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    Thank you,. I stopped being able to get wifi yesterday on both an ipad 4 and an iphone 4s, both having had  ios 6.1 for a few days. Thanks to you, Trudalyn, I've just unplugged my router (a telstra one) and I now have wifi on both ipad and iphone! Tried all other advice, including reseting the network etc, none of which worked!!

    Thanks again!

  • chooky99 Level 1 Level 1

    By the way, I turned by router back on

  • trudylyn Level 1 Level 1

    Really glad I could help and to get you feedback. Sometimes this forum can be really hit or miss, but it often beats the Genius Bar where you run the risk of complete reset on your device to no avail. We're all survivors out here!

  • dnine Level 1 Level 1




    solved everything for me on multiple devices.

  • Girleegurl Level 1 Level 1

    they replaced mine today because of this issue after updating! out of warranty also.. iPad 2

  • trudylyn Level 1 Level 1


    Well, just an update to the ongoing wireless frustrations -- I reported a fix last week and at 9:30am eastern (today, Sunday) time my Internet connection on my iPad  dropped and I had to reboot my netgear wireless modem/router (meaning unplug from power, wait a minute, reconnect and wait a few minutes until all the lights are indicating connection to the Internet etc) and now my iPad and other devices are working again.  Perhaps this is a new AT&T "feature" resetting your IP once a week.  I don't have any options in my current location (vacation condo) but back home my cable connection never drops or causes IP problems on wireless devices.


    If it's Sunday it's Meet The Press and reboot your router!


    Fun and games!

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    look at this, it will help you guys!!


  • luckyinlife Level 1 Level 1

    Day/weeks/months before IOS6= No wifi problems on my iPhone 4s and iPad. Day of and beyond 'updating' to ios6= Never staying connected to home wifi for more than 30 seconds.

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    Hello everyone,

    iPad 3, iOS 6.1

    I had my Wi-Fi connection stop working last night.

    Only tried sorting it out today.

    Did everything but Re-set iPad to factory settings.

    Then read the post from trudalyn about disconnecting the router.

    I have just done so and BINGO Wi-Fi is back!

    But why the problem with my iPad 3 when I had NO such problems with neither my iPhone 5 nor iPod Touch 2?

    Peace nearly restored to the household, except that my MacBook HDD is throwing wobblies with disk errors, after a Kernel Panic.



    Norfolk UK not VA

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    Sorry 'trudylyn' for getting the spelling wrong.


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    Having same problem, could see the network but no Internet. On a hotel system so could do nothing with router. Had been ok so I connected to my iBook and reset the ipad. Connected and is working fine so far. Was not a problem to do reset. Would've been better to reset thru cloud but couldn't connect.

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    Actually I seem to have two identities on Mac Forums: trudalyn and trudylyn, so either is fine, just glad I could help.  I know, I havent had any problems with two iPhones and  macbook on the same wifi.  I don't know where the problem lies but after having reset my networks settings and a bunch of other stuff, including setting up a static ip, I found that just a reset of the router seemed to solve the probelm.  I have had to do it more than once, like once a week.  don't know if this is an AT&T problem or an ipad problem and just don't want to spend anymore time on it while I'm at our vacation home.  When I get back to my cable connection at home I'm guessing I wont be having the problem, else it must be a NEW wrinkle with the ipad.  Ain't computing fun?



  • OuBallie Level 1 Level 1


    iPad is still dropping the Wi-Fi at odd times.

    I have to turn Airplane Mode on/off to reconnect.

    Never have this with iPod Touch 2, iPad 1 or iPhone 5.

    I haven't quite reached the stage where I'm ready to pitch it out the nearest window, something that happened regularly when using Windows machines.

    The iPod Touch made me see the light and I switched, and apart from a sudden spate of KPs, all is well.

    I see 6.1.2 is ready to install.

    Never thought I would become hesitant in updating, but I am right now.

    Geoff - snowy Norfolk

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    I have found that most of the problems are on the router side not all but most it is sad that most of the new routers and other new computer equipment are designed using and for Windows Xp this is the main OS in China which is why a lot of new equipment and Operating Systems is having trouble with Mac and Windows computers any thing newer than XP seems to be a patch. I quit using the DSL modem in my brand new Net gear router/modem and now use a Action tec modem to a netgear router to stop the drop offs and ended up with a faster conection. I wil drop conection every few hours now when befor it was droping every few minutes. this is a weird fix but it works.

  • George Chapman Level 2 Level 2

    I would suggest using the Apple Extreme router if you have these problems.