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    I experienced the same thing with my iPhone 4 last night.  I did the upgrade and bam, my sound was gone!  I am convinced it was the update, it has got to be, and once I started reading other people were having the same problem I was even more convinced that it was a software bug.  Luckily my sound has returned, for how long I do not know!  I am hoping it will be OK, but I doubt it.  What number did you phone for Apple?  I am surprised they changed it for you out of warranty :-)

  • kaew1234 Level 1 (0 points)

    Guys the same thing happened to me!  Luckily my sound is working now, for how long is the question, I hope it works ok now all the time!  Lol.  I have a sneaky feeling this isn't the case though as to what I have read.


    Well I updated my iPhone 4 and bam!  My sound didn't work correctly.  It would play my ring tone, but not my tone and the key pad clicks through the device.  It would not play music, video's, or app music either through the actual device.  But if I plugged the headphones in hey presto the sound would play just fine through those.  Also whilst I was on the phone this would work ok, and ok on the speaker phone.  My alarm would play sounds also.  If I pressed the volume buttons, I just got a blank ringer with no tab's underneath.


    I tried restoring it, cleaning it, nowt worked.  Just woke up this morning and the sound was working again.  The sound was out for at least 5 hours last night.


    Sort it Apple!  Clearly you are at fault here!  All this money we pay for our phones and this is happening, jeez :-(

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    I've had the exact same problem since updating the software to iOS 6.1. No sound whatsoever for over a month now! I finally called Apple and they say it's a hardware issue and it'll cost $200 for a new one, but hey, they'll give me a deal and give me free shipping.



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    And just to add insult to injury Classy, the $200 will get you a refurbished 4S phone with a 90 day warranty :-(

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    Same issue here with 2 Iphone 4s after the update.


    My Sony Dock Station no longer works, also my Sennheiser EarBuds (bought from Apple Store) no longer work.


    I am an APPLE fan and this makes me sick to my stomach.  Let's fix this already.



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    I am having the same problem with my wifes 4S, so glad i switched to the Galaxy s3 much better phone.


    So is Apple's stance going to be everyone's hardware failed at the sametime of the update?

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    If you have Apple care on your 4S of course it will be transfered, thats why Applecare is worth getting, and since its transfereable you can see it with your phone, increases the value really. If your 4S has a one year warranty and it dies in that year you still have the remainding time left if you have it swapped out. Refurbished units are indistinguable from new phones, so I can't see what the issue is.

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    Settings > General > Accessibility > Mono Audio  Turn it off (or move the slider back to the middle from the left).


    My daughters iPhone 4s hasnt been updated to IOS 6 yet but still had the issue of only playing left speaker in her Stereo dock and when using headphones. The resolution I have above in red worked fine, thanks very much to diesel vdub

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    Well first off for all of you people who replaced your speakers are not the smartest because that isn't the problem. The problem is the softwere. When turning up the volume before IOS 6, there was a speaker that popped up on the screen with little rectangles that moved up and down showing how loud or soft the volume is. Now, after updating to IOS 6, the rectangles do not appear. Also, when in the locked home screen, the volume could be adjusted before the update when the home button was pressed twice and then a bar would appear and you could slide for volume.

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    Some news from Denmark. I Got to the Apple store and showed them the problem.

    They didn't know the problem but also ment that this must be software bug.

    Since I bought my phone somewhere else they said to bring it to the shop

    And talk with them. So went to the shop where I bought the phone and the only thing they

    Told me was, that they could send it in for repair but it would take up to 10 working days without any phone.

    I have still to month of guaranty.




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    I've never dropped my phone, but once I updated to OS 6.1.2 the speaker stopped working.  I called Apple and was given a case #.  Three people and a manager later and no one knew about this issue except for the first person (only because he had just received a call prior to mine with the same problem).  They suggested I back up my phone and restore the settings.  Nothing has changed.  I was given an appointment with an Apple store to see if they can determine whether it's a hardware or software issue.  I will report back tomorrow.


    This is the most ridiculous experience I've ever had with Apple.  I'm incredibly disappointed and understand why Samsung has beat them out for having a "loyal customer base."  I'm considering the Galaxy after this fiasco. 

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    Same boat here ... updated the phone to OS 6.1.2 and the speakers on the phone cut out. Babied this phone and have never abused it. I am with all of you guys thinking that this is a major software bug.

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    I too have the same problem, no notification sound, but phone rings and I can talk etc, alarm working but music only works when docked? no volume slider showing and cannot adjust volume from side buttons. I have just spent and hour with Apple on phone (free phone number 08000480408) done reset to new etc etc still the same, senior adviser Aiden told me he'd never heard of this before?! I wonder just how many people bother to report it to apple. My phone is out of warranty so i am stuffed!

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    Is Apple ever going to develop a fix for the problems created by their recent operating system updates?  When I first uploaded ios6.0 to my iphone 4s, the voice activated controls of my Ford sync system stoped working with the i-phone (bluetooth connectivity remains but has fewer controls than the USB connection).   Then I updated to ios6.1.2 and my Phillips Speaker Dock stopped working and my I-Home alarm clock no longer wakes me to music.  I chatted with the Apple peoplee on line and they had no Apple sponsored solutions.

    Do Apple technicians ever look at these posts.  If Apple dosen't resolve this soon, I will never buy another Apple product.  I think that abandoning customers this way is unethical!


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    it didnt work for me

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