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    My phone started draining the battery in four hours.  I had just allowed it to start using my msn hotmail account.  After taking off all apps and adding things back on, as soon as I started hotmail, down went the battery. It is no longer on and the phone is lasting it's usual 3 days now.

  • forcefedmedia Level 1 (0 points)

    Are you sure you're not just trying to get us to install a bunch of bloatware on our phones?


    It doesn't make sense that it is anything to do with unwanted files because many of us have installed apps on clean phones direct from the app store and nothing to do with backups.

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    I have the iphone 4s. I am a new apple customer, and I was prompted to update to iOS 6 immediately upon activation. In the beginning, It drove me crazy that the phone would loose 1% power every three minutes during normal use. I became so frustrated that I went online, and I performed a search for "iphone 4s battery drain" the results were immediately insightful. I have seen no argument that the new iOS, in conjuction with the 4 series phones, does not cause this battery drain (drain) problem.


    The new operating system causes rapid drain. I have followed all applicable steps to limit the drain, such as disabling wi-fi, location services, and any app that auto syncs/pushes/updates. Additionally, I changed the screen brightness to around 15% of max. These steps have allowed me to slow the drain down to 1% every 10 minutes +/- 2-3 minutes during normal use.  This is unacceptable for a product that is supposed to be so revolutionary. I have now resorted to putting my phone in airplane mode while not in use as this appears to limit the drain greatly (less than 1% an hour).


    I have spent a great deal of time online trying to resolve this issue. I love the phone, but it is time for a solution. If iOS 5 worked fine with the 4-series phones then the first step would be to check the updated (iOS 6) objective-c code for any errors/memory leaks that may be occurring in the newly added functions.  If apple has begun the debugging process, then the deadline for resolution has to be pushed up, and more programmers have to be added to the debug-project.


    If management makes this a true priority, even going so far as to offer monetary incentives for proof of resolution, creating teams that can perform competitively against one another for greater reward, and allowing some form of over-time incentive as well; this problem will be resolved rapidly.


    Steve Jobs is not there any longer, but someone else has to know how to lead. Someone knew of this problem pre-release. Whoever gave the green-light, does not value quality. That cannot go unremarked.



    All that is needed for mediocrity to triumph is for good men, and women, to standby and do nothing,



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    3 iphone 4S replacements. All set up from new. Same issue.


    I've been speaking with Cupertino also - and had the logging software on the phone. No news to report.


    So Apple sent be a 'brand new' 4S (boxed, sealed etc) and I have installed all my apps onto it. I updated the software using DFU mode and installed as new. Same problem with the battery.


    I now have 2 new 4S phones until I return one to Apple. I'm running an experiment.


    So I have 2 iphone 4S phones both new.


    1 - installed with all my apps

    2 - no apps - no sim - left on overnight last night.


    This morning

    1     Took off charge at 100%. 50 mins later it was down (as usual) to about 86%

    2     Phone was on 99% after 14 hours


    I began to use phone 2 for a couple of mins and it started to drop - 10 mins of use and it dropped to 95%


    I erased and restored phone 2 to be EXACTLY like phone 1. It's almost finished putting the apps back.


    So.. I am going to take all mail accounts including icloud off phone 2 and leave it on phone 1. I will see if this helps.


    I have a sneaky suspicion it's the cloud..


    I will report back once the apps have re installed and I can begin the experiment.


    In the meantime.. I'm on 50% on the brand new phone and not really used it today.

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    I have made several posts throughout the life of this thread, and I have started noticing that the more my apps get updated to support iOS 6 the longer my battery lasts. I'm thinking that apps not updated for iOS 6 might be the culprit. Anyone else notice a better battery after updating apps? I think Apple should add an alert to apps in the store that indicates the app has not yet been updated to support iOS 6 and may cause random battery drain and other various issues when installing the app to iOS 6 devices. Your thoughts??

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    Can't be apps - it happens to my phone regardless if I have apps on or not - and regardless if i have 5 or 150 apps on.

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    Well I have just done my third full DFU reinstall and used the 'new phone' option before painfully reloading all my apps. I still have the awful battery drain. I have the settings exactly as I did with iOS 5.1 so my user activity is the same. Therefore there is positively no reason for the much increased battery drain.


    I now have a phone which drains its battery almost twice as fast as on IOS 5.1 and on top of that; it is slower to boot, slower to load web pages and generally less responsive altogether. Frankly, the new maps debacle is the least of my worries. I sincerely hope this doesn't get brushed aside by Apple due to the historical battery drains with new updates of iOS. In practically all those cases a clean install rectified the problem. It doesn't this time and I am absolutely convinced that there is a problem with iOS 6. There is no other explanation so far as I'm concerned. I have every single new feature switched-off and most of the features introduced in iOS 5.1 are switched off too. I don't use iCloud and the only apps which use location services are my sat nav, weather and maps.

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    I did finally a factory reset and set up as a new phone. It seemed for a while that the problem was solved. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Yesterday I spent some time in the countryside, with no 3g connection. My phone was fully charged, but after only a few hours of stand-by it was dead. Apparently, there is some sort of syncs process in the background, which drains the battery extremely fast when there is a lousy Internet connection. I do not know what it syncs .. Since my huge mistake, installing iOS 6, I have disabled most of sync over cellular.. With iOS 5, I could spend a whole weekend in the countryside, check my e-mail every day, and not have to charge it ...

  • Handsfull Level 1 (10 points)

    This thread is DIRECTLY related to this thread.....anyone monitoring the posts here should bookmark this one too:


  • gtuck Level 2 (375 points)

    I have tried several things, but one I know which makes a positive difference is to turn off iCloud Safari syncing.  I also only use Safari when necessary and quit it when not in use.  If syncing is turned on, I get a boatload of web bookmark errors in the Diagnostics log. 

  • Shahd Elfatih Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey Handsfull,


    I've been following these 2 threads myself since they both started. I'm still on my ,unfortunately, upgraded 4s. I was to get my iPhone 5 on the 30th September, unlocked, but I delayed buying it pending these 2 threads. I'm really considering further delay until Apple " comes out ". I'll continue my close follow-up and c how it turns.


    Steve Jobs ........... We miss your guidance and wisdom.

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    I also posted a few times in these forums. After installing iOS 6, the battery life of my iPhone is much shorter. Initially I thought I found a fix. Turning off the passbook icloud option, it went back to pre-iOS6. After few days though, the problem re-emerged. To be clear, I had similar problems before iOS 6, once in a while. But before iOS 6, the simple fix was to turn off the mail accounts, open so it sees there is not account running, and then turn on again my mail account. After OS 6, that fix never worked.

    However, the battery itself performs as always. Before iOS 6 my usage time was about 7-8 hours. I get the same usage time now, perhaps a little more. Except that I am not using the phone! For instance, today I unplugged the phone from the charger around 7:30 am. It was fully charged. Now, 10 hours later my phone says my usage time is 7 hours and 32 minutes. That's ridiculous. Perhaps I used the phone altogether for 1 hour and 30 minutes. And the processes that run even when I am not using it, like push notifications and email and the tracking of the location of the phone, perhaps used up another hour, altogether. But definitely not 7 hours and 32 minutes! So, some process hangs, not sure what, but clearly that's the problem.

    Furthermore, for the first time iOS 6 is also affecting the battery life of my iPad2. It never happened before and now I have a similar problem with the iPad2. I think it's kind of useless to try to fix it. Many users (like me) found temporary fixes only to then facing the same problem again. Most likely is a combination of factors, and hopefully things will get better. But i have given up with the idea of fixing it. I just recharge it more often

  • Shahd Elfatih Level 1 (0 points)



    It worked 4 me.




    Turn OFF all iCloud syncing except 4 Find my iPhone ( u never know what could happen ) looooool.


    General>about>advertising>limit ad tracking..... Set it to ON.


    If you r on LTE area keep it ON upon need ( UPON NEED ). If not switch it OFF.


    Full battery charge.


    WHENEVER u r on WiFi, switch OFF LTE AND 3G. Just stay on WIFI....


    When u r OFF wifi enable LTE AND 3G.


    ALL other widgets (location, weather, stocks,Bluetooth ... bla,bla ) use ONLY upon need.


    Please don't b upset if u already tried all this.


    I just hope this MIGHT b helpful to anybody. Certainly until Apple " comes out ".


    As I mentioned, IT WORKED FOR ME.

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    I finally got my iPhone 4S battery drain problem fixed. I brought it to an Apple Store, and the Genius diagnosed my phone. She said there indeed was a problem and that it was possibly a hardware defect. She replaced it with a brand new phone, no charge, and we were in and out quickly. Great service!


    And the phone performs flawlessly. Runs cool, runs long, and, um, has really good maps. How is that?


    Turns out, the phone she replaced it with runs iOS 5.1.1. I don't think that's an accident.

  • Handsfull Level 1 (10 points)




    I would be willing to trade my iPhone 5 for a 4s with 5.1.1 on it at this point.

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