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    After 3 days of anguish, my phone appears to be settling in to its own routine, and the battery life is improving every day. I did most of the things people suggested - some I didn't have a clue how to do - and they didn't seem to work, so I've just left it alone for 24 hours. Drained it 3 times from 100% to 0%, and recharged to full while in airplane mode so nothing disturbed it. Yesterday the battery lasted 10 hours with a little bit of use, and today so far after 6 hours with using phone, Viber (call for 10 mins), email and messaging, Words and a few more things, its down to 72%, which is great compared to the weekend when it was flat in 2 hours!


    Someone else earlier mentioned the same thing - it probably needs to work out its own settings going back and forth between apps and sorting them out.


    I did also find in the Diagnostics that one of my email programs (work one which is highly protected) was crashing and there were hundreds of attempts by the program to re-connect. I disabled this email account as the IT department need to re-load the app which is normal protocol. This I think also helped.

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    my battery does the same thing - drains even when not in use, everything has been turned off that can be turned off and even done restart - whats the point of having a  phone you cant use because you have no battery left?  APPLE please fix this issue!!

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    This has to be the biggest topic - no solution to offer - tried all the sugestions - today i was at 45% battery after doing nothing, plugged it into a charger, progressively turned off location, notifications - never had cloud but removed all bookmarks - in the end i even had it on flight mode, still on a charger and it still went down by a percent every 5 mins.  Bad news is that i have been told doing a restore from itunes wont take you back to ios 5. Good news is that in spite of it being totally innoperative yesterday, today since the stuff above - it has been at 1% for 3 hours and im still using it - typed this - its not flat, it just says it is.  Re charge it when you normally would and we may be ok till they fix the thing, else its law suits at 50 paces

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    Does reset all settings delete your contacts and messages ?? i hv an 3gs and am facing same battery drain n heating problem since the upgrade to IO6...

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    This worked for me.  It didn't work until I did a reset, but that has done the job.  My battery life is now back to normal and the phone isn't overheating.


    "Open up itunes on your mac or pc. Goto preferences-->Devices-->check the "Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically" box Click OK Connect your iPhone to the computer with your sync cable. Once you see the device show up on the left-hand side of the itunes screen, it should be fixed.  You can disconnect it and the battery life issue should be gone."


    Thanks Techwrekfix!

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    All: Here what I did to solve the problem: I did a complete restore - SETUP AS A NEW iPhone. then I synchronized it to get back all my contacts, apps, pictures,...

    attention: when you do this all your settings will be erased (emails accounts, SMS history, personal setups,...) and you will have to reset them back one by one. It took me 3 hours yesterday. but at least my phone is back to operation.

    It works even better: I had a 11% battery consumption after 5 hours of use (not heavy).


    Good luck !

  • Bruno1502 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    see what I just wrote. it will solve your problem

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    LO mismo ocurre desde la cual izarían al Ios6 mi iPad consume demasiada batería, cosa que no hacía con la vieja versión,

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    It's definitely a Cellular issue here as I also tried using the phone in aeroplane mode but with wifi turned on. Here 1% of battery would last for almost half an hour of use (including streaming video). As soon as I turn aeroplane mode off and resume my cellular connection the battery drains 1% every 1-2 minutes.


    I've tried some of the suggestions on here and deleting facebook and signing out of facebook integration seemed to help a lot. I also disabled safari, passbook and contacts in the cloud and also noticed an improvement. However when I tried disabling safari through restrictions in made no difference or possibly slightly worsened it.


    My usage times at the moment:


    Usage: 11hours 29 mins

    Standby: 15 hours 45 mins


    With the battery going from 100% down to 6% currently with wifi and cellular running together. This included a lot of video streaming, browsing safari, checking mail etc

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    I would just like to make a point here - when we upgrade, and/or restore, our backups restore every single setting to exactly how they were, in fact apple pride themselves on this. So, if with these settings 5.1.1 has a better battery life than 6.0 with all the exact same settings, then there is a problem with the firmware itself. Why should we have to change this that and the other? It worked fine on 5.1.1!

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    Same problem here with my New iPad. Since the update (iOS 6), I have noticed that the battery is consumed faster.

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    Facing same problem of battery drain since last IOS update. Big problem!!

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    They test the updates so its clear they don't work when releasing them.

    The same thing happened with 5.1.0 I believe it was. why should we need to take up to three hours to fix a problem on a $500 phone when they release a faulty update then leave us with no solution? Because people line up to bug their products. It's called disrespect. 

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    Yes, i have the same problem...

    I'm tired of read about close, disable and turn off all the thing that have the iPhone for get a "little more batery life", this is terrible, i buy a full spec phone because i want to use all the features, but we have to avoid use our phone with all the features that Apple offers because Apple's team don't pay attention...

    Now they are focus in iPhone 5, but how about iPhone 4S customers? I think that now we have to wait about six month for fix this issue? 12 month maybe? Like Siri in Spanish?

    Bah, this iOS 6 update stinks...

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    Like Bruno above, the onlly thing that worked for me, after trying every other suggestion above, including going to the Apple Store and having a "Genius" look at it and do a restore froma backup  was to do a complete restore - and setup as a new phone. I then had to synch my apps and restore data from back-ups. Make sure you do backups of all important data first. The phone seems now to have better battery life than under 5.1. Before the restore as a "new ppone (under 6.0) it was draining to 0% within 4-5 hours without hardly any use. Now it seems to go only down to 90-95% within 4-5 hours.

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