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  • Rolokid Level 1 Level 1

    dan i elm:  That was a promising solution, but unfortunately Siri could not find any playlist on the device that did not display on the playlist tab, despite it showing up under devices in iTunes.


    mbmgibson:  Thank you for the suggestion and the links.  I have tried unticking and ticking the podcasts in iTunes.  I've tried unticking all and even some.  I can even watch them disappear and reappear in devices.  However, no luck on getting them to display with ITM enabled.  The only playlists that appear are ones that come from ITM which are not smart playlists for podcasts.  Again, when I disable ITM they appear just fine.


    I'd be surprised if this gets addressed in 6.01.  Hopefully, it will work properly if and when the Podcasts app gets playlist support.

  • dr.ivy Level 1 Level 1

    Where are the settings for "display newest to oldest" and "play oldest to newest". I have version 1.1.1 (185) but can not find these options either in the app itself or in the Settings?


    I feel dumb! Unless there is a different version ofr Europe and the US?

    loonygoose wrote:


    I was about to follow and delete the podcast app but noticed the following behaviours with the existing podcast app that should tide me through:


    1) The podcasts do play one after the other. The default behaviour I had was "display newest to oldest" but "play oldest to newest". If I select a podcast from the bottom of the list it'll play through it, finish and then move onto the next one up the list. The order of podcasts is according to release date.


    2) My playlist for audio podcasts was basically just to go through the list from oldest to newest and then get rid of any played podcasts. The "unplayed episodes" list was basically this, but in reverse order (newest to oldest). If I selected the one at the bottom (oldest) to play first, again it would work its way up the list as podcasts become played.


    3) My main concern was being in the vehicle not being able to select podcasts without endangering myself. I loaded a 3rd party music player (Groove) and noticed that the playlists containing audio podcasts was still populated. It was just the music app that showed empty playlists. When I got to my car (Audi 2010 mmi) and plugged in my iphone, the behaviour was as before. The podcasts were still in the playlists, and I could specifically select podcasts from within the car's interface. It looks like they kept the API for external apps/devices to access podcasts intact.


    I'm going to see if I can put up with it since I'm a sucker for punishment. It's great to know that the podcast app can be removed so I can revert everything to the way it was if it becomes too much for me.

  • jockblue1 Level 1 Level 1

    Dr Ivy - I've deleted the app (in order to get playlist functionality back) but recall that it was a setting on each individual podcast. When you had the list of episodes open, you could click on the title and it would open up a menu allowing you to subscribe, and giving some options on viewing (newest to oldest or vice versa) and playing (the same options).

  • fvbrooks Level 1 Level 1

    I submitted feedback under "iPhone". Of course, then it asks if I'm running Mac OS 10 or Windows. Really? Is this the Apple support site or Microsoft... ?

  • CharlieCoe Level 1 Level 1

    Me Too!  I have the same question as Dr. Ivy.  Version 1.1.1 (185) doesn't have a way to set order. 

  • CharlieCoe Level 1 Level 1

    Found it!!


    You can set the order by going to the podast app.  Once you are in the app touch the podcast that you want to order.  This brings you to the Episodes form.  At the top of the form is the name of the podcast with an > on the right.  Cllick on that section and you will go to settings for that podcast where you can set Auto Download, sort order and play order.  Yea!

  • Samantha Dow Level 1 Level 1

    In the unplayed podcasts menu, there is no option to re-sort. Newest are always at the top.  However, if you start with the oldest unplayed podcast at the bottom, it will now move to the next oldest (I.e., up) when finished. The previous version would only move down, so you had to go in and restart it every time a podcast ended.


    To follow up from my MUCH earlier post, I decided to give it another shot after some thought, and given my particular podcast behavior. I only tend to listen to podcasts from oldest to newest, and all in one playlist, so with this latest ability to play from oldest up, it's fine for me. Plus I can download podcasts when not home if necessary (I still set my subscriptions through iTunes rather than the app and leave the app subscription option turned off). But this is obviously not enough for anyone who has specially developed playlists and still a severe limitation of the app compared to the old music app.

  • loonygoose Level 1 Level 1

    What jockblue1 said - You have to set this individually for each podcast you want by clicking on the title section once you've selected the particular podcast (iphone) or there is a gear button on the top right hand corner for each podcast (ipad).


    After about a week of using the app in it's new form.... I decided to delete it last night. While I had most of the functionality I needed such as in-car playing of my podcast playlists and one main list of unplayed podcasts, it was proving to be too unwieldy. Some observations:


    Initially, podcasts where I had already played an episode would become unplayed after a couple of days and I would have to go correct this - but the annoyance stopped about 2 days into it. (I had to mark the apple keynote podcast three times as being played cos it kept getting marked as unplayed a day or two later).


    I maintain 2 podcast playlists, one for everything unplayed, so the app handled this fine. However, I maintained a second list of certain podcasts I wanted to play without waiting to go through my backlog and this was something that it didn't handle. I would have to navigate through my podcast list to find if I had any unplayed episodes of those particular podcasts. The layout may look good, but in the end I want the simplicity of just being able to select and go without worrying about being hit by a car while crossing the road cos it took too long to look for what i wanted!


    I also found that, depending on the particular podcast, sometimes episodes get updated that have a release date that is the same as ones already in the list (eg. podcasts that release several episodes a day). These podcasts would sometimes slot in between the episodes I already have, but haven't actually been downloaded. When I'm watching them at home, progressing through the list and it came across one of these it would download on demand - Great in one respect. However, more often than not, the playback would freeze because it's not streaming fast enough (for video at least). I would have to manually skip these to get to episodes that were pre-downloaded.

    I prefer/have gotten used to managing my podcasts on my mac and just having my ios devices play them back without fuss.


    Also not helping the clutter is the fact that episodes that have already been played and long forgotten still present themselves in the podcast list (for that specific podcast). The annoyance varies depending on how many past episodes that particular podcast feed decides to retain.


    As some others have noticed here already, the podcasts app does seem slower to react than the music app. It would occassionally crash and bomb out (3-4 times in the past week).


    I loved the option of being able to play video podcasts at double speed - could speed through some boring/non-visual sections without having to skip them entirely. (I play all my audio ones at double speed, so I have gotten used to it). That was the only benefit I enjoyed out of using the app.


    I gave it a go to see if I could live with it and in the end it was just easier to revert back. I manage all my podcasts through the mac anyway, so not being able to download them on the IOS device is not a big loss for me.

  • dr.ivy Level 1 Level 1

    One piece of missing info: You need to be in icon mode not the list mode of the podcast library (which I was). Then when selecting the podcast you get those options. Silly me.

  • JohnnyBoots Level 1 Level 1

    Hooray!  I was tearing my hair out over this and deleting the app worked. Had to shut down all the apps and the phone, then restart after removing the app, but it worked.  Thanks discussion forum and bigkevh in particular!

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    I am having the same problem with podcast playlists on my iPod touch.  What do you mean by "closing the Music app from the background"?

  • JohnnyBoots Level 1 Level 1

    You just need to delete the podcast app altogether, then playlists work just as they did before with the added enhancements of the new music player.

  • Shoutingboy Level 1 Level 1

    Tina--after you delete the podcast app, you need to make sure the music player starts up fresh (instead of just resuming from the background). The simplest way to do this is just to turn your iPhone off (not just sleep-mode or locked, but completely off) then turn it back on. There are other ways to make sure your music player isn't running in the background, but they're more complicated.


    Once you (a) delete the Podcast app and then (b) turn your iPhone off and on, podcasts should show up in the music player (and in playlists) the way they did before iOS 6.


    tinamatt wrote:


    I am having the same problem with podcast playlists on my iPod touch.  What do you mean by "closing the Music app from the background"?

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    Not the end of the world, but a pain in the butt. Better to delete the STUPID, STUPID app until they fix it or, better yet, scrap it. iTunes is all we need. Really.

  • Noritamar Level 1 Level 1

    I recently got both an iPhone 5 and an iPad Mini. I've had my iPod Touch for years, and that's what I use to listen to podcasts. However, as many of you here, I put my podcasts in a playlist. I like to listen to them in date order (oldest to newest), but not all of one podcast, then the next. I mix them all up in one playlist. So now that I "upgraded" to this Podcast app, turns out I can't listen to them they way I want to. Why not give us the option to use the app, but still be able to put podcasts in playlists anyway? It's crazy, I tell ya!


    Can I just delete the app from my iPod Touch while leaving it on my other two devices? I only listen to podcasts on my Touch.Geez, talk about fixing something that wasn't broken!

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