maybe this update will help. Since I installed the update the sync is working and both processes are normal, for now. Hope it's not temporary.

  • jja1234 Level 1 (0 points)

    I am running on Windows Vista 32 Bit. (Money is a bit tight and i bought the computer used from my brother) When I have wireless sycing on I generally have no issues other than a message popping up every few seconds "ATH.EXE has stopped running". Up until iTunes 11 i still had no problems syncing but now I cant sync wirelessly without doubling songs and other information on my ipod.


    For those wondering I'm running Itunes 11, Windows Vista 32 bit (as previously stated) an iPod touch 4th Gen with the latest control panels installed and updates installed on all devices. (I take pride in updating as soon as I know one is available. I've never known apple to leave people hanging like this....

  • Correzpond Level 1 (10 points)

    topedia, synching will typically work for up to 24 hours after a restart without the processes blowing up even without any change to the iTunes software and so it will only ever be possible to confirm a solution to this issue if Wi-Fi synching remains stable for a majority of users 24-72 hours after a restart.


    While I would like to remain optimistic that the Window iCloud Control Panel update may assist the issue, the issue was apparent on my Win7 PC without any version of the iCloud Control Panel software installed whatsoever; additionally I also note after installing the iCloud software v2.1 just now that the ATH file versions remain unchanged.


    I interpret that a solution (if it ever comes from Apple) will likely require a patch to iTunes itself which is the program which actually installs these rogue processes.

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    I'm not in this forum to pile on.  I just came to see if I was the only one or see how others are dealing with it.  Really I was just looking for the "oh I need to reinstall this" or "this file needs to be manually moved".  So the weeks go by and I even get the 11 update.  Still nothing.  Not fixed.  I'm at the point that I have a 4S and an iPad 2 with the RCA, VGA, HDMI, Photo card reader/USB camera kit and a million wires and adapters and radios.  I have no beef with Apple upgrading the ports to lightning as it had to be done sooner or later.  8 years was a pretty good run.  if I upgrade with Apple I need to drop a lot of money to get what I have right now.  A $30 car charger won't be happening for me just out of principal.  Fact is, it's just not the only (good) game in town.  I have big decisions to make moving forward and Apple doesn't really care if their own software, that makes them money, doesn't work.  You can jot this down as the reason I left for Android if anyone is keeping score.  You'd think they could afford to pay enough people to fix this but I guess not.  They've chosen not to.  Its actually sad.  Remember when "it just works" wasn't a slogan? That was awesome. 

  • dennis264 Level 1 (0 points)

    hello apple,


    why don´t you care for your products und your customers.


    why can´t you say anything to this problem?


    what should i do that you get notice of this?

  • richardsonheights Level 1 (0 points)

    I submitted this problem months ago for iTunes 10 (no response) and now have just re-submitted it a few minutes ago for iTunes 11.  Maybe if more people provide feedback to Apple directly through their feedback form, we can get some response eventually...



    Also, it looks like if you are a registered Apple developer you can submit bugs to their real bug tracker.  I am not an Apple developer -- could someone here who is submit a real defect?



    Just talking about this issue here is obviously not going to help.



  • iTunesPro Level 1 (0 points)

    Running Windows 7 and my CPU is getting hammered with 58% CPU usage while ATH.exe is running. Once I kill it, I'm running at 6%.


    I'm confused, if this is an Apple discusssion forum you would think Apple would look into our frustration and work on an immediate fix. ***?


    I too noticed that this problem started to happen once I upgraded to the new version of iTunes and turned "ON" the synch over wi-fi.


    Come on Apple, put some developers on this and fix the problem. At least tell us that it will be fixed in the next update etc.

  • Correzpond Level 1 (10 points)

    Good suggestion richardsonheights. I have logged my feedback just now on



    Interesting however that the feedback page itself hasn't caught up with iTunes versions.


    The highest it allows is 10.6.3 whereas this issue has been evident on both iTunes 10.7 and iTunes 11.0.


    Apple really do seem to have lost the plot in the post-Jobs world.

  • richardsonheights Level 1 (0 points)

    Haha, yeah, I noticed that too.  My feedback was file for 10.6.3 again because there's no more recent version listed...

  • xavierfrombrussels Level 1 (0 points)

    The day after the release of Itunes 11 I posted my ATH.EXE is behaving correctly again on my Windows 7 64 bit Core i7.


    I'll say that is still the case, however, I saw ITUNES.Exe was now eating more than 60% of the total CPU. (that is more than 2 threads at 100%) After further investigations with process monitor (free from sysinternals)  I could see that Itunes was exploring my entire photo library ... which is very big. Even when there was no device connected (directly or via wifi).


    As I saw it was moving ahead without touching the same file twice, I though I could leave it overnight.


    This morning I could see that CPU was still at 25%, but this time it was Apple Mobile Device Service, after restart this service CPU went finally down. 


    But I could not sync any device anymore. So I restarted Itunes.... and guess what.... it is now exploring my entire photo library again !!! 


    Relevantly, I have a mac mini with OSX Mountain Lion, and I have to say there itunes is always been flawless... But the insult is that there it has been a 64bit application since a long time already, while in Windows remains an old-fashion 32 bit.


    Also, the old problem of itunes sync failing to synchronize any device when more than one user is logged in has been reported since ages ago, and it remains there. Note itunes itself can only run at one user session at the same time, but even like this it does not work. 


    Again, the worse insult is that in OSX you can run itunes simultaneously in several user sessions and sync always works.




    PS: The option to enable network share your photo library is gone. Given the active exploration of all my photos... what does this mean? that it doesn't do it anymore, or that it cannot be disabled?

  • DagDog Level 1 (70 points)

    Well its all bullcrap.  How long has this issue been out there?  unsolved?  Well I thought the issue was for the most part resolved .. and I say for most part resolved - PREVIOUS to the itunes update of the past week.  I think the version is now or 125  ( iTunes just crashed again, and not gonna restart it for this exercice lol). 


    But I could list the errors ... but they are all the same .. plus some new ones just incase those that love troubleshooting are getting bored with this one lol.


    I am a PC user but have used itunes and other apple software since Moses graduated from law school.  But you know what?  I think this is the straw that breaks this users back. 


    I hate to do it, but if nothing significant happens SOON regarding solving this issue its GOOD BYE ITUNES.  And I'm gonna seek a refund of my iCloud as its useless without iTUnes.


    How do u like them apples. 


    Oh !  nearly forgot, some copy and paste error stuff, like it matters lol.


    Faulting application iTunes.exe, version, time stamp 0x50b71fed, faulting module ntdll.dll, version 6.0.6002.18541, time stamp 0x4ec3e3d5, exception code 0x80000003, fault offset 0x0004878e, process id 0x152c, application start time 0x01cdd4806aad3445.


    The MATS service encountered a failure when getting HTTP proxy settings. hr=0x80072F94



    The MATS service encountered a failure when uploading data. hr=0xC004F018

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