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I just updated to iOS 6 on my iPhone 4S and iPad 3. I have a couple of problems with iMessage:


  1. On my iPhone in the Messages settings I have my Apple ID listed twice. I also have under "You can be reached by iMessage at:" shows my phone number and my Apple ID e-mail twice. If I delete one both go away. If I add it back two come back. I don't have this problem on my iPad.
  2. I heard that there would be a way to unify my phone number with my Apple ID so that when an iMessage is sent to my phone number it will get to my iPhone and my iPad. This is not happening. I have not found any configuration on this.


I'm wondering if these problems are related.


Is anyone else is having these problems and/or has a fix?





iPad, iOS 5.1.1, 3rd Generation
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    Try deleting your Apple ID email, then turning iMessage off, then perform a hard reset: hold the sleep/wake and hold buttons down until the hone powers off completely.  Turn your phone back on, turn iMessage back on and add your Apple ID.

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    Thanks. I deleted the Apple ID e-mail from inside the Message settings, turned off iMessage and performend a hard reset as you described. I then turned iMessage back on and I still got double Apple IDs and double e-mail addresses.


    I then signed out of both Apple IDs for iMessage and signed back in. That got rid of the double Apple IDs and e-mail addresses on the iPhone. Still no indication on the iPad of being able to received iMessages from my phone number.


    On my iPad I then signed out of my Apple ID and am trying to sign back in but I'm getting the follwoing message:


         iMessage Activation:

         Cold not sign in. Pleae check your network connetion and try again.


    I guess that Apple's servers are swamped for some reason right now. I'll try again later.



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    Nope.  No dice.  And as  this was the most important thing for me in the new ios, it's very disappointing. Still not able to receive imessages sent to my phone on my ipad as well.  Despite this function being included, in theory, in the release.

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    Having the same issues. It will only go to all my devices ( iPhone, iPad me Mac) if the iMessage is sent to a " registered" email address, but if it is sent to my cell phone number it will only appear on the iPhone. I am also having issues with deleted conversations not syncing. In other words if I delete a conversation or a message of that conversation, that deletion will not sync ( will not get deleted and will still remain in the other devices) if anyone has been successful with this please explain how. Not being able to delete a conversation from all your devices is a huge oversight.

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    Just read this thread. Apparently it takes a while for the server to update and tie your phone number to your apple Id.




    Haven't been able to find additional information on deleting messages though. Any info is appreciated. Thanks

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    Yeah.  I restarted my devices.  So now my iPad lists my iPhone number along with the email number in settings. But it still won't receive texts sent to my phone.


    I called tech support.  They said the servers were overloaded, but it should be working later.


    So there's that.

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    Mine seems to be working now. Still not able to sync deleted messages. It looks like this feature isn't supported. I hope they fix this soon

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    OK, it looks like it took some time. After about an hour I was able to get my Apple ID working on my iPad. After that, a dialog popped up and stated that my iPad will now receive messages from my phone number. I also checked the box next to my phone number.


    I have not tested it yet but I did get some test messages a couple of hours later that were sent when I first upgraded to iOS 6. It looks like the server is a little slow to associate the number to the Apple ID.


    I'll verify for sure tomorrow if this works in a timely fashion.



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    I would like to know if there is a way to have two phone numbers on my apple ID. My wife and I share an apple ID, we both have an iPhone and iPad, my phone number is currently on it to receive IMessages on my iPad, but I'd like her to be able to relieve iMessage sent to her phone number on her iPad too. Please let me know if anyone knows this. Thanks.

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    It works now.


    I guess the thing to do to get the unification of the phone number with the Apple ID is to delete the Apple ID account in iMessage and then add it back in.



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    as far as the wife's iPad iMessage phone number issue, I started a thread for that here: https://discussions.apple.com/message/19639773#19639773

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    Under the "You can be reached by iMessage at" my phone number is there but it is not checked. It won't let me check it. So when i send a text it doesn't work. Any ideas of how to make it so I can check that box?

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    Figured it out, just had to turn off iMessages and wait for a bit and turn back on. Then it re activated my phone number. Thanks!