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  • AndyTNZ Level 1 (0 points)

    Strangely, the new Apple Maps app isn't too bad down here in lil'old Christchurch New Zealand and on balance I'm pleased with the upgrade to iOS6. It's not as good as Google Maps, but far better than the blurry images I see of my old home village in rural south east England and other places around the globe. Odd considering Apple normally ignores New Zealand as a small low yielding economy for them (e.g. no real Apple stores and no books in iTunes other than ancient out-of-copyright classics) but the UK is one of their top markets. Makes you wonder how they chose their priorities on this. Have to agree it's an absolute ****-up for them and it will be interesting to see how Tim Cook manages the fall-out and whose head will publically roll at senior VP level for letting this happen to the Apple brand. They need to act very quickly and effectively ..... or I reckon history will show this to be the defining turning point in Apple's stellar fortunes of the last five years or so.

  • DDetloff Level 1 (0 points)

    All the street names in my area of Fair Haven, MI are out of position by one street. When using Maps, Find my iPhone or Find my iPad, it shows my home location as being one street over from my home.

  • wordgirl56 Level 1 (0 points)

    This whole conversation has been incredibly useful for me, so thanks to everyone who posted. I'm in the market for a smartphone, and with all the comments about iOS6, I'm now inclined to buy a refurbished 4S, 32GB. Unfortunately, Apple only now has the 16GB available in the 4S, so I feel sort of stuck, since I would like Google maps for traveling, and Apple's new map app doesn't sound up to the task.

  • massiveness Level 1 (0 points)

    and if you have an iphone 4 you dont even get the benefit of the 'toy' flyover mode or directions ...just inferior maps.great.

  • Indo Jimbo Level 1 (0 points)

    thanks for the black and white maps Apple.


    Bring back the colourful, well documented and well turthed Google Maps.


    Stop reinventing the wheel!  You did great with the smart phone, but no smart maps here

  • Code_Red Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm all for progress, and I see what Apple are trying to do here but what you don't do is replace a quality product with a half-finished one, which is clearly what the Apple Maps app is.


    It's like Ford taking away your Mercedes E-Class and replacing it with four wheels and a chassis and saying "in a year or so it'll be MUCH better than your Merc!"


    Apple could have handled it better either by -


    1. Finishing the blasted thing before releasing it or


    2. Keeping Google Maps on the iOS alongside the new maps app until development was finished


    3. Sticking the Google Maps app on the store so those of us who aren't interested in 3D renderings and like Street View can still keep it.

  • Innovetive_apple Level 1 (0 points)

    "Steve Jobs would have never allowed such a mediocre application to be included in the iOS."



    Dear Tim Cook -



    are you listening? You are destroying legacy of Lt. Steve Jobs. We love this company and its products because we know, he would always come out with best experience for consumers. As a consumer I care less about what your problem is with Google, I just feel like my new iPhone 5 is piece of shiny box missing critical functionality. I thought with unique relationship we share with iPhone you take changing it very seriously!!??

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    Sadly there's no going back!

    No going back to the days of steve jobs who made software that worked. It just worked.

    And thats why apple became great. I cannot find the words to describe how bad apple maps are. The vision is gone and the credibility is gone. I own all the products apple produce and would rave to anybody who would listen as to how great the are. Many upgraded to apple as a result. Now i find after hoping that this release of the next iphone maybe maps would be better, battery wouldnt die after some use and the processor wouldnt lag so much. Well i have been sickened again and very possibly for the last time.

    RIP the visionary

  • James Bertino Level 1 (25 points)

    My Advise is... DONT DO IT.. YET! Apple is clearly dropping the ball here and the loss of Steve jobs is becoming appearent as the company loses its grip as the best there is.. I cant upgrade to iOS6 because the tax software I use has not been approved for iOS6 yet.. I cannot believe the lack of leadership the company is experiencing... Mr Cook better wake up and Quick...

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    Having had a fault free iphone4 for two years, I was waiting to see what the 5 would be like. If it had have been a bit wider and nearly an inch longer, I would have bought one, but as it looks night on the same as Iphone 4, then there is no point, It maybe faster, lighter, but as they have knocked Google Maps off the phone, amongst other IOS6 lash ups, I won't be having one at all. Apple, as said here, should have kept Google maps in App store till their version was as good, if ever. I will miss Street View, so I am off to Android, probably an S3 Galaxy.

    Bye Apple, see you in two years,- more if you keep dishing out the same old crud.


    PS. Apple will sue Samsung till one day Samsung will turn round and say, "make your own bits for your phones, see how you get on then ".

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    Please bring back Google Maps! So much of our mobile lifestyle depends on it. The new maps app is horrible and inaccurate. It is an EPIC FAIL! I've been buying Apple products for decades...iPods, MacBook Pros, every iPhone version since 2007. Apple creates great products and easy to use software but some applications should be left to those who have developed a top notch solution. Google Maps has been an excellent not try to improve in areas that others can do better.


    While the flyover view is cool, it is limited to major cities and really just a silly novelty. I'd rather see actual full images rather than a stitched together virtual video game like world. Google's street view is a must and way more useful as it allows one to get a close up view of streets, landmarks and building facades before arriving. I live in New York and having public transportation directions within seconds from within the maps app is a crucial part of the mobile experience.


    Suggestion: If Apple insists on peddling this inferior maps app, perhaps make both apps available with a setting to choose a default preference. Otherwise you are just spitting in the face of you loyal customer base.


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  • wordgirl56 Level 1 (0 points)

    I looked at the Samsung Galaxy today, and the screen is amazingly bright, with crisp images. The only problem for me is that size-wise, it's really big! It didn't feel as comfortable in the hand as the iPhone.

    At the AT&T store closest  to my office in Washington, DC, the iPhone 5 sold out immediately (long line down the block, of course), and they had no idea, and didn't get any word from Apple, when a new shipment was coming in.

  • PaulC1956 Level 1 (0 points)

    If you are thinking of upgrading to ios6, to quote a line often used in movies "Step away from the upgrade!" Just wait and see if they sort out things like these terrible maps. The area I live in has turned into a blurry mess! I can't make anything out at all! A real shame!! Also not a good time to make this kind of mistake, with Android getting more publicity and Windows 8 just around the corner. Get ready for a tablet war! Now where did I put my Galaxy Tab?

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    the maps must be rubbish. (see new dublin airport fiasco EPIC FAIL it is). google maps were vvvv accurate and far better than garmin on my various gps systems (this always amazed me).

    why change this? i will hold out on ios6 upgrade



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  • amy_lou Level 4 (1,550 points)

    The best way to remedy the situation is to either use the google maps app available from or to use the integrated map and give tomtom feedback. They are the company that supplies the data for the Apple maps app, Apple just gave them the interface technology to create the app. To report problems with particular locations, tap on the upturned page image in the maps app in the lower right corner and select 'report a problem'

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