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    I have an iPhone 4S running IOS 6.1.  I upgraded the day IOS 6 came out and never had an issue with wireless at home or anywhere.  Out of the blue, on 12/11 I am no longer able to use wireless at my house.  It is SOOOOOO FRUSTRATING!!!!!  My phone might as well be a paperweight while at home.  I dont have that good of a signal so I have to use a network extender for my 3G service so using that is out, thats where my wireless always came into the mix.  Without that, I am dead in the water at home.


    I had to have the phone replaced in September due to a battery issue and I'm assuming they gave me a refurbished one since my warranty ran out in 2 months.  So here I sit with my first ever purchased Apple product, that has no warranty left and unable to use wireless in the comfort of my own home.


    All of my other devices in my home work: my husbands Android Samsung Galaxy S3, my daughters EVO and all of laptops connect to wireless just fine.  Only thing that DOES NOT WORK IS MY IPHONE 4S!


    Was going to take my phone to the Genius Bar but I'm not sure what they will tell me.  I'm going to go in there and kinda raise 3 different kinds of ****!  This is ridiculous!  Not a very good impression for my very first Apple product.

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    Thought I would put this out there: MY WIRELESS ISSUE HAS BEEN RESOLVED!!!!!!


    I called Apple support and voiced my frustration. That my iPhone 4S was showing I was connected to my home internet connection with a great signal but no data passed through. My warranty expired 40 days ago and this being my very first Apple product that had already been replaced once due to a bad battery I am, what can I say, less than happy? 


    I explained all of this to her and she was more than helpful.  Here is the process we went through:


    Turn off router

    Reset network settings on iPhone

    Reboot iPhone

    Wait for it to come all the way back up

    Plug your router back in


    Make sure to do it in this order.  I had tried all of these things but not in this order.  Worked like a charm!!

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    I'm with you MDSOFKYMDSOFKY  - great post

    Although I'm not an apple evangelist I have a house full of idevices (teenage kids) and they have grown on me because until now they have been little trouble and "just work"

    NOT ANY MORE - this wireless saga is killing me.

    Apple have got away with it because of the amount of mud in the water over ios6. The wireless page lookup when they first released ios6 and the crap maps took the media heat and now it's old news.

    My iphone4 on ios 6 will see the wireless network only if it is almost touching it ! Before that my home network was rock solid. I used to happily roam all over the house and 50 yards into the garden.

    Other ithings are working although unstable but the real killer is that not only am I racking up carrier data at home on multiple idevices, and not able to pull anything off the network they have broken my SONOS. This is another company with a great record for "just working" and apple have broken it too.

    Jobs would be rolling in his grave. The advantage of Apple stuff was that you didn't have to fiddle - now we are being asked to change settings on routers that are no problem for any other devices - pure arrogance.

    Where's the USP now ? .. and what chance a class action to recover the charges from my carrier ?

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    I switched to Apple products about 5 years ago because I was moving to a remote part of the world.  Papua New Guinea.  This country has unreliable internet connectivity.  As a result often times the internet is offline.


    With the new IOS updates, my iphone will not join my home wifi, nor my work wifi.  Oh it joins technically (sees a signal, an ssid, joins, gets an ip but after internet hunting it drops the connection)  No need to reboot routers.  But when it tries to get to the internet page for success.html from Apple.  It fails, whenever our internet is down.


    Because internet is so unreliable, our work and home infrastructure is such that email will still work (queu) and many other things will still work.


    Unless you are using an iPhone/iPad/iPod with the latest IOS.


    5 years ago I taught myself how to maintain and manage Apple devices to support a community over over 300 individuals.  When they asked me


    "What type of smartphone should I buy?"  Unequivically I said 'Iphone'.


    I am no longer doing that.


    When our Aviation department said 'we'd like to standardize on a device for electronic flight bag, what should we use?'


    I said 'iPad'


    I am no longer doing that.


    When our clinic doctors and nurses said 'we have some old Windows Mobile devices, and want to upgrade what should we move to?"


    I said, iPhone.


    That all changed 3 months ago.


    I got a call from a pilot 'I can't join my home wireless with this iphone you told me to buy'

    I got a call from two doctors 'It keeps joining the work wireless and then dropping because it can't reach success.html'

    I got a call from multiple people saying 'Chad, what is going on!'


    I am an I.T. specialist, supporting not only our organization, but several branches inside of this country... and consulting with other organizations in the Solomon Islands, the U.S. and parts of Bougainville.


    And I have to say now, with these new changes in the IOS, that I can no longer recommend Apple mobile devices. 


    These changes to the wireless capability leave my people confused. Something that used to work well no longer does without hacking and giving up.


    And the reason is, because Apple is assuming that the entire world has FAST and FREE internet.


    Let me tell you, we not only do not have FAST internet, it's NOT free, and it's NOT reliable.


    I have waited 4 months for an update that fixes the requirement to access the internet.

    I fully understand why Apple has built in this feature, to avoid support calls saying apps won't work.

    I know Apple will never get a call from us in Papua New Guinea, (all the ex-pats here serving in volunteer work) because the fees for long distance are so horribly expensive.


    So I do not expect this to change.


    But I want to say this publicly, so that all can read.


    On my recommendation, aproximately 4 dozen iPhones were purchased in the last 2 years.

    At one time (until 4 months ago), I told people that Apple mobile products were the most reliable, easiest to configure and use devices.  And I was right, and people were happy.


    We're no longer happy.

    I'm not longer recommending Apple.

    I'm going to be here a long time, not recommending Apple.


    I'm asking Apple to make a switch, or some setting that allows people with unreliable internet to join their local wifi.


    ALL the posts I've read about this warrant some instructions about rebooting this or deleting a config.

    THAT is not the solution.


    THE SINGLE problem here is that to join a home wireless, the iPhone is requiring an internet connection which we often to not have.


    It breaks for anyone without internet, or anyone behind a hotspot/captive portal.

    You can not adjust firewalls, you can not reboot routers, you can not make this work on your own.

    Apple needs to fix it.


    If you are going to remote location in the world, do not bring your iPhone if you want it to join wireless.


    thank you

    -Chad Owens

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    One of the solution:


    1. Forget the wifi setting

    2. Reset network setting

    3. Before connecting wifi, click blue arrow and set fixed IP, Subnet mask (mostly, router & DNS = your router IP adress

    4. Back to previous screen and connect the Wifi with your password


    It would be fine.

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    Hello from the US!  Just wanted to add my rant to this growing list of folks having trouble with wifi connectivity on their iPhone 4s after the 6.0 iOS update (currently my iPhone 4s has 6.0.1).  While I can connect quite reliably on my home network (I am using the latest Apple Airport Extreme with updated firmware, etc. etc.), I find that I have no or limited connectivity anywhere beyond that.  This includes work (where it will cycle between not even seeing our wifi network, refusing to join and simply dropping out the connection after 1-5 minutes), as well as any number of free wifi hotspots (including coffee shops, Starbuck's, McDonald's, friend's homes, etc.).


    We have swapped out the phone at an Apple store 6 times (I may be setting some kind of weird record with that one), we have also tried Reset All Setting, Forget Network, Reset Network Settings, completely restoring the phone from an iCloud backup, completely restoring the phone as a new unit (thinking that perhaps there was some odd little bug that had been backed up from a previous restore), removed all applications and tried connecting.  Nothing seems to help...the only constant is that I remain unable to connect reliably to any outside wifi.  Oddly enough, this was absolutely not an issue with the phone on iOS 5.0.  This issue just started with the 6.0 update and beyond.


    You might guess that I am a little upset that Apple recently provided an update to iPhone 5 users (quote to repair wifi issues), but apparently they did not see fit to provide the same update to those of us with the apparently antiquated 4s units.  Not sure what else to report, or even what to ask in regards to suggestions since most of the wifi networks causing me problems (i.e. anything not in my house) remain well outsite of my ability to control.  I guess the short answer to this rant is the hope that Apple will eventually release an update for us to hopefully fix this obvious problem with their software.  Thanks for reading and cheers!!


    Oh yes, same problem with both an iPad 4 and an iPad 3.  Took them both back and got my money back.  Never thought I would ever return any Apple product under such circumstances.  Almost makes me want to try a windows device.  Shudder.

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    Hope all is well there for you, Chad (not counting the problems with the iPhone)!  Hopefully those of us here in the States can continue to be a sharp annoying stick in the corporate eye of Apple until they finally decide to provide a fix for all of us...especially for those of you who really rely on equipment in areas of the world where connectivity is more than a simple convenience!!  Hange in there and fingers crossed for an eventual resolution!!

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    We upgraded to iOS6.1 today--still having the same issues we have since upgrading our iPhone 4ses to iOS 6 in December. Since then, our phones have not played well with our wifi network, whereas before it--and they--were completely stable.


    The router is a Linksys E3200. The phones of course are on the 2.4Ghz network. The issue is that when we sign onto wifi with either of our iPhones, one of two things happens:


    1) Wifi crashes right away; the network is still visible and broadcasting an SSID, but not transmitting any data.


    2) Wifi works fine (using Airplay, etc., with the phones), but then crashes the NEXT time we try to sign onto wifi with the phones, in the same way as described in point (1).


    The router's firmware is completely up to date. Updating iOS to 6.1 has not solved the issue. Various other suggestions laid out elsewhere in these forums for similar issues--for instance, resetting network settings, changing the proxy setting to auto, and so on--have not helped. Meanwhile, every other device in our house, including the latest AppleTV, a 2009 Macbook, an XBox 360 and an HP Windows laptop, can get on the network without creating any problems.


    Meanwhile, my iPhone seems to work without any problems on my office network. This leads me to believe that something in iOS 6 is not playing well with my router settings here at home. I'd love any insight or solutions.

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    i too have a some problem could apple support kan help me

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    i'm too having wifi connectivity issue on my iphone 4s after i ugradaed os to 6.0 and later. Connect to WIFI button is greyed out/disabled. I tried to restore to the factory setting, resetting all setting, even restoring from backup but it had no sign of success. I'm confident this an issue was not there before on ios 5.0 but started only after ios 6.0 upgrade. I never had any issue with my iphone 4 and even not having any issue for iphone 5 but unfortunately for iphone 4s, hope apple support would help me to resolve issue. I would suggest not to upgrade to ios 6.0 untill apple provide any resolution of this issue.

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    this fixed it!! thanks for the solution post

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    Successful fix when forcing the router to only use 802.11n.  When I use mixed a/b/g/n, the problem occurs.  I imagine this is an iOS6 bug in which something about the b/g/n conflicts with the n setting.


    Hope that helps.

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