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  • Antellican Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree with you.  I would not have left my encryption off for long in any event.  It is clear that many devices worked fine with existing versions of firmware, etc. until OS 6.0 was released and then, obviously in a software dependent manner, started to fail in some odd cases even when everything else wireless worked.  That is why I figure Apple will eventually fix it.


    However, it also seemed clear during my fine session with the Apple rep that there isn't a lot of internal information on this issue within Apple itself.  It was clear that my tech had not had a ton of these reported to him.


    What I haven't tried is other public hotspots, etc.  My wireless 4g hotspot had zero issues with any of the IOS 6 devices.


    I am curious if you have the option to update your WAP firmware and if you tried.  I agree you shouldn't have to and it really is Apple's problem, but you might be very old before they see it your way (or you get a good solution) since it does not affect everyone the same way...

  • RobinTex Level 1 (0 points)

    The one network causing problems for me since upgrading to ios6, the hotspot on my phone, has always been set to security "none" and I have no trouble connecting to other networks with high security.   Go figure.  After my third visit to the Apple store today they've agreed to let me upgrade to a cellular iPad. Not my first choice but I need to be mobile.

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    Thx i got the ipad restarted because it was locked and it did not shut down or any thing.

  • henrikmeistad Level 1 (0 points)

    hei update have just arrived m8

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    Sorry to ask a dumb question, but I'm 3days new to my first iPad or any apple product for that matter.  Am I down grading the net gear version on my iPad or on my PC that runs my home wifi router?

  • JimHdk Level 7 (28,320 points)

    If you are downgrading a Netgear firmware level to avoid a firmware bug then you do this on your WiFi router. This can usually be done from your PC.

  • Gpuck16 Level 1 (0 points)

    You will log into your router. Typically from your computers browser or I would hard line into the router makes changing the firmware easier. Once you log into the router there should be an option like knowledge base, manufacturer website etc. That should like you directly to the support of the router and there should be options for downloading firmware. Depending on your router there may be other fixes than downgrading the firmware. My Netgear DGN1000 once down graded didn't make any difference with my iPhone.

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    Hey Gpuck16 and others,


    I was having the same issue with my Netgear router and thankfully found this thread.  All is working now with my iOS devices.  However, I'm now dealing with a bug in the router firmware.  I'm using V2.0.21.  Address reservations no longer work properly.  I seems as though my hardwired devices (Tivo, Apple TV, etc) work fine and receive the same IP.  However my wifi devices and two Mac Book Pros do not.  I would assign static IP addresses directly on the device, but I'd much rather prefer the router assign them.  Biggest reason for this is the amount of travel i do for work.  I don't mind dealing with it, but I don't want my girlfriend to have to deal with changing location profiles when she tries to long on to a network at work or something.  Both of our laptops are hardwired to the network, so assigning a static IP on the laptops creates issues when leaving the home location.  Any ideas on how to work around this or am i stuck at this point having to change settings each time I leave the house.  I have a Netgear WGT624v3, which i know is old and I doubt Netgear will update the firmware to deal with the original issue of connecting iOS 6 devices.  I didn't seem to have this "reservation" issue with V2.0.26 firmware.  Thoughts??  Thanks...

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    Ok...seeing how your saying this is to fix my actual router and not the iPad itself..tells me I still need to search for a another solution. I do appreciate explaining it though.  See...I seem to be ok or a lot better when trying to connect via my home problem is when I try to connect to my mobile hotspot.  When I first got the ipad(prior to ios6) I could connect and stay connected without a problem.  After updating to ios6, my connection on my iPad comes and goes.  And I know my hotspot works fine,because I can stay connected with my laptop using it(no problem).


    Any other suggestions?


    Can I downgrade the iOS version...without doing a factory reset and losing all the apps I've downloaded?

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    This is exactly the problem I have.  You cannot go back to IOS5. Apple will let me upgrade to a cellular but that will cost more per month for a mobile connection plus the extra cost of the upgraded iPad. Next thing I am doing is getting my phone company to re-set the hotspot software but this is clearly an IO6 glitch.

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    Been looking for a fix for my iPhone4 since the upgrade to ios6. Kept going back and forth between 3G and wifi continously. This Wireless Mode from "Up to 145Mbps" to "Up tp 300Mbps" worked for me.

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    I just bought my wife an Ipad Mini today.  It was a spontaneous decision, but she's leaving on a longish business trip abroad tomorrow.  It would be really very dumb if it doesn't work in her hotel for the duration of her trip.


    It tethered to her phone fine on the way back from the store.  But here at home - yes, with a Netgear router - it won't connect..  My eyes are hurting from scanning these threads.  Is the only way to solve this to downgrade my router then - something I'm not totally comfortable doing?  Or is it just a wait-til-Apple-fixes-it thing?  Or would buying a whole new router (non-Netgear I assume..) solve the problem - which would cost money and stress?   I find all of the above unacceptable to be honest.  And I mean, this seems to be more than just a little problem, given that it affects a Wif-fi-only device like the Ipad Mini...........   Thanks.

  • ksipes1130 Level 1 (0 points)

    Somewhere somebody posted changing the one drop down box that lets you choose between 54Mpbs, 150Mpbs, and 300Mpbs. Mine was set at 54 and it was suggested to move it to 300, so I did. It worked.


    Believe me, I tried everything else. Reboot. Restore. Cleared network settings. You name it I tried it.


    This was for my iPhone4 and iPad2.


    Hope it helps

  • Mr.Appleheimer Level 1 (0 points)

    I can find the box that shows the stats, and yes mine is set to 54.  But not finding the box that lets you alter anything along those lines...   ??  Thanks..

  • RobinTex Level 1 (0 points)

    ksipes1130 - Where on the iPad do you make this change?  I can't seem to find that.  Thank you.

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