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    I tried setting my mtu to 1492 the to 562, then to a manual 1500. My router doesn't have path mtu discovery. Same result with all, crash on purchased apps. This happens on all 4 iPad 2s, all 3 4s, but not my 5. All are running 6.0.1. Please fix this apple.

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    Turns out 1 iPad works. It's no different than 2 of the others, ipad2 64gb. This is frustrating.

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    This worked for me but here is exactly what I did.


    I opened App Store, touched 'purchased' while waiting pressed and held home and power button until it powered off. Powered on, went to store, touched purchased, pinched to home, went to settings, touched iTunes and App Store, logged out, logged in, open store, purchased appeared.


    I think it might have to do with using my ipad I'd on multiple devices. Maybe there is a session attached to udid that screws up accessing purchased after one device logs in. Will test later. Hope this helps.

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    This didn't work for me :'(

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    Mine doesn't work anymore. I noticed that if it loads the iPad apps button in the top left it works. Sometimes if it jump from top charts to purchased and back I can make it worse. Going to try what I tried before again. Let's go apple!!

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    My purchases crash when opening on ALL types of connection. Home, teather via Bluetooth from phone, KFC, friends houses, McDonald's, you name it.


    I figured out how to solve the issue!

    I had two iPad mini's and iPhone 5. I had a MacBook Air that froze to the point I refunded and bought the MacBook Pro.  The Apple store scratched the macbook pro's case and screen ( from prestine condition) testing my wireless card overnight. made apple buy my macbook pro from me! i then tried a macbook air ( newer model ) which i still have.

    Buying the iPhone 5, the apple store didn't know there were two types and gave me the AT&T version to use for Verizion plan. And two iPad mini's.


    I came to the conclusion on how to solve the issue.





    I simply refunded the iPhone 5, and two iPad min's.


    Apple now is - $2000+ ! Mini's were LTE with apple care plus.

    ( amazing , a deductible if you use the warranty. Lol)


    Did that get apples attention to start treating customers right?

    Probably not.


    My apple experience has caused much suffering to my family and myself.


    I'm happier with my prepaid t Mobil flip phone.

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    How many months has it been that this issue started? Some say before beta on iOS 6.


    Anyway, iOS 6.0.1.

    This iPod touch is on a different account from my refunds apple.


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    It appears to be an issue with the new IOS6 version of the app store on the ipad.  You need to have less apps to show as purchased to avoid this crash.  Yes, this is dumb, and Apple messed up the app store by not testing this before release, but that is the post-Jobs Apple I guess.

    I had 1200 apps (yes!), but hid lite/free versions of some, and other things that I got as free for a day that I never use (storybooks, etc.).

    On your PC, open itunes (and yes, the new itunes ***** too, press CTRL-S to toggle the pane on the left).

    Under Store, click iTunes Store

    Click App Store at top of main window (in gray)

    On the right you will see App Store Quick Links, click Purchased

    As you mouse over items, you can click an X in the upper left corner of them one at a time

    NOTE:  This does not delete them, just hides them from showing as 'purchased' in that view on your ipad/iphone

    Once I was down to 900 or so (I hid 300 one by one!), then I could pull up purchased items on my ipad (note that my other ipad under IOS5 did not have a problem, so this is an IOS6 app store bug)

    You can unhide items by using itunes on your PC, go under the menu Store, then under your account will be View Hidden Purchases.  You can unhide one by one, or all.

    Clearly, having too many apps to show overwhelms the new (and improved - ha!) app store on the ipad (or iphone using IOS6).  You hide some apps, and I think purchased items will start to show for you too in IOS6.


    Hey Apple, every hear of quality control?  NO?  Hmmm.....

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    Well... I have like 5000+ apps (more full than lite). So what should I do? Are you really expect me to hide 4000 apps? (ONE BY ONE!?!?!?!?) no way... Apple just fix this, This is embarrassing!

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    Ha, good luck with that!  I felt bad about hiding 300 apps one-by-one.  Apple needs to fis this crap! 

    Sorry E-D@N. 

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    Same problem here.

    Just today I've got my iPad Retina Display 16GB (already have an ipod touch 3G 32GB and using Appshopper, no more available on the appstore, I've reached a lot of apps) and going in the Purchased tab the app crash or have a neverending load, sometime i can see some apps, download some of them but the app still unstable and crash easly.


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    Do you know what I think is a joke?!


    Here we are, on Apple's discussion forums (not some rogue apple-fanboy website) talking about an issue that has been apparent since the beta release of iOS 6.  And nothing is being done! or even discussed by Apple engineers!  It's like we have drawn the curtain back and found OZ hiding behind his curtain.  He can hear all of us stating our concern, but like a 4-year old child he refuses to turn around and face us. "If I can't see them, then they can't see me!" is what seems to be happening here.


    Apple has manned up and apologized for the maps debacle, but what about this?  I know this isn't the end of the world but they talked about the new app store like it was amazing but if you're going to release a feature like this at least make it work.  Apple... don't you do some QA and routine checks before approving Apps?  You should probably have a similar QA process in place for the native apps you release!!  You have a duty to your millions of loyal followers who want to continue to patronize your business (like me), to do your due diligence and not release things that are so unbecoming of the brand and image you have created for yourself over the years.  At very least, why is an official apple representative or moderator not on here responding to folks and keeping us apprised?!  You can't hire a product manager at $75k and have him/her roundup conversation from these forums and connect us to your developers?


    We're here, on your forums, talking about you, Apple... and you're pretending nothing is happening!  Grow up... Listen, and then do something about it!

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    I had the app store crashing on me when I tried to open "previous purchases."  After following lots of tricks on this form, nothing fix it.  Then I thought, maybe I can fix it using iTunes.  I simply downloaded an app (any app will do) using itunes instead of my phone, and now all of a sudden, the "previous purchases" is working!

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    Aarows, can you explain us how it work? Often I download apps by itunes. Is there a particular method? Thank you.

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    HACKINT0SH wrote:


    I checked this morning, and seems it's still unresolved.



    Yup, it IS unresolved.


    I've tried everything recommended in the thread (killing the iTunes process; making sure Genius is disabled; resetting network settings etc.) on my iPad 3, 4 and iPhone 5 (of course, none of them are jailbroken), all running the latest 6.0.x iOS. Nothing worked - the "Loading" screen stays there for some 5-6 minutes and, then, the app crashes. (The only recommendation I didn't have the time to test is hiding most of my purchases manually, in the desktop iTunes. Come on - noone can expect long-time clients of Apple to manually go over thousands of titles and disabling them all...)


    With EXACTLY the same AppStore account (with well over 5000 purchased / downloaded titles), under EXACTLY the same circumstances, my 5.1.1 iPad 3 and 5.1.1 iPad 1 (non-jailbroken) loads the Purchased list almost immediately. We're speaking of much less-powered models, with far less RAM and CPU, than the iPad 4 / iPhone 5...

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