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  • mrsoczi Level 1 Level 1


    Same thing here.

    My iPhone is on 6.0.1. All functions off: WiFi, BT, 3G, GPS, Push, Notifications. All background apps off. The phone loses 5% per hour on stand-by! Tragic!


    Tried all the things mentioned on the forum: resets, restores, all the voodoo. Nothing helps.


    Apple please help and restore iOS 5 for iPhone 4S users.

  • WindsorDaPanda Level 1 Level 1


    This is what you'll get if you have a 4S with Sprint. At least with me. Outrageous.

  • Incamera Level 1 Level 1

    A couple of things I have just learned about saving battery power:


    Go to Settings>General>About>scroll down to Advertising>turn ON Limit Ad Tracking.


    Back to Settings>Privacy>Location Services>scroll down to System Services>turn OFF Location-Based iAds

  • brsm1990 Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    I have iPhone 5 and 6.0.2 after having 6.0 and 6.0.1.  I still have the battery drain whenever cellular data is turned on no_matter_what.  I have tried restore, DFU restore, and hardware exchange to no avail.  Apple is churning out defective stuff and refusing to stand behind it, acknowledge or fix the problem.  Period.

  • tfezatte Level 1 Level 1

    Have you tried a program like Onavo to see if you have an app installed that is eating a ton of data? Otherwise if it were me I would be back at the store I got it looking for a replacement.

  • tfezatte Level 1 Level 1

    If VPN is on try shutting that down.

  • Renegade Al Level 1 Level 1

    I installed IOS 6 a few months ago and never had any issues with battery drainage with a lot of data running. Suddenly, yesterday, my battery was draining quickly...I had it fully charged overnight, unplugged it this morning and 3 hours later it was at 1% while in standby with no apps running. I recharged it to 100% and an hour later down to 77% with no usage whatsoever...not too sure if the OS is the problem here....

  • tfezatte Level 1 Level 1

    I think it's something in the IOS that isn't playing well with some of the apps. In our case it was Onavo. Removed Onavo and it improved greatly. closing out the VPN connection Onavo had established got us almost back to normal.

  • Dojemi Level 1 Level 1

    What is Onavo and where is it located or is this an app you installed?

  • Dojemi Level 1 Level 1

    Incamera......just followed your precise instructions posted below.  So far so good......although it's only been a 1/2 hour with no drainage.  Will report back later in the day.  Thx





    Re: iOS 6 iPhone 4s battery drain

    A couple of things I have just learned about saving battery power:


    Go to Settings>General>About>scroll down to Advertising>turn ON Limit Ad Tracking.


    Back to Settings>Privacy>Location Services>scroll down to System Services>turn OFF Location-Based iAds

  • Petruk Level 1 Level 1

    I have IOS 6.0.2 on a brand new iphone V.   My battery lasted 8 hours yesterday and I barely did anything all day.


    Yes, I have read all the post on how to conserve battery power...turning off this and that.  I now have done that.


    I am a new user to iPHone, having just switched from BB after holding off for years, even though I am a Macbook Pro guy.


    Now I am very dissapointed.  I should have gone with Samsung 3S even though it might have compatibilty issues with Apple.


    Having an iphoneV is like having having a brand new Porche Turbo and only being able to drive it in a 20 mile an hour speed zone.  What't the point to having all the bells and whistles if you have no batterly life to use it?

  • tfezatte Level 1 Level 1

    If you recently purchased this and can bring it back do so. Request a solution  or a new phone that doesn't have issues. This is a very long forum subject with many great things that should be done regardless of battery drain. Still, the issue exists. I found our battery hog in Onavo's VPN connection.


    It's my wifes phone (although the geek of the family, I prefer a dumb phone) but I get to do the upkeep on it.The biggest stand out in this whole situation is Apple not acknowledging that there is a problem. THAT speaks volumes to me about customer care for their product. Leaving it up to the users to solve all of these issues on their own is not good PR on why I should go out and buy an Apple product.


    I'll stick with my windows computer(from DOS through Windows 7) and Android tablet.They have issues too but there are many more users and any issue I've ever had with either has taken minutes to find a solution instead of the countless hours I've spent poring through forums and articles on this Iphone battery drain.


    Everyone is quick to point a finger at Microsoft when something with Windows go's awry. Apple on the other hand releases a definite turkey and it's apparently something that makes Apple "special"? I don't get it.


    Should I ever get around to a smart phone I will most likely go with anything but an Iphone. Overpriced hype that I'll avoid for now.

  • Incamera Level 1 Level 1

    It isn't just Apple, it's the entire smartphone industry that is overhyped. They rush out all kinds of untested junk at this time of year to take advantage of the seasonal buying spree.  As a general rule iphone users should not get updates until they've been out there for at least a month so that they can stay away from updates which prove to be problematic.  Whoever would have thought that wireless telephones would take over from cars as the status symbol to have.  While the country is going to **** in a hand basket people are concerned with, "My phone is better than your phone".

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    It really depends on what you value.  Android had these same issues, naughty apps eating up your data and battery until user ability to monitor and control was added, which apple needs to do now that they seem to have opened the multitask floodgates.

    If you go android just know its subidized to make you a profiling target so you can be packaged bought and sold to the advertising industry.

    It's pluses and minuses and both sides, but apple definitely leads the way with end user simple and powerful security, and privacy.

    It's all a trade off but there are definite drawbacks to google and android too, even if its behind the scenes.

  • Dojemi Level 1 Level 1

    Reporting back from yesterday.


    My iPhone's battery is now back to normal.  Used it several times yesterday and it only drained 1%. 


    Thank you Incamera!