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    Well I am afraid that because of the lack of support here in Tenerife (no English on the Spain link or facility to e-mail) My first week with the new i-pad has been very poor with internet connection problems via wifi, its painfully slow if it works at all. My first choice was the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 but I was swayed by the retina display on the i-pad pah. It worked fine until the ios6 upgrade came through and boy has that put a curse on it. So I am afraid that its back to the store with it to see if I can exchange it for a Galaxy Tab as I have the S3 and this works brilliantly on wifi as does my Asus laptop.

    I dont know what Apple are thinking about releasing something this important with a major fault and failing to recognise it even has a fault...........very poor. Well they have managed to get a new customer and to lose them in the same week and to twist the knife, Send me back into the arms of Android.

  • eorellana02 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same problem! the wifi connection its disconnected

    what's the solution? reinstall ios 6 ?

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    I upgraded 2 iPads (v2 and 3) and 2 iPhones (3GS and 4S) to iOS6 and all was fine. When my two iPhone 5s arrived my 64GB model seems slower in most speed tests than my 4S was and my wife's 32GB iPhone 5 will see but not connect to my Netgear router. security on or off. As we were in public place with WiFi I'd try to connect her phone, without success.


    I see a ton of problems, descriptions and fixes here. I read Apple has no clue, isn't working on this, is working on this, etc. It's all over the board. Many users, like myself, are frustrated at this.


    I'm hesitant to downgrade my routers firmware to resolve this as that isn't really a resolution, neither is turning off security (which I tested but it had no effect). What about all the other hotspots in the world, are they supposed to adapt to Apple?


    Is there any straight source on Apple's working on this or is it each user for themselves right now?


    Also, if Apple looks at this board, I've been an Apple user since 1984 - the original Mac. I've paid for some Apple employees college education over the years.  Right now I feel like I've been let down on this and abandoned.

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    I agree with andrewfromkilleen on the fact that its all over the shop in all forums with seeing lots of issues, lots of suggested fixes, lots that don't work, lots of silence from Apple and no resolution insight. 


    If anyone of us did this to our customers, would they come back, would they have confidence in you.


    Going forward I'm going to wait and read the Apple forums for a month prior, before upgrading anything from Apple again.  At our work we test all Microsoft patches before deploying via WSUS.  Welcome to fold Apple...

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    wireless on netgear router was dropping and connecting and dropping after upgrading to IOS 6 - literally could not maintain a connection more than seconds at a time... had to switch to WEP on the wireless connection and everything now works fine.

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    Same problem with iPad 2!!!! After the fact that they have also took YouTube off!

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    yes jpross, the replacement is a refurbished unit. i couldnt return it anymore cause it's almost 3 months already, no choice, i took the replacement cuz i need to facetime with my family.

    what makes me mad?? I asked the Genius at Apple Store, 3 times, asking if the replacement will be new, not refurbished. He said, it is NEW!!! I got the replacement, didn't work. I asked for another replacement from a different Apple Store. This time, the Genius said, it is not new. It is refurbished unit. *sigh*..

    well.. i just try to get pass it, as long as it works. But, it is a big disappointment for my first purchase with Apple.

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    I have this problem also in that my iPad 3 and iPhone 4S on IO6 connects to my Netgear router, works for a few minutes, then loses Internet connectivity.  The problem can be fixed if I turn off and reset the iPad or iPhone and turn it on again. Never had this problem with iOS5.


    This is unacceptable Apple. Fix it ASAP or start re-signing iOS 5 so that people can downgrade to iOS 5 until it is fixed.

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    I am getting this exact problem with the connection dropping all the time on my Virgin Media supplied wifi router now that I have upgraded to iOS6 on my iPhone 4. I have also tested this on a different Virgin Media supplied router at my friends and it does the same!


    Plus, the battery life on my other iPhone 4 seems to be affected too, I tested it last night, 40% life when I went to bed, wake up 8 hours later, it's on 15%. I made sure I had no apps running when I went to bed. What is going on?!

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    Relieved to see that I am not the only one with an iPad 3 that has developed wi-fi connection problems since the iOS6 upgrade. iPad 2 also is affected with the most frequent issue being inability to connect when the iPad is 'woken up', needing a couple of attempts to access any web related app etc.


    Working with  a BT Homehub 3 that is also serving several other windows PCs, all with no issues.


    iPhone 5 not affected, nor iPod Touch (last gen).


    Just hope Apple sort this quickly.iOS6 fast losing its appeal

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    No complaint here, just info that might help the problem solvers to narrow down the scope of the problem?


    iPhone 5 16Gb; works perfectly connecting and holding connection to my old 802.11g router (D-Link DIR 601) running in AP mode connected by Ethernet Cat 5 from Verizon FIOS entry point router; download speeds of about 27Mbps and upload 16Mbps.


    I guess I won't buy that Netgear 802.11n AP just yet to reach the far corners of the house.

  • Chris Kuppe Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    iOS 5.1.5 = APPLE iPad


    IOS 6= tablet


    Apple with the number of  complaints just in this discussion it is time you get off you #%€ and fix this iOS wifi problems


    I want to be able to down grade back to iOS 5.1.1

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    ipad3 ios6 wifi dropping frequently on my home network

    new ipad3 in Sept.  took it to the Apple store last weekend and wifi worked great while I was waiting for my appointment.  no drops was able to backup to icloud in the store

    met with the genius and he swapped my iPad for a new one and upgraded to the ios6 in the store

    New unit having problems with wifi drop at home similar to original. have iPhone4 and iphone4s in the house with ios6 no noticed problems. ipad1 also no issues with dropping

    reset via power down of cable modem and routers seemed to help - fewer drops but still dropping the ipad3

    reaquiring the network via settings wifi usually works until the next drop. thank you for these posts hope this helps

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    Has everyopne seen this? Maybe it is not the issue for all of you, but just in case...



    I have not upgraded any of my devices to iOS 6 because I make huge use of public wifi and have no control over the firmware or equipment issues in local coffeehouses, etc. However, I do understand why moving to the new wifi protocol is essential.

  • JimHdk Level 7 Level 7 (28,195 points)

    That article is complete nonsense.

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