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    i did it at last:)

    Just wanted to thank you for the invaluable piece of information that changed my life and made my days brighter.... now i can listen to my podcasts, videos and whatever i want in playlists:) uhhhhh am happy and can say good night and sleep tight.

    Once again thanks a lot, your post really made a significant difference:)


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    After removing the podcast app and killing, I get my podcasts back in music.  I even have my smart playlists of podcasts that were in there, but they don't sort correctly anymore. 


    Also, when I create a new smart playlist of podcasts in itunes on my mac, and sync it to my iphone, it is blank on the phone.  There are podcasts in the smart playlist in itunes, and even on the iphone when it is connected to itunes and I look in the "On This iPhone" tab, but if I look on the phone itself, the pl is empty.


    Also, curse you, Apple, for taking away the ability to d/l podcasts from the Store app after you've installed/deinstalled the podcasts app.  Obviously, this must be a flag or setting somewhere?  Does anyone know what file to go in and delete using a jailbreak app, like ifunbox, to reset these things?

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    I don't know why it's not working for you but it works fine for me. Make sure on iTunes on your computer you go to your device, then the Podcasts tab, and check the playlist on that tab. Just checking it on the Music tab didn't seem to work for me.

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    I'm a runner that relies on mixed music/podcast playlists for my daily routine.  I too was dismayed that the IOS update killed my playlists.  But... I was able to delete the Podcast app and reset the iPhone so that the Music app worked like it originally did before the update.  I've been happy for the past few months.  But now... there is a new Apple imposed disaster.  I made the mistake of subscribing to iTunes Match.  I discovered the hard way that it disables your abilty to create mixed playlists in the Music app even with the Podcast app uninstalled.  I'm back to having no mixed playlists again.  You can't even create a playlist with podcasts only.


    Does anyone know a fix?  Apple support said "sorry, but they can't help."  Is there a third party app that you can use to create mixed playlists?  I found one but it creates a playlist that can't be read by the Music app, and my running apps only recognize the Apple playlists.  I guess I'm just venting!  Help us Apple!  Upgrades and new services should make our user experience better, not worse.

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    Convoluted solution for iTunes Match subscribers...  (convert podcasts to music files)


    In iTunes on your Mac or PC find the podcasts you want to put into your playlists.  Convert them to music files by changing "Media Kind:" from Podcast to Music in the 'Get Info' section of the file.  You might also have to change the bitrate because iTunes Match won't upload a file with a low bitrate.  An easy way to do this is to use the "Create AAC Version" option.


    The file will be automatically moved from Podcasts to Music.  An album will be created with the name of the Podcast becoming the name of the album.  It will automatically be loaded into Match.  In iTunes or on your iPhone you can now create playlists with a mix of your new music/podcast files.  You just have to search for the new album or the genre "podcast."  The added downside is that you have to manage your files manually.  Once you have listened to your podcasts, you have to delete them from the created podcast albums. I hope this is legal.  Peace.

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    Okay, while the suggestion by Estebanoworked perfectly this is a terrible solution to a simple problem. Apple really needs to return syncing of podcasts back to it original form.

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    Not really like magic.  The process is cumbersome and primitive.  Makes apple look like amateurs.  The only solution that makes any sense is to enable users to createplaylists for podcasts with the same ease as creating playlists for music.  Could the fact that podcasts are free be a factor in Apple's "let them figure out a way around it" attitude?  not good for making customers stay loyal to Apple.

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    In version 1.2 of the Podcasts app (released March 21, 2013), there is a My Stations tab at the bottom of the screen. Your iTunes playlists are now accessible from there. I just verified this works on my iPhone 4S running iOS 6.1.3.


    Hope this helps.

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    Chayashida--did you happen to notice whether you can combine music and audiobooks with podcasts in one playlist? (Or, rather--if you create a playlist that combines music and audiobooks with podcasts, will all the content show up in the "Podcasts" app, or will it only show the podcasts in the list?)


    I think this still isn't enough to get me to install the Podcasts app--I like being able to create and edit playlists (with podcasts) on the fly, and if I install the Podcasts app, I assume the Music app will stop doing that. But it's a step in the right direction!

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    Thanks Chayashida

    I did try that and I wish Apple had not started behaving like MS, i.e. shuffling functionality around with each release!


    Best regards,


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    In the latest Podcasts app, Apple have finally included the ability to sync podcast playlists from Itunes directly into the Podcast app.  That's the good news.


    However the bad news is that it only works if you do not have Itunes Match switched on.  If you have Itunes Match, the playlists still do not appear.  Furthermore, if you switch off Itunes Match, you then have to manually delete the playlists from your device within Itunes, and then resync again, for the playlists to then appear.  If you then switch Itunes match back on, the playlists disappear again.


    At the moment, Itunes Match, and playlists within the podcast app, are mutually exclusive.


    They also seem to have added into the podcasts app the ability to create playlists automatically with a few options, but I'm not sure whether it meets most people's requirements.


    Finally, the upgrade to the latest podcast app made about 200 very old podcasts that I had listened to and deleted long ago, mysteriously and apparently randomly reappear in the app and I had to then go through and delete them manually.

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    @Patthesplat - indeed the podcast app now says I have over 700 podcats still to listen to.


    But to be honest I'm getting happier with the Podcast app, mainly because I now no longer have to play the update iTunes; sync iphone; update iTunes; sync iphone game to be able to get the latest podcasts. I am now iTunes free for my podcasts!

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    Thing is, as a long distance runner, "I want to mix podcasts and music in one playlist!"  This allows me to run without having to mess with my phone.  Sure there are work arounds but it worked until apple took it away. So now I have to download the podcast app, download my podcasts, delete the podcast app, setup my play lists - repeat weekly.   Sure now in the podcast app I can have a mix of podcasts, BUT I CAN'T MIX MUSIC IN.   It cannot be difficult to leave the podcasts as a selectable item in the music app when also using the podcast app, Apple please fix!

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    I am yet another long distance runner facing this ridiculously antagonizing problem.... i've skimmed through most of the posts and also looked through google but the solution proposed is always to delete the podcast app. my problem is that i don't have the podcast app installed! (at least not that i can see) I am also having this problem with my really really old ipod nano (generation 2) which doesn't even have apps capability! how do i fix this? i'm guessing it's a setting in itunes but i can't find it :(

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