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    Did you try calling Apple support directly? That's what finally worked for me. However, I do have Apple Care +, so I'm not sure how that figured in. My new phone is waiting for me at home. YAY!

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    Thank you to shyamfromrockville my speakers on my phone are now working perfectly.  I place the phone on the dock and played music through it. When I took it off the dock the speakers were working perfectly.  You right, it must be the new software and the fact that the phone thinks it is in dock mode.  Needs to be sorted by apple.



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    I bought an iPhone 4S for my son for Christmas and it worked fine until yesterday when he started experiencing the same problem as mentioned here- sound only seemed to work with the ringer and notifications and not with music, videos, and the volume control was missing.  After reading all the way through this thread I determined that our problem was not IOS update related (he had updated it as soon as he got the phone a month ago) so I assumed it was more related to dirt or something on the charging area.  Someone had suggested cleaning it with a Q-Tip or paper clip and another suggested blasting it with air-in-a-can.  I did the lazy man's way and simply blew into it very hard and magically my problem was fixed.  Any of you experiencing this problem should give this a try.  Of the two types of problems mentioned here, this seems to be more easily fixable than the software/update related problem.

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    I actually updated my phone last night. All I can hear is my ringtone. That's it. I can't hear any notifications. My speaker shouldn't be blown because I can hear my music. But everything was working perfectly before the update. I did call Verizon and I did speak with apple advisor. They told me the best solution was to come into the apple store to take a look. But I did all the necessary steps and I thought the sounds would be back on. It kinda worked for me last night. I am getting discouraged.

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    My 4S is doing exactly the same. Had no problems and then for no reason, no sound - except on ring tone and music. Other than that no sounds elsewhere.


    I hoped the IOS update yesterday woould solve it. Nope. Such a pain.

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    Hi Guys,


    I went back to the Apple Service Centre in Shanghai to get my phone fixed (previously no sound at all from speakers).

    They didnt say what went wrong, they just went ahead and changed the battery and the entire motherboard.


    Solved the problem, but apparently, they did not diagnose the root either.




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    We all have the problem now over moth and no Fix from Apple also not on iOS 6.1.


    Many user are loking for the reason of this problem.( No sound from Video Music or other App`s over the speaker, but ring tones are ok. )


    I think it must be easy to c or any other should have the possibility to make an downgrade form the iOs  to 5.?????.

    If than the problem still exist it should be an hardware problem.

    If not and this is my opinion the problem is Apple responsibility. Than Apple has with iOS 6.0 made this problem, and destroyed my iPhone 4. This all in the 24 warranty  moth in Germany if Apple is also the dealer of the product. As in my case.

    I Have Apple Support contacted but the problem is up to now not fixed.

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    Hi Guys


    I am from Denmark (Europe) and search on google about this speaker problem.

    It seems that i am the only one from Denmark

    My speaker stopped working after i updated to 6.0. I thougt the speaker was damaged but if the phone rings

    there isnt any problem.


    Now with ios 6.1 i still have the same issue. No sound on itunes,musik youtube.

    Man that *****. Maybe i should have chosen the Samsung Galaxy instead....


    My 4s is only 10 month old. Come on Apple. get this working.......

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    Mr Denmark,

    If your phone is less than one year old, I believe that apple is supposed to replace it for free. If there is an Apple store near you go there and ask, otherwise call customer service. Good luck!

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    Dear ALL:

    I have 3 iphone 4S, one of them got the same speaker problem after updating the software. The solution has been found:

    1. Connect the phone by the data cable to your computer to itune.

    2. Restore the phone as new phone.


    The problem is solved.


    Please make sure that you back up your contact info. and other info. and/or applications to your itune account in your computer before restoring, because the restore process wipes out everything from your phone.

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    Bin there done that - still not working


    I will go to my Apple center and see if i can get a new 4s, since mine is only 10 month old.


    Regards from Denmark

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    I updated my iPhone 4S when the iOS 6.1 first came out... The other day my alarms on my phone went off but had no sound... Now I have no sound at all on my speakers. I can only talk on the phone, and listen to my music on a dock or with head phones. I can't hear any ring tones or notifications... Has anyone else had a problem like this?


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    Same problem here....


    Rang up, was put on (long) hold, turned on speaker while waiting and after 2 secs NO sound in speaker. And still no sound in speakers.


    Have tried restoring without any effect! Still no sound in speakers.


    Yes, I am running iOS 6.1



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    I had the same problem after searching the web this video on youtube helped me fix the problem. Only but in this is you need a jb to fix it.


    check this video out:

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    On My iPhone 4 JB does not help.

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