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  • Papasin73 Level 1 (0 points)

    Has anyone tried this? It might work for you. For computer/documents and settings/ user/application data/apple computer/iTunes / iPhone software updates.  Or ipad would be ipad software updates. Open file delete 6.1.2 redownload 6.1.2


    Vista/win7...user/user/appdata/roaming/apple computer/iTunes/iPhone software updates


    Delete and redownload 6.1.2 just gave it a try, use it until battery drains to around 20% don't let it die! My battery is almost at 20% let you know if it works.

  • prayman123 Level 1 (100 points)

    if the phone gets warm and has the battery issue it is most likely a problem with the firmware.  create a backup and restore the phone as new and test out the battery. You can try to restore the phone from a backup but if the corruption is in the code of the backup, it will just reload the problem. an alternative or halfway point is create an icloud backup using wifi. then restore the device on the computer and on the phone restore from icloud backup. (it saves differently in the cloud.) 


    if this issue happens after restore as new, you need a new device.

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    today i went to apple and they changed my iphone, now im with new iphone running IOS 6.1 ...

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    Well never mind, I tried Apples tech advice and it didn't work...shocking! I had my fingers crossed it would fix my battery. Back to disliking Apple again! I hate this battery issue soooooo f-ing much!! I'm mad and sad because I love my ipad mini. I just wish Apple would see people are still having this problem. Ios 6.1.2 said battery fix. Tech support said no is doesn't? I'm down the drain.

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    My wife rarely installs updates. So she was still on 5.x with her 4s, while I already had the battery issue since 6.0.2. Last night she complained that her battery was not sustaining any time anymore and so I asked if she had upgraded: she had just upgraded... Blind test. As previously said, I am pretty convinced this is a 3G driver bug with some hardware.

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    Or wait for apple to fix the battery drain THE LATEST OS HAS CAUSED!


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    Same here with my ipad 3.

    Two days life in standby/iddle.

    Since 6.1.2

    Restore bkp and from new ipad. Nothing works.

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    I was having major battery issues.  I contacted apple.  They had me do a hard backup and restore.  Then upgrade me to 6.1.2.  I was still having some problems But I figured out what was wrong today I had my email notification set to push I turned it off I unplugged my phone at 915am And I kept charge all day with no need to recharge currently 12:24 AM and I have 71% remaining on my battery.  Yesterday while I had push notifications on for email my battery was dead before noon after unplugging it at 645am. 


    Carat also helped find buggy apps that was hogging my battery even in standby.

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    I have NEVER had an issue with my battery life.  Even with me checking my email alot, playing games, facebook, texting, I would always get a FULL day of use.  I have my email set to manually fetch data. I have not made any changes to my phone.  I upgraded to 6.1.2 a few days ago. 


    On Wednesday, my phone went completely dead...first time ever.  Yesterday, when I woke up my phone was at 100%.  While at work, my phone drained from 100% to 30%.  I might have sent 5 text messages, but had no time to do anything else.  I do not understand why my phone is all the sudden having these problems.

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    SOLVED --- IN A WAY----


    OK.. Now we all agree that there is a battery problem and its after upgrading to IOS 6 and later.... I have struggled like the rest of you and still no close to resolving the problem.....


    But I have a workaround that atleast solves the issue of my phone having about 50 to 70% battery when i return home in the night.....I consider this a million times better than returning home with a paper weight in my hand ( Am talking abt my iphone thats switched off)


    So this is what I did, i just had a hunch that this might be a battery calibration problem since i saw battery going from 90% to 100%  and in some occasions 40% to 20% and sometimes it even turns off at certain percentage of battery remaining.


    Every morning I would TURN OFF my iPhone 4 for about 15 to 20 mins. And then when I turned it on it would show the correct battery %. Then i would charge it to 100% takes a max of 2 hrs. Then am good for the day...


    I sometimes turning it of at night also if am planning to charge it or if am heading out and need an accurate remaining battery value...


    Hope it helps someone atleast...

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    Nothing wrong with your're just crazy like the rest of us. Apple will tell you nothing wrong with your battery, it's your apps or the way you have it set up. Of course I'm joking. It's 6.1.2 that has crippled our iPhones iPads and iPods. But Apple won't admit to this. It's very upsetting. I'm sure my post will be edited like the many others I have posted. Don't bother doing any reset or start as new because it doesn't work. Welcome to 6.1.2.

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    Replace your battery that will solve your problem.

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    OK Apple, fix this battery bug. Getting very annoying, I have a busy schedule (calendar) wiith my kids and having to constantly worrying about charging is getting frustrating!

    Thank you! :-)

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    I am currently an owner of an iPod Touch 4th generation, running IOS 6.1.2. I will be glad to help solve your problem with your iPod/iPad/or iPhone.


    Battery Drainage Issues (How to solve them):


    1.   Update your iPod/iPad/or iPhone to the latest IOS (6.1.2). If you already updated to the latest IOS, please proceed to step 2. 
    2. Reset all Settings: Settings > General > Reset > Reset all Settings

    3. Wait for the iPod/iPad/or iPhone to restart

    4. Once the iPod/iPad/or iPhone has restarted, all the settings have been changed. You may change them back to your personal preference.

    5. Use your iPod/iPad/or iPhone until the battery dies (until the device turns itself off)

    6. Plug your iPod/iPad/or iPhone into charge. The trick here, is to leave it 1.5 hours or longer after it reaches 100% --> undisturbed (preferably overnight)

    7. After leaving it 1.5 hours or longer on the charger, you may unplug, and start using. Give it a few days for the battery to Calibrate.




    My iPod Touch has IOS 6.1.2, and I can play many apps and get 2 days of standby, and around 11 hours of usage.

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    Updated my 4th gen iPod touch. It was on ios 6.0.1 had pretty good battery life, now on ios 6.1.2 I use my iPod touch at night for an hour or two with a relaxing app, I have it turn off after a couple of hours, woke up this morning and my iPod touch was dead. Second morning in a row. This never happened before the update. I just wanted to see if it was the new firmware, it's no doubt that 6.1.2 has some problems. I knew updating my itouch was a 50/50 chance it may effect the battery. Updated with set up as new. I have no idea what Apple is doing with its firmware. Now I have a iPod touch that won't even make it through the night. It a year and a half old.


    I will try pizza idea and see if that does anything. My ipad 2 is still on 6.0.1 and the battery is outstanding!! I will not update my ipad 2. Ipad mini on 6.1.2 itouch on 6.1.2 and both have bad battery life? I just don't get it?