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    FYI there is _NO_ fix for this.  This is either a hardware problem with select phones or some very serious bug deeply ingrained in the iOS 6.0 & 6.0.1 operating system.  I have used my phone on various 3G networks in six different countries now.  I exchanged the phone once and I have done a DFU restore and tried the phone wiht no apps and iCloud disabled.  The horendous battery drain is the same every time always no matter what if cellular data is turned on.  Turrn cellular data off and battery life is fine.  Apple has really screwed their customers on this one.

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    For some people there isn't a fix, but others have found the issues and fixed (or better them patched up) them me included. So would have to disagree with your statement.

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    The data they pulled from my iCloud accout was contacts, notes, reminders, calendar and photo stream. They said that this data was different than other Cloud stuff and there's no way it could be corrupt, but I'm still having issues with this device.


    This morning my email won't pull through from either account even though I know I set it up correctly (they've wiped my phone 6-ish times in 3 weeks, I'm getting really good at setting it back up) and I noticed when my alarm went off this morning it sounds really weird when it vibrates. Kind of like an angry goat. Sounds like something is loose and making the phone vibrate really loud -- I even took it out of the case to make sure that wasn't the issue and it still sounded funny

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    So you have contacts from gmail and iCloud synchronised to your phone? If so take a look in the link below:



    Basically iCloud contacts and Gmail contacts can be both synced to your phone provided there is no duplication as in it doesn't deal with this scenario well...

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    I have seperate contacts for my Gmail than my regular contacts. My work site is blocking so I'll have to check that later.


    In addition to the email not working iMessage apparently also decided it wasn't going to come out to play today, even after rebooting.

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    I have the same problem after update my iphone 4s with the new

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    I don't really use iMessage, but seems its the system was down briefly you could be part of the affected group.

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    After updating a week ago I notice my batterie die quickly and went to apple store and they change my iphone but after update my iphone too still the same problem its die quickly, after charging my iphone all the nite and to be at 100% I disconeted the phone and i was an a call so the porcent right away turnt to 99% and after finish my call just 2 min. after disconected I finish at 96%. if am not use my phone it will die in 4 hrs. so I have to charge at all the time! its suck for me.. apple shuld do someting with this problem i was so happy with my iphone because it dosent have to be charging many times during the day like my old android..

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    When I go in to settings > messages it says iMessage is flipped to "on" but it's "waiting for activation". It worked for awhile last night after I got the phone, but still no go even after a reboot. I'm also down to 85% battery after keeping the device mostly on standby for 3 hours, which seems in the normal to low range, but my problems usually start after about 85% when the battery starts REALLY dropping.

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    Another article worth reading:


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    Did you update over Wi Fi?

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    Did I update what over WiFi? I don't have any data on my phone to speak of. I was connected to WiFi last night but just connected at work and it still says iMessage is "waiting to activate". I don't have some of the options that the support article lists. Battery has drained 7% in 20 minutes though

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    Which settings are you missing?


    If you have iCloud "on" but no cell data and wi fi is blocked by work then you should set the account to manual. It needs port 443 open to allow push to work.

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    It says:


    To use iMessage with your Apple ID, navigate to Settings > Messages > Receive At and tap Use your Apple ID for iMessage.


    When I go into Settings > Messages I don't have "Receive at".


    I turned my WIFI back off

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    Same issue as all here! (iphone4S)


    Here's what I did:



    1. First at all, I followed all the settings recommendations that people made in this post. None worked for me.

    2. Reset all settings. Didn't work for me.

    3. Configured iphone as new, and no backup recover after that. Didn't work.


    It's curious. When I unplug the phone from the charger, it has 100% of battery. I use the phone during 20 minutes and the 100% is still here. But after that, the percent comes down 1% ever 3-4 minutes. It's crazy.


    I'm now on my last test. I upgrade the 4S to 6.1 beta 2 and I'll be monitoring it along today. First sensations are bad. 2 hours and 30 minutes and the battery goes down from 100% to 80% with only 1 hour of use.