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    Photoantics wrote:


    I do not understand why there should be an issue in syncing the iPhone 5 with my faithful iBook G4.

    There is probably a very simple and logical explanation to why this is?

    My Mac is running OSX 10.5.8 (Leopard)

    There is, in fact, a very simple explanation. iOS 6 REQUIRES a version of iTunes that you can not install on your computer. If you can't update to 10.6.8, then you can not install the required version of iTunes, thus, you can not sync with that machine.


    It's as simple as that.

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    I don't have a solution, but I have MY work around which is sufficient for me. I have a G5, & I just purchased my new Ipod touch 5. I will eventually upgrade my computer, but until then I will do this. All apps & music that you already purchased from the istore can easily be downloaded again to that device without a problem through the App Store. For photos &/or  videos, you can still transfer to your computer using Iphoto. Other than that, here's what I did with the other stuff. I basicly said screw Itunes (at least until I get a new computer). Then, I purchased the Idownloader Pro app for 2 bucks. It's the best app there is. It should come with ios 6 because it basically gives your device computer capabilities and then some. It's a browser, a harddrive thats wifi transfer capable, a downloader that can then export the downloaded file to the app that can open it, a music player that stores music & playlists, a video player that is tv out capable, & it can all be backed up to Apple's servers if you like (I refuse to call it the cloud.) That's what I use for everything now. Contacts was a little tricky but doable. Sync your old device to your computer and update your contacts. Then download some freeware that can turn your contacts into a text file. Import that text file into addressbook, then export it to a vcard. Email that vcard to yourself & open it on your device. click on the vcard attachment & it will load your contacts to the contacts app. My Line 2 wifi phone can then get them. After doing all that I now have my Itouch 5 pretty much identicle to my itouch 4 (minus the itunes music app, but I no longer need to use it.) I can still load songs from itunes into my idownloader app & play them in playlists............or you can buy a new computer... Yes, Apple stinks for doing this.

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    So this is what Apple have become.............Dropping on Loyal mac users from a great height while anyone else can use their £299 windows PC and upload the latest Itunes etc without any bother. There isnt anything wrong with my Imac 5...its had an updated hard drive to 500gb last year by apple and runs perfectly on the 10.5 8 snow leopard..........Do I really have to spend £1000 + on a new mac after investing £340 on an iphone 5..........SHAME ON YOU APPLE...........why are you forcing me to go back to windows !!

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    Apple has become too big.  One of the greatest benefits of the UNIX operating system (Mac OS X) is its longevity.   UNIX was popular in the workstation era and large notable computer companies delivered products on UNIX.  Apple attracted a worldwide base of developers via the introduction of UNIX on the Mac platform with OS X.


    While iPod became the glamour child for Apple, it was a solid commited developer base gave Apple its new millenium viability.


    Apple began a migration toward the "Microsoft obsolete your product after 3 years" model with the introduction to snow leopard  (10.6).  They moved toward greater obfuscation of internal libraries and dumped rosetta stone.


    Though I have 3 Lion machines, I'm selling my iPhone 5 and going back to iPhone4.  Its better than iPhone 5 anyway.   Much better voice quality and more reliable.   When my contract expires I'm done with Apple.   Consider that I have at least 10 Macs including 2 PPC Macs that still run great.  


    APPLE SMART PEOPLE - REMEMBER THE OLD TIMERS (UNIX KERNEL, COMPILER, RUNTIME, and UI guys) made you what you are.   A few of us are still out here.



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    There is a long history in Silicon Valley of distrust for Microsoft.   The UNIX gurus do not like software that obsoletes old applications.   Windows is not a product of Silicon Valley.      I guarantee this action will spawn new computer companies (again) in Silicon Valley.


    This  move  ain't gonna work out for Apple.   

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    Picture 2.png

    So it has come to this Apple-Tosh! PPC G4+iPhone 5+Virtual PC+Windows XP... Now I can install iTunes 10.7 on my PPC via Windows XP!


    Picture 5.png

    Seems very wrong!

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    I have found a solution to transfer music from a PowerPc to an iPhone 5 but it is a bit long winded and involves borrowing a modern Intel Mac. While this solution works, please be careful as other ways I tried ended up duplicating a lot of my music library, which I had to undo manually.


    1.  Back up your iPhone 5 to iCloud if you have already put stuff on it (just in case)


    2.  On the borrowed Intel Mac, set up a new account and make sure it is running iTunes 10.7 and use this account as it can be deleted later if required.


    3.  From the Intel Mac connect to the PowerPC and browse for the iTunes Music folder, which is in the iTunes folder inside the Music folder, where you will find the Artist folders, with Album folders inside them (list View is best here). You may have to enable sharing on some folders first, if you cannot get through, but I think it is unnecessary.


    4.  Open iTunes on the Intel Mac and, from the iTunes Music folder on the PowerPC, drag each of your Album folders onto the LIBRARY area at the top left of iTunes (I did it one by one but it may be possible to do several at a time). IMPORTANT - do not drag the Artist folders, just the Album folders with the tracks inside. iTunes on the Intel Mac should then have all your music in it, with the album covers and other data etc.


    5.  Plug the iPhone 5 into the Intel Mac and ensure that none of the Sync boxes are ticked in any of the tabs across the top. IMPORTANT - ensure that Manually Manage Music is ticked under Options in the Summary tab (and possibly Back up to iCloud).


    6.  Click on LIBRARY, Music and from the Albums window in iTunes, drag each Album onto the iPhone 5 icon in DEVICES on the left hand side of iTunes.


    7.  Finally eject the iPhone 5, give the Intel Mac back to its owner and enjoy your music.


    8.  If you want to transfer Playlists, first export them from the PowerPC (File>Library>Export Paylist) and then import them into iTunes on the Intel Mac and drag the playlist onto the iPhone 5.


    Please note that while this worked for me for my old PowerBook G4 running OS X 10.5.8 and iTunes 10.6.3 using a borrowed MacBook Air, I cannot be responsible for any disaster that may befall you if you follow these instructions.


    I hope this helps as I have searched high and low for a better solution.

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    thank you, jaw911, for this work around. do you think it would work with a pc?


    meanwhile, i am sooo disgusted with apple over this. i have been a long time fan and always tell pc users what they are missing. but i too have a powerbook g4 maxed out on 10.5.8. and an iphone 5 on the way that i won't be able to sync.


    the apple is really tasting bitter in my mouth right now.


    there really should be a huge warning sign that says "don't bother with the iphone 5 if you have an old mac. alternatively, you can buy a brand new $3000 mac in order to use your new iphone 5."


    and if they were still selling iphone 4s with 64 gb, i would definitely have bought that instead.


    oh apple, please do the right thing and fix this.

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    I share the same grievences. I'm not a Power User, however a friend of mine is. He implored me to migrate to Mac and eventually I did and boy was I glad! However in his role as a professional video editor - which was pretty much why he moved from PC -  he is devastated that Apple have taken so much of the functionality out of programs he requires (such as Final Cut) and "dumbing them down" for the "average" user, who wants to record themselves planking and upload it to YouTube apparently.

    This is who Apple are now catering to, in much the same way record producers continue to crank out Lady GaGa's and the like. Hey it's where the money is and why make billions in profit when you could have possibility of making hundreds of billions? And why stop at catering for (and imprisoning) a niche market when you could achieve world domination? If it was good enough for Hitler... ... ...

    I migrated from PC a few years ago and loved every minute of it, until I started noticing how similar they are to a Dictatorship. Apparently people do not enjoy living under a dictatorship but to those who say "I'm going back to PC/Windows" etc, I can almost guarantee you won't. You know it, I know it but, more importantly, Apple knows it.

    Continue to update ALL your systems, add more and more perfectly good computers (and other electrical equipment that become obsolete after 24 months) to landfill...or get left behind. The planet needs more waste! Have you not seen how dangerously healthy Earth is???

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    Thank u djtnyc for sharing. I'm just got my iPhone5 yesterday and is in the exact situation. Your info definitely helped and saved me a trip and a call to Apple.  I guess I'll suck it up and buy Mac OS X version 10.6.3 Snow Leopard...seems like the easiest way to go. 

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    At least for Photos taken w. IPod  5 w. iOS6 and Mac G5 PPC OS 10.5.8

    After scouring this forum and calling my friend at the Apple Store ( No Help), simple way is to open DropBox !


    I just happened to click on DB and it asked me , since my iPod was already connected ( as I had never seen this before) If I wanted to upload my photos to DB. I figured ***!?!? and did it and Viola! they all appeared , including iPod video as .jpeg and .mov files.

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    the bad thing is that u can download the new itunes with a **** *** XP service pack2 and not with a leopard 10,5,8  

    steve jobs dosnt need this kind of choose

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    I'm  responding to this first post simply because I am tired of reading all the whiners and complainers and the rest.  I too got a new iPhone.  Have an old Macbook that has no intel processor and up until now had an iPod Touch which I love, but didn't want to carry around a phone too, so I upgraded to the iPhone5 at the recommendation of a friend who is very techie.  She said the reception, power, memory etc would all be better than the iPhone 4.  Well, she didn't know about my computer being so "old".  So we have been working on how to get all my music, photos, apps etc onto my new iPhone 5.  You are correct that it will not synch.  That is going to need a new computer which I personally can not afford now, but will eventually, but for now.  Here is what I have done: 1) Use BOTH an iPhone 5 and an iPod touch, one that can synch with your computer.  2) get both devides backed up to the iCloud (you can find it under settings). This was the first thing I did and it got some of my music on the iPhone 5.  Then go to your iTunes and sign up for iTunes Match.  It does cost, but not as much as a new computer.  The most costly was the time it took for iTunes Match to find all my music (I had a lot of songs) and then I had all my music on my iPhone 5 without synching.  Also, as I addd anything from either my iPod touch, iTunes or iPhone 5 it goes to all the devices since it is on the cloud and I have that turned on.  3) Then for photos, e-mail what you want to yourself and then save it on your iPhone 5.  4) the only remaining one was apps.  Oddly, and much to the confusion I can't figure out, some will come and some will not.  For instance I had a few that were free, so I just reloaded them, others came through the cloud, but then Angry Birds did not, so there must be some sort of incompatibility or something, but now since I have everything on the clooud and on, I get everything between the devices.  To power charge my phone, I have just had to plug it into an outlet.  I am NOT very happy about the new port on those and that I can't interchange other cords, but I am on my way to Radio Shack and see if they have some things to help. 


    So, was I upset at first that my iPhone 5 didn't synch.  You bet!  Was I gonna give up on Apple, **** no.  Do some problem solving, people (and I am talking about the future posts in this thread, not this individual person). Give it some time.  You over-react to this?  Get over it and find a solution.  I'm an old lady too (60) and can find ways to use the new technology. 

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    Part of the reason that Apple makes SO much money is that it has a scorched earth policy when it comes to the past. When the company iterates, they burn down everything that's come before.

    So if you want to upgrade your phone, you have to upgrade your whole Mac ecosystem. If you don't upgrade  you lose everything you've accumulated up to that point. That's the flip side to the ease of using Apple products. They just work, but the price you pay is that you spend a lot on constant upgrades.


    What it comes down to is how much is your time worth: you're going to pay one way or another. Either using up part of your precious lifespan finding workarounds or using money to buy new equipment.

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    PowerPC G5 5GB RAM 10.5.8


    I've spent another day coming to the conclusion that Apple has finally lost its way altoghether. I can't connect my new iphone 5 to my computer because the hardware is apraently too old!  I can't even upgrade the software as the architecture is no longer supported!!!    I am driving a 30 year old 911 and it runs fine - faster, lighter and better looking than anything ont he road. Porsche still manufacture every spare part needed - after 30 years. Are Apple seriously telling us that it will not support an 8 year old computer of its own construction that is otherwise in perfect working order (it has had less glitches in 8 years than my brand spanking new iphone 5 has had in 24 hours (powerloss, overheating and unresponsive screen already!!!).  Waht does this say for apple's environmental statement alone!! Tens of thousands (millions?) of people throwing away perfectly good computers because apple are too lazy (or greedy?) to make a simple "software upgrade" for pre-intel Macs? If Apple doesnl't fix this my next phone will be japanese - as will be my computer. Whenever our family meets, all we talk about is the ridiculous compatibility problems we have listening to OUR music and looking at OUR photos on various apple devices. It is one thing making a product that isn't very innovative. It is another that wastes days of your life trying to "fix" abd makes you very very angry, and progressively disappointed. Those sentiments are pretty hard to mitigate and they are now very widespread, and deep-seated.  Apple needs to act fast or it will enter serious decline. The competition is looking better - my partner has a ten year old Micosoft machine and it can run itunes and connect with her new phone just fine!! What were they thinking?