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  • DJChad Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I dont understand what you all are talking about.  Are you in MUSIC app, then go to either Albums or Songs.  DO NOT try to delete from with in Playlists.  When you delete a song in the Playlists view, that is deleting it from the PLAYLIST, not the device. 


    I just did it on my iPhone 5 with iOS6:

    1. Open Music
    2. Click on Albums or Songs view
    3. From there, swipe LEFT to RIGHT.  (Right to left often causes it to think you are trying to jump to a specific letter in the alpha sorted list.)
    4. A Red Delete button will pop up.  Tap it. 


    This works for entire albums, as well as individuals songs within the album or song list.  Am I missing something? 

  • leonandrew Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    To my knowledge this was a discussion involving iTunes Match. Are you using iTunes Match?

  • DJChad Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Awe, my appologies.  I missed that part.  I used to have iTunes Match. Library was growing too fast to keep up with deleting stuff.  So just put my library back together and unsubscribed. 


    I was looking on another topic and this came up in my results, but caught my eye for obvious reasons. 


    Sorry I for intrusion.   I wish I had the magic for you though. 

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    I have Itunes match and also hate that i can't delete things i downloaded to device. I tried turning match off then deleted and turned match back on. The music also re-downloaded. Frustrating to say the least. I hope they fix this and give us access to delete things we don't want stored on the device. My library is just too big to store on the phone so i like match for this reason.. i understand it deletes if you need space but i want to be able to delete things myself when i want to.

  • Zoggy_UK Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Just deleted and unsubscribed from iTunes Match. Seems like a pointless service to pay for.

    Been a fan of apple for years, but slowly thinking about choosing other devices over apple.

  • jlowap Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I can't believe this has changed! If I use the iPad for DJing then I need to be able to select and delete songs from the cloud as I need them... I CAN'T have the device auto delete songs as I don't have wifi to download at the gig... Also, if I did need to download another song mid set the library would update in the dj app and render it useless for a few minutes.... This could be disastrous! Very upset! :(

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    I hope that the Apple people are reading these posts!!  This is very disppointing!  I expected this kind of nonsense from Microsoft, which was the reason I switched my entire life over to Apple.


    Apple: don't wait for a cluster of other fixes before sending an iOS update to fix this one (ability to delete songs). Send this iOS update immediately!! 

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    Okay, I've spent several days thinking about what iTunes Match is, which I've had for over a year, and the iCloud.  I have over 1200 Christmas songs on my iPhone and want to remove them now that the holiday is over with.  So, this is my conclusion, and I hope this isn't the hard way of doing it.


    So, if I make any changes to my iTunes on my computer, it automatically syncs to my iPhone and iPod Touch over the iCloud.  For example, if I make a new playlist on my comp, it shows up on my iPhone.  So, in order to get the Christmas music removed, I'm going to have to make a folder on my comp, and then delete the music from my iTunes?  Then, I got to thinking that maybe I would have options when Syncing my music to iCould, like don't sync songs I have unchecked, but I am still trying to figure out how to do this.


    Does this make sense to anyone who has iMatch?  I wish there was a way to do this on my iPhone or Touch without having to go into iTunes, but using Match seems to require me to update my iTunes and make any changes through there.  Totally negates the reason I got Match, since I really just wanted a cloud I could store my music to have stored there that I could have on demand, and NOT just music I purchased from Apple. 

  • Gullible Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello, I have an odd situation going on with my 3GS that may or may not involve the iTunes match.

    I have never bern subscribed to the match and never had issues like this on 5.1.1 but as soon as I updated to 6.0 I found that tracks I already deleted left behind duplicates that will neither play or delete, at first a message displaying "could not stream track" or the like would appear, now even that message is gone. I don't have access to a computer and won't for a while, so I am begging dose anyone know of a way to remove these space consuming objects on the phone itself?

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    I am having the same problem- on an iphone 5, 4s, 4 and ipad 2 and i (family is well converted over to mac...)  The change iTunes made has made impossble to delete music and now it is near full!  UGH! 

  • judge2001 Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    You can delete all songs at a time without turning iTunes Match off by going to Settings -> General -> Usage.

    Choose, select "edit" from the top right corner and tap on the red minus.


    But no deleting of single songs while iTunes Match is turned on. We probably have to wait for iOS 6.1.





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    If you turn off iTunes Match in Settings>Music you can then delete music (albums or songs) in iTunes by swiping them left to right and hitting delete. Be warned however that this is temperemental. Sometimes it will delete all the music you have downloaded to your device when you turn iTunes Match back on. I'm hoping that this is a bug and is something that Apple intends to sort out in the future. Given Apple's general intransgence when it comes to their users needs however this may just be wishful thinking on my part.

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    I have never had ITUNES  match turned on, yet I have one very old album on my Iphone 5 which will not

    play ( grayed out ) and where swipe will not work either ( red delete does not appear ). This album is

    on ITunes via  an external CD I purchased.  It is also on my IPOD NANO ( and it does play ). Album

    is Neil Young ( Decade )

  • Husker23 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Finally, it is fixed.  Update you device to iOS 6.1, which was just released to the public today.  The songs are once again managed like they used to be. 

  • judge2001 Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    Finally. I'm so glad.

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