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  • tonefox Level 6 Level 6

    It doesn't work as it is a microphone. You haven't found the user guide, have you? It is alreadt bookmarked in the phone's Safari, and is available at or downloadable from iTunes as an iBook. The address was given in the original documentation in the box.

  • kaycee335 Level 1 Level 1

    I don't know what happened but I noticed last week that I could no longer use speakerphone, then found that I have lost all sound as of 12/12/12.  What was weird was that when I had first connected it to try to rerun the most recent update for checking info whilst I was speaking wth Apple tech support, a few text messages came in & the sound had worked then, but since doing the recommended backup & restore I'm back to having absolutely no sound.  I can make calls & as long as I don't want to use speakerphone, I can use the phone & hear fine,  But it seems that the external speakers (if there is such a thing) are toast.  How can it have worked fine & than bit the big one?  I love Apple support but am absolutely disappointed with the iPhone.  I have missed many important texts & phone calls & now have to keep the phone on my body so the vibration can alert me.  Has anyone had this exact issue & then had sound restored?  Did it take sending the phone in for repair? Having a shaman or medicine man or woman chant?  Give it to a Roman Catholic priest for exorcism?

  • Walamgir Level 1 Level 1

    I agree my new iphone 5 white 32 GB was working fine till 12-12-12 i.e. yesterday and since then the speakers have gone kaput. i can still listen from the ear phones but speaker phone does not work. Have tried turning blue tooth off and on microphones inserted in and out resetting and restoring but nothing seems to work so have to keep the phone next to my body on vibration . Still seems likely to be a software problem maybe because of the few software updates over the last few days? Am now on ios 6.01 whjile the os that shipped with the phone was ios 6.0 and it seemed to work fine then. Have had my phone only for about 7 days :-((

  • Chexche Level 1 Level 1

    After ios6 upgrade I have same issue, speakers not working.however I have an app that makes speakers work : gangnam dancebooth, for some reason this only app makes my ipad2 works. But only with this app. I think is enough to prove that is not a hardware issue and its ios6 bug

  • Bluth Level 1 Level 1

    I'm having the same problem with my iphone 5 32g black. I was listening to music on speaker phone and got an incomming text, and after that the external speakers stopped working - for music, speaker phone, ringing, the alarm, etc. I did the software update (6.0.2), and a restore and nothing has helped. My biggest problem is that I am abroad for the next 7 months in a place without an apple store... so if anyone has any ideas on how to fix this without going in to apple, that would be much appreciated.

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    OK>. I figured out how to fix the NO SPEAKER SOUND / NO VOLUME CONTROL problem after updating your iphone to IOS6/6.0.1


    first of all: its a software fault. 100% error by apple who should be required to pay for any damages caused/any inconveniences. IT IS SO FRUSTRATING! i mean it borders criminal damage! my phone was working fine until i updated today and it compeleted lost all sound funcionality from a music/movie point of view.




    i read somewhere that certain apps still work anyhow (more evidence is a sofware fault NOT SOMETING STUCK IN YOUR HEADPHONE JACK OR IPOD/IPHONE CONNECTOR)


    one of these apps is gangnam dancebooth. find it in appstore and download for free. you can create a character and have him dance to gangnam style! THIS IS NOT AN ADVERT. i admit its a **** app. but you will find your speakers working!!!

    magic right?


    ok, so now i played around with the app and then connected it to a speaker-dock. when connecting and playing sound from the app double-tap the home button and swipe left twice to go to the sound controller which normally wouldnt display a sound controller after the update. now it has a controller and you can adjust volume of the app sound. there should now also be a little icon next to the volume slider. tap it and see the options. after playing the song 1st time it only said iphone and speaker dock as 2 sound output options. when dis and reconnecting the iphone several times it starting showing other options.


    it only showed iphone or iphone speaker after a while and when i selected iphone instead i could unplug the iphone from speaker dock - exit gangnam dancebooth and listen to normal audio again!!


    wow. what a mission. and ****** weird. but it works.


    night chaps. merry christmas.

  • Thorneshane Level 1 Level 1

    I just started getting the docking bug myself (iPhone 4s) after dling the update.


    1st fix attempt; plugged into dock and unplugged. Speakers worked for a few minutes and then went mute again.

    2nd attempt; reset all settings. DO NOT DO THIS. It will work for a little while but will mess up again.

    3rd attempt; closed all open apps and did a hard reset. Also only a temp fix.

    4th attempt; called Apple support. The tech said Apple is completely unaware of this issue, put me on hold, and upon returning read me, almost word for word, one of the posted suggestions from this forum. She then proceeded to tell me it is most likely a software bug and Apple always recommends a factory restore after each update to get out any bugs. She then told me if the factory restore does not work then that means it is faulty hardware and to call back so they can replace my phone (I have apple care).


    O and on a side not... My speaker just stopped working as I was typing this up :/


    So Im off to backup my phone and try a factory restore. I'll let y'all know how it goes.

  • Bluth Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for everyone's input. Unfortunately, I tried all of the options: the gangnam dancebooth app didn't work neithet did doing a full restore. Seems like it is a hardware issue. It okay because I have apple care, but I'm travelling in the Middle East for 6 months so I can't bring my phone in until I'm bak home after this trip. Ugh.. Oh well... If anyone has any other tips, keep em coming and good luck :)

  • kalahuala Level 1 Level 1

    Hello. There is somehing terribly wrong going on!  I had the same experience with my iphone 4. Speakers starting acting up (better said stopped working) after the last software update. Even though the speakers worked when selected with calls, they would not work with YouTube or my music. The Volume slide bar has dissapeared...


    I tried the Gangnam app as phoe1 speakers work with it!  I am terribly dissapointed with the Apple Genius support team...they should now better!  Today I spent 5 hours waiting (since I was a walk-in) and the said it was a hardware problem...not a software problem. This proves them wrong!.  This is not our fault...why can't they fix the phone or do something....the update is creating a problem or conflict of some sort. The Genius team told me that "some cable" connecting with the speaker was the culprit and that I had to replace the phone would cost me $149 ?????


    How can we get some support?

  • Douglas Orr1 Level 1 Level 1

    I posted this a while ago, but I'm re-posting since the thread has gotten active again:


    The fix that worked for me was the following:

    I went into Settings>Sounds and then under Ringer and Alerts, I turned off the Change With Buttons setting. I also turned the Ringer and Alert volume slider all the way down and then back up again. Then, the things that hadn't been working through the speakers began working. Next, I went back into the settings and turned the Change with Buttons setting back on and everything continued to work.


    I'm not sure if I needed to do both things to make this work. My guess is that turning the Ringer and Alerts volume slider down and up in the Sounds pane was probably unnecessary, but in case it was needed I included it in this post.


    I have not had the problem again since I did this. Hope it helps.

  • kalahuala Level 1 Level 1

    I did not. Thanks anyway!

  • Welshros Level 1 Level 1

    I just figured one possible 'fix' for the phone thinking it's in 'docking' mode, when even placing it on a docking station doesn't work. I went into Settings, then Sounds, then the options for my calendar sounds, just press a few options for the sounds, and you should hear a sound (when trying it in text sounds it wouldn't make any sounds at first until I went to the calendar one), after that my speakers worked once again for texts and music. I only just did this and will have my fingers crossed it won't go back to docking mode. Good luck all!

  • Welshros Level 1 Level 1 my previous 'fix', when in Settings, go to Reminders, or Calendars and 'test' the different notification tones, if you hear them, then most likely your speaker is fixed.

  • kalahuala Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks Welshros. I tried it but with no positive results....I do appreciate your support.  This is weird...I do get sounds for example for the keypad and for well as for the gangham application.  I also get sound if I plug my headphones for music and the rest that I don't get sound normally. I have already cleaned the sockets..(the headphone jack and the docking). ???  I am not even getting sound for the "locking" when I press the sleep button.



  • Howdidoo Level 1 Level 1

    Hi All,

    I had this Sound / Speaker issue too on my iPhone 4S, with only Ringtone & Headphones working and no other sound coming despite several software hacks and solutions read on forums here. I managed to solve it today after reading online for a perfect solution.

    This seems to be a fairly frequent problem amongst users who are using 3rd party (Cheap Chinese) dock connectors or chargers. There is some residue on the charging connector and hence it seems to be stuck in Dock/Headphone mode. I personally had this issue that only Ringtone and Headphone were working. I cleared some stuck particles from the dock connector in iPhone below and voila ! Sound works perfectly. Try it using a cotton bud / swab with removed cotton or I did it with inverted metal paper clip carefully avoiding to scrap and destroy the PCB board. (Other common solution was to remove water particles from headphone hole but I didnt have any)

    All the best,

    Cheers !

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