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  • Scifi1966 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi, I had the same problem: Install IOS 7: It solved the drainage problem. IOS 7 supposedly has a much better power management for idle tasks. My iPhone 4s lasts for a day now with normal usage.

  • vnellas Level 1 Level 1

    thanks, just updated firmware to IOS 7.0 and iphone 4s high fever went away ...

  • netsoup Level 1 Level 1

    It sounds like ios7 solved the issue for some still having ios6 battery issues, but I just noticed a setting that may be helpful.

    Turning off cell data data under cell data settings, for apps that don't need it seems obvious but also I noticed a setting to turn off background data refresh altogether under general->background app refresh, to prevent them from burning through any data and gps battery in the background.

    That should be very useful for controlling rampant background battery hoggers.

  • angelhawk Level 1 Level 1

    I was having the same problems with the battery dying. I tried turning things off and on and nothing worked. The short of it is that I plugged my iphone into the computer and charged it 20% and now my battery is not going down like it was. So far I have been looking through apps and such and it has not decreased at all. Hope this helps anyone else.


    also I don't know if this had anything to do with it but I was logged into my itunes account but I did not open or download anything, just logged in.

  • Hanani Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    Good morning - I just replaced my Iphone 5 with a new or refurbished device - I noticed in the "old" one the e-mailapp - native iphone mail app connected to both Gmail and my exchange server - set on PUSH - was constantlychecking for new mail - you could actually see the line in the bottom of screen jumping like crazy - trying to check for a new mail constantly - so could this have been the result of the drainage and the over heating ??!!!





  • JB1906 Level 1 Level 1

    You sir, are a genius!  My battery life had been fine until about 1month ago, when I began to notice my phone running warm with a very rapid battery drain.  After reading your post, I diasbled the Calendar function in my iCloud account and voila, battery life has returned to normal. THANK YOU!!!

    Derick Valadao wrote:


    I think I fixed my problem and I wanted to share my troubleshooting.


    First, I noticed that my usage and standby times were identical, the phone would be warm to the touch even whilst asleep. I bought a mophie juicepack and it would drain that battery by noon trying to keep the phone juiced up while the usage kept climbing.


    After months of poor battery life, I decided to try and fix it systematically.




    First, charge battery to full so you get the usage and standby times in the settings.


    Second, close all apps in multitasking bar, lock phone for 5 minutes. Is usage time still same as standby time? Then no current apps are rogue causing the os to run while asleep. It means it's a system application or daemon.


    Third, delete one of your mail/calendar/contacts accounts. If all you have is iCloud, delete that account and remove all its data from your phone (don't worry, it's backed up online anyways). Lock phone for 5 miunutes. Is usage time still same as standby time? Then that account isn't causing the OS to run while asleep.


    Fourth step, repeat step 3 for each of your accounts on your phone. Whether it be outlook, exchange, what have you. Once you have found that usage time does not equal standby time, you have found the offending service.


    Fifth step. Once you've found the offending services, you can either remove it permanently, try re-adding it and see if the problem persists, or go onto the server side application/website to look for corrupt data.


    In my case, the offending service was iCloud. When I deleted the account, the battery drain went away and I noticed usage and standby times separate. iCloud has many applications, and I needed to add them back one by one to see if the usage and standby times were equal. After hours of troubleshooting by adding each one, waiting, then checking usage, I found out that the calendar was causing the problem. Once I turned calendar syncing back on in iCloud, the phone heated up while asleep and battery drain resumed.


    I decided to try and fix this because I wanted my iCloud calendar working. I went to and logged into the calendar app. My partner send me appointments that I typically forget to reply to. So I had a whole bunch of gray appointments in my calendar. I went through and tried to reply to each one. Turns out there were a few of them (repeating calendar events from months back) that wouldn't propagate a response (reply or reject) to the event. It stayed gray. I had to find out which of my appointments were broken like that and delete all of them.


    Once I did that, the hot iphone went away and usage returned to normal after turning calendar syncing back on. I guess the broken calendar appointments kept trying to sync do the device but would fail, leaving the device constantly attempting to complete the sync into perpetuity. Deleting the broken events server-side fixed the problem.


    So that's my long journey, hope it helps some other poor soul.

  • Hoppiloppan Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem - battery drains on my iphone IOS 7.

    But if the solution is to disable icloud calendar - that means I will loose my calendar? Or did you enable it again after disabling?

    I want to keep my calendar.

  • iggyboyboy Level 1 Level 1

    Re iPhone 4S battery drain -success!

    After two replacements in warranty and rapid battery draining with IOS7 the answer is


    Restore as a new iPhone while wired to your PC with iTunes ie do it through iTunes don't use your latest backup just suck on the fact that you will lose your media and apps

    Actually you won't because you can get them later from the cloud or your iTunes acct

    It really has worked for me.

    The problem I think is that Apple are too bashful at owning up to the problem- even the Genius Bar people

  • Lettyspaghetti Level 1 Level 1

    I have had this problem on and off for a while now (iphone 4s iOS6) and it seemed to be happening every 3 days which matches to some of the previous posts. As it seemed to be related to syncing with Google contacts I decided to delete all the exchange accounts and the cardav google contact sync and then reattached my gmail account (email and calendar only). I then exported all my contacts as a .vcf file and imported the contacts directly to the phone (I emailed the file and when opened the file followed the steps to import the contacts). I've also turned set up the push settings to manual and so far so good....

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