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    Another thanks to Gpuck16!


    I could not get a new iPad 4 to connect to my 2Wire router at home.  I had previously successfully connected it to several other home networks, and to an iPhone 5 hotspot.  I already have about ten or so other wireless devices successfully connected to the 2Wire router (from Bell, model 2701HG-G), including two iPhone5's, a MacBookPro, Blackberry and Android smartphones, and a number of Windows notebook computers.


    The iPad 4 is the only device to have this problem.  I had to change the encryption on the 2Wire router from WEP to WPA2-PSK and then I reset the key.  While this worked for the iPad 4, it now means I have to modify the other 10 or so devices, as they now need the new encryption key. 


    Certainly not what I expected from Apple (and the fact I had to spend two hours searching for a solution to what is obviously - 44 pages and counting - a common issue is irritating). 

  • sbailey4 Level 1 (25 points)

    That's actually a good thing. You should not be using WEP anymore as it is not a very secure option. So this could have been a blessing in disguise.  WPA2 is WAY better security for your network. Glad that got it working for you!

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    This problem has come up in the past week, or so, on my iPad "4."  It had been working fine in my apartment for some time, no settings changed or anything, and all of a sudden stopped.  From what I was able to gather from perusing this thread, iOS 6 can run into issues connecting to personal wireless routers after bouncing around between other networks.  I'm guessing my problem stems from my going out of town over the holidays, and now the iPad won't reconnect to my at home router. 


    Anyway, I've basically tried everything on here (I think) to no avail.  I've tried the WPA, WPA2, new firmware, network reset, soft reboot, Wifi on-off, modem on-off, router on-off, new DNS numbers, manually entering the network information after a complete reset, a total restore from iTunes.


    I have a Netgear WRN2000v3 router, and it's working perfectly fine between my iPhone 4S, a Samsung Galaxy 3, and two laptops.  When I check the connectivity of the devices, from about 10 feet away my iPhone is getting a signal strength of 98%, and the iPad gets between 30% and 40%.  15 feet away feels like I have my old Blackberry operating on Edge, and 20 feet or more it's totally functionless.  The same devices I mentioned work perfectly well through my home, so it's not an architectural issue. 


    In any event, I'm out of ideas and I think I've tried the ones listed in this forum.  Is anyone still having these issues, and any ideas to resolve? Without diving down the slipper slope of fault, wasn't a selling point of the newest iPad increased WiFi performance?  I have spent about 10 hours over the past couple days trying to figure this out, and am growing increasingly weary...

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    I would return the device to Apple. It should still be under warranty. Sounds like maybe hardware issues if nothing else has changed. My friends iPad 3 stopped as soon as he updated to iOS6. The "stand beside router issue" before it will work. It was fine on iOS 5.1.1 so his seems to be iOS6 related. If yours was working all this time then perhaps hardware malfunction. Take back to Apple store or call Apple Care and arrange a swap.

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    Hi all, I bought a Ipad 4 with OS6  for xmas and had no problems conecting to a comcast modem/net or to my Netgear 3700 DSL modem. the speeds were not that great but there was a html from some where that said to turn off QoS in the netgear modem and the speed went to almost the same as my PC and really pickted up performance in the online game I play, so I am happy with both router and the Ipad.

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    I still have WIFI problems with my Ipad3 and IOS6, I use a Netgear WNR2000v2 and it works just fine with my Ipad1+IOS5.1  so also in my opinion IOS6 have problems with wifi connections in general, hope that Apple works on IOS update instead delivering a new Ipad version every 6 months...

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    Yesss!!! I completely agree with you.

  • Dangousity Level 1 (0 points)

    WEP is fine if all you want to do is to keep other's device from auto joining your open network. I am in the middle of Afghanistan, I just want to connect to my AD-HOC WEP so I can download my email on my IPAD3 or IPOD4. Both connect, but will NOT connect to the internet until after a full restart. I can renew network settings all day, but it does nothing. If I have to leave the AD Hoc, and go to my wireless router,... restart again. This is garbage. Thats what I get for buying apple.

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    I'm having IOS 6 Wi Fi Issues with my Airport Extreme Router running my I-Pad 2.  Cannot get back on the network and my network Password has not changed so at a loss right now.   Re-powered the network, re-powered the IPAD and still no success.

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    When i have this prob i chose forget net work then turn off the ipad then restart and then try to remake the connection. make sure you have the correct network wep/2 sign on pin.

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    Sure that works, but after doing this 5+ times a day for 2 devices .... it way past the commitment I wanted when I bought this POS.

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    With millions of working ipads out there with no problems it is time to look beyond the ipad for the problem. What is the make and model of the router is its firm ware up to date. Do you have all the proper settings from your ISP is the wireless on the router configured correctly for you to add a device to it, do you have the permission to add a devise to the network. with all the security problems of today device makers must make it harder for the criminals to invade our devices so sometimes older routers and modems may not be compatible with the cutting edge products( which your Ipad is) you may need to upgrade your router/modem. both my of my ipads a first and and a fourth gen have few problems with networks when i first purchased the 4th id worked well with a Comcast modem/network and my netgear 3700 modem/router just needed a few settings changed to make it work at its highest speeds (turned off QoS and WMM) this also helped speed up my online gaming on my PC. These options are not needed unless you have particular needs and you can either learn how to add your devise or just turn off the option same with security if you have the ability o tune the security as in turning it off to test which part of the security you are having trouble with usally the firewall and wep settings some times even in the PC worold to have a signon problems of these types.

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    "With millions of working ipads out there" so many smilar issues just in this forum mean one thing: bugged code or bugged HW.


    If You worked with the same Network infrastructure with an iPad1 without problems, if You worked nicely with the same network infrastructure with a new IPad3 until You update to iOS6 and then the iPad3 started showing problems while the iPad1 with a 5.1 IOS keep working well for me this is not a Network infrastructure problem, it's as I said a bug.


    The real question is: Apple care about quality and users as they did in the past?

    The answer it's clearly no, and this is demonstrated by loss of revenues due to latest products line (HW and SW).


    One thing Steve had clearly in mind was: You can ask any price for a product until You sell something with

    1) High standard of quality


    2) High quality Customer management.

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    Being the IT support for my site, I am pretty certain I at least know a tad about the setup and abilities of my servers, routers and hubs I am using.  Without going into any more detail on that, I had no problems until I upgraded my iPad (only to get the clock ) and my iPod because it always had freezing issues and hoped it would correct them(not so much). Heck I never even signed into these forums until after installing Ios6.

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    It is a real pain to find a configuration problem a missed check box, a wrong setting or code can be extremely hard to find. it is sad that most new networking is still designed for and on Windows XP 32 bit this is the leading cause with current problems with modern equipment and OS's configuration problems and finding drivers and settings for current tech can be frustrating hope you can find a solution to your configureation problem. The Ipad  may require a static IP address and firewall address.

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