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    You've given me some hope. As far as the Genius' attitude, they need to understand:  I don't want to understand.  The conversation you describe sounds like many I had with Microsoft techs. I want to buy it, plug it in, and have it work. Apple provided that so very well. Several years ago, I ditched all things PC and Windows, bought Mac and Mac software and NEVER looked back. Expensive? Very. Worth it? Totally, until now.


    The Apple Care techs are fantastic and I would hate to lose that service. I hope Apple can fix this and this is not the first step of a downward spiral, but with the lack of acknowledgement, I'm a bit concerned.


    Also a number of people are saying FaceBook integration is the problem.  Well, I don't really do Facebook and never on my phone so that's not my issue.


    Hope the rep calls you back and gets this resolved. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  • jeremymaxwell Level 1 (10 points)

    Yes adding a plus one to Facebook Integration NOT being the problem. I have the app installed but didn't sign in for the integration on IOS6.

  • ChrisLauinger Level 1 (0 points)



    I have the battery problem on my iPad 3, on iPhone 5 I dont. Whichnis strange because

    On both devices I have the same eMail, Calendar and Contact accounts.


    What I found out is, that CardDav and CalDav accounts are part of the problem.

    I have 1 CardDav and 2 CalDav accounts configured.

    I have also access to the carddav server and see there in the log that

    Its queried every 5s. It does not matter what I configure on IPad.

    Push every hour or manuall, the dataaccessd is spamming the log

    Of the server every 5s.

    I now deactivated the accounts except eMail (Notes in the eMailaccount also deactivated).

    Now the iOS dataaccessd is not spamming my serversnlog any more.

    Lets see how the battery life is affected.


    Will let you guys know.

  • jmclean907 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have a iphone 3gs as well as every device that apple makes including two Imacs, so you can count me as having been a very loyal apple user. 


    With this new upgrade that is changing.  Having the same problems as everyone here with both Ipad 2 and Iphone.  Totally charged phone discharges in 3 hours to the point it won't come on with no use.  Ipad used to last days now barely makes a day.  Apps on ipad crashing were working fine.


    I have cancelled my order for the new Iphone 5.  Apples only answer was to do total restore.  I did this, initially this seemed to help but then quit working.  Phone gets extremely hot and discharges quickly.


    I have tried all solutions to no avail.  If I cannot go back to IOS 5 or there is not a fix soon, I will be moving to the Galaxy 3S.  I would prefer not to but apple is giving me little choice.  We chose Apple because it just worked.  Sadly that seems to no longer be the case.....

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    I have seen a severe degradation in battery life on iphone 4s, iphone 4(wife's) and on my ipad 2. This io6 upgrade was a something that I should had never done till having read the reviews. Now I am repenting. Apple should acknowledge this problem and come up with a fix soon or it will risk losing many loyal customers. With the number of complaints due to this Io6 maps, passbook, battery etc. this is probably the worst software upgrade ever.. Good luck with ipad mini.. I am definitely not buying one.

  • netsoup Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm willing to give them a little more time before giving up.  "I want to believe...".

    Hearing they're calling people and equipping customers with battery logs makes me feel better something's being done.  I'm not impressed by the few arrogant "geniuses" who seem to assume users and loyal customers of years don't know the difference between getting 10-12 hours of battery usage, and now getting 4-6 using the same device and the same applications, right after an "upgrade"...  Hopefully the proactive ones calling people and looking into it, listening to their customers and those likeminded are more in charge, and we'll see an update and apology soon.

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    Thank  you.


    After reading  almost the whole tread and then systematically trying most suggestions, turning PUSH EMAILS OFF has solved the battery drain problem  in girlfriend's iPhone 4S.


    I do however hope apple fixes the battery problem with an update soon.


    Hope others are helped by this tip too.



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    I also did all the recommendations I could find, stopping push emails, stopping icloud, pretty much stopping everything running in the background, and it helped some, but not a lot.  My phone went from draining in less than 2 hours to around 5 hours, but before the upgrade, it would last for a couple of days.  So it is still not great.  I also find that phone/ipad/ipod all taking longer to charge.  ipad 2 and ipods also still draining within a few hours, basically we have to keep them plugged in.


    What is the point if you can't have your icloud, find my iphone etc running in the background.  For emails, I only get them when I go into email and pull down for an update, which is just fine.


    Glad to hear people are getting some resolve by phoning in.  I think I will go ahead and also do the same since I don't see any posts from Apple directly on what to do.

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    Ok boys and girls - I'm turning off my email notifications for this thread as my phone seems to be working flawlessly now. I wish you all the best luck trying to figure out just how to fix the problem as it seems a bit different for each phone.


    Here's my story and I hope it helps.


    I have been in this thread from the begining as I noticed the battery problem a few hrs after I uploaded IOS6 the day it came out. I have been following this thread and trying all solutions  - Including wiping out the phone and reseting it as new.. Nothing worked..


    I decided to go to the Apple store near me yesterday and see what they said..


    First guy at the door , said it was the first he heard about this problem.. lol - At this point I thought he was kidding, Seeing how this thread had over 150K views I knew it was not just me.. We made a appointment with the tech , had to wait 1Hr - At this point my battery was at 83% - the Hr past and the tech asked if I was sure there was a battery issue  - I explained that when I arrived I had 83% and since I was standing in your store, my battery has gone down to 72% sitting in my pocket so yes, I think there is a problem..


    The tech took my phone and ran some tests - 30 minutes later, she asked if she could reset the phone to new, I wanted it fixed so why not, I have everything backed up - Another 30 minutes later - she tells me a corrupt file is not resetting or deleting so she was going to give me a new phone - Great  - let's do it - set up the new phone, I asked her if it was going to be safe installing IOS 6 - she said on this phone, yes - Waited another 30 minutes and had her install IOS 6 - Left with a new phone -


    I synced with Icloud and brought over my contacts, Apps and music - I did this all over wifi - I have everything turned on as I did with IOS5  -


    I am happy to say the battery life seems much much better than with IOS 5.1.1 - So far today usage is at 2 Hours 12 Minutes and standby is at 8Hrs 26Mins and I am at 84% - before with my old phone I would have had to recharge with that much usage.


    SO fingers crossed, I hope my phone problem is solved.. 


    My advice, if you have tried the reset to newphone and that did not work, go get a new phone.. it ***** but we have learned a lesson , don't upgrade to IOS 7 until IOS 7.1 comes out.


    Good luck to all -

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    My problem was with the OTA update.   My iPads never did this and I updated with iTunes.   I ended up do a full reset of my iPhone and going the new iPhone route.   I installed the Apps I wanted and restored my settings from backup.  


    My iPhone 4S has better now battery life then with ios5. 


    Turning off this thread.   Good luck everyone.

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    Good luck all.  I was too negative and mine's good enough now.  I am due a new phone and will get a warranty and be more careful with upgrades in general, iPhone or not.  I have been resisting full reset and will if it's that bad instead of keep complaining.  Sorry...

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    Same problem

    iPhone 4s,

    Moved to ios6

    Drains in 10 hours. Used to run close to 24 hours - Similar usage profiles.


    Just turned off Location Services and the drain rate is stil high - a bit slower drain, but still dropping 10every hour on standby.


    Also - apps are shutting down spontaneously - No problems before the ios6 update

  • ChicagoBubba Level 1 (10 points)

    I've posted a few times throughout this thread about my battery drain issue. However, I have noticed that throughout the life of this thread, some people have also indicated that app suddenly close or crash. I don't think the app issue is related to the battery drain problem, the app developers need to update their apps. I too noticed some apps I used would crash/close, but the apps that were having the issue have since been updated to support iOS 6 and no longer have any problems.

  • Miso2 Level 1 (0 points)

    I initially had an issue with battery life under iOS6. But after a couple of days, it seems settled now….


    Previously with iOS5.1.1, my iPhone 4S could run for 100 h with occasional usage (wifi off, 3G on). The decay rate was about 1%/h. Here is the graph that shows the decay rates of my battery under iOS5 (red) and iOS6 (green).

    Data 4.jpg


    In iOS5, it was typical that the battery level stays at 100% for 5~6 hours and then declines at about 1%/h, for my iPhone 4S.


    However, after upgrading to iOS6 (done a few days ago), I noticed that it lost few % of battery every hour. I also noticed that, although my phone was mostly on standby, the usage was 2~4 h in a day (in iOS5, it was like an hour usage per day). In fact, a few minutes were added despite that the phone was totally in standby for 10 min.


    This was the situation I had until yesterday. But in the middle of yesterday, I realized that the usage log suddenly became more realistic. No minute was added to usage if the phone is in standby. Also, the battery decay appeared similar to what it was with iOS5 (at 1%/h).


    Now this is my hunch. After the upgrade, the phone might have taken some time to operate background tasks such as communicating with servers, cataloging files and contents, etc, which drained battery. And once all was done, the phone started to behave 'normal'. This process might have taken a couple of days because I reseted, restored, and restarted the phone out of frustration with the short battery life.


    Again, this is just a guess. I do not have a proof, as I did not check what processes were running after the upgrade. But I am curious to know if anybody else has noticed a similar behavior.


    Anyway, as the black dots in the graph show, the battery seems to behave as it did with iOS5 and decays at the rate of 1%/h. I will keep my eye on it for another couple of days and post the result here later.

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    I defiantly agree with you and I'm already on my 4th iPhone 4S because of the updates messing up my phones the third one worked great on 5.1.1 until the recent update. Having to go to the apple store to tell geniuses that my phone is dieing faster then it was before is very frustrating as they make it seem like you haven't done everything in your power to help your battery before wasting your time and going to an appointment were the tech just tells you that they don't see nothing wrong with your phone. The 4th iPhone that I'm on right now loses battery just as fast but I just gave up already because there seems to be nothing I can do to help my phone return back to normal. It's sad that 700 dollar phone can be brought down to almost worthless with this type of update and know one can do anything about it but wait and see if Tim Cooks next update will hopefully bring it back to life. I lost 8% writing this message with everything u can think of being off in the background I mean everything you name it.  It makes you wonder is apple is getting to big that they can't even handle a simple update or is it that there workers at Foxconn are rushing the phones out to quickly and not getting paid sufficiently for making quality work.

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