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    This is caused by cheap wifi chip being soldered in by the cheapest labour costs possible then new software overheating the cheap chip and it then becomes loose as the updated software is murder so will affect 4 and 4s phones never buy I products stick to sammys never looked back since I swapped  sick of fixing my mates ibangers

  • harps2299 Level 1 Level 1

    I like how u put samsung in bold letters but unlike you im writing this on my s4 whilst connected to my wifi had no probs with s3 note note 2 whats that say about iphones there like over priced cars bought for the badge

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    Hi all


    FYI i am a victim of this issue, i have try all the hot/cold and it works only few days. i even go to Apple shop, they said since i am out of warrently, i need to paid USD280 for replacement.


    I ultermately go to a local shop to do a reflow and now everything is ok.

    I heard that this issue is normal for iphone 4S, it happen since IOS 6.1.4


    no one know the actual course, it just specaluate that it could be the soldering is not robus enough and when there is suddent hot/cold, it will make the soldering brittle and easy to break.
    If you all know/experience with ios 6.1.4. and ios7 on iphone 4S, you all should know that it get very hot easily even just doing FBing for 10 minute as compare to iphone 3 and iphone 5.


    Basically what i am saiding is that i believe/think the cause is phone hardware itself, but the catalyst is IOS 7. If you all take note of ios 7, it switch between 3G and wifi very frequently (never have it so frequently on ios 6.1.4)


    With this i would suggest to forget about the cold/hot treatement as it may not last long, try to paid a little(i paid USD64) for the reflow. i believe it will last more than one years, depend on the quality of the reflow.


    And if you have an iphone that its warently about to expire, get it change with apps store, just said the wifi/bluetooth intermitten offline. At least i believe the referbish piece will last another oneyear or more.


    I have said me piece. Hope it helps. So forget about apple, its of no use arging, they will never help you  and they will definately never going to admit that their Iphone 4S is of low quality and wil never recall like Toyota, unless iphone get exploded.

    I found this in the internet and somehow i agreed reflow is the solution.

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    thye666 wrote:


    Hi all


    Basically what i am saiding is that i believe/think the cause is phone hardware itself, but the catalyst is IOS 7.

    The only flaw in that arguement is this: Does ios 6.1.3 wifi issues get solved in next update? There were similar threads for other versions - iOS 5, iOS 4 even. So I agree there is a catalyst, but I think it is the act of updating, not the specific version you update to. And likely the hardware was failing before the update (some people report the problem unassociated with any update), but the update pushed it over the edge.

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    Ok lets not argue on it, i have to agreed with "act of updating" is the catalyst.

    The only solution is to do reflow.


    And from your commment "hardware was failing before the update". This, hardware was failing, is not one person but so many reported case it means iphone 4S itself is substandard.

    So means apple should have the courtesy (not ibility if out of warrently) to help resolve it. A recall to do reflow or maybe give voucher $$$ for all affected Iphone 4s to repair it. Forget about one to one exchange it (this policy) *****.

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    well got my 16 month I phone sorted,at apple in bluewater,argued till we was blue in the face and got no where,same old crap from apple that its not there fault,so I said "well how have I broke it then",they said, "you haven't"????????????????but £130 later I left with a new phone and if it wasn't for me promising to hand my phone down to one of my children in march (when I can upgrade early)I would of told apple to put the phone where the sun don't shine (as what good is a phone to a teenager without wi-fi!)as for my upgrade in march I certainly will not be going apples way, I am  out of spite to the crap customer services from apple and ripping me of at bluewater due to no fault of my own I will turning to samsung,so apple you will S..T out in march from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    In my opinion it definitely is a hardware error of a substandard quality wifi chip in the iPhone 4S.

    The3 installation of the new iOS just pushes it over the edge.

    And when you do a search on the internet you'll find plenty of people having had the same issue with the installation of iOS 6. However, at the time of the introduction of iOS 6, all iPhone 4s users still qualified for Apple warranty, since all phones were still less than a year old.

    With as result that people affected went to Apple, got their replacement, felt appreciated, and everyone was happy.


    However now with the introduction of iOS7, the story is very different: practically all iPhone 4S users -unaware of their iPhone having a substandard quality Wifi chip- suddenly experiencing this problem after installing iOS 7 find they are in serious and costly trouble:

    - the warranty has expired

    - apple does not take their responsibility

    - and even now -being aware of this issue- Apple is not doing any damage control and taking their responsibility by warning other 4S users NOT to upgrade to iOS7, since that would mean having to admit there is something wrong with the 4s, which costs money and might mean reputational damage.


    Well Apple executives; I can assure you not doing anything at all damages your image much more !!


    I find this behaviour appalling; Apple really needs to address this issue ASAP and make the iOS7 firmware unavailable for the iPhone 4S. Not doing so and being fully aware by now of this present issue makes Apple imho fully responsible for all new cases of iPhone 4S users -unaware of this issue- installing the iOS 7 firmware from now on.




    The WIFI chip of the iPhone 4S is simply not trustworthy !!

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    If you are in the uk u get a 24 month warranty as we are part of the eu so we get 2 years

  • Lawrence Finch Level 8 Level 8
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    And you posted this advice to a thread about WiFi problems with iOS 6? Do you not see the irony?

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    Further to my previous posts, I have now had my iPhone 4S replaced under warranty here in Australia (2 years warranty thankfully), and my refreshed unit is working well thus far.


    My issue with Apple Corp. is that to date they have not acknowledged the problem or its cause, which given the widespread nature of the issue, is either a manufacturing fault (poor soldering) or a batch of faulty components (WiFi chip?). The end result is many thousands of iPhone customers inconvenienced and/or out of pocket for something which should have been rectified by Apple free-of-charge.


    It seems clear from many posters that Apple will lose a lot of credibility over this, and no doubt lose many future iPhone sales as well.

  • Bin Kroon Level 1 Level 1

    the 2 years warranty in the EU is for consumers only not for businesses.

    When you have had the invoice made out on your company, like I have, I am self employed, it's only one year...

    Apple here knows this very well and look up your details.

    When the invoice states a company name as a buyer: no 2yr warranty

  • Bin Kroon Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Lawrence, I am fully aware of this and no it is not irony.

    As I wrote it is not only an issue with iOS7, this problem already existed with iOS6.

    Only at the time of iOS6 almost everyone still could claim their one year warranty, which resulted in less frustration. But nonetheless the problem already existed with the introduction of iOS6.

    In my case, I upgraded my firmware from iOS5 (yep!) to iOS7 last week. The reason being that one of the apps I use quite a bit was no longer supported under iOS 5 due to changes in the Dropbox API early september.

    Otherwise actually I would gladly have stayed with iOS 5, which just did what I needed.

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    Had the same issues on ios6 hoped it would be fixed in ios7 but sadly not.


    Since it works sporadically I can only conclude it is a technical problem.


    Also since it is heat related and starts/stops to work with temperature changes it reminds me about my macbook pro with the Nvidia 8600 chipset. It also overheated and the soldering failed since it had too many extreme hot/cold cycles.


    Apple only fixed this issue after a class action lawsuit... just sayin'...


    ps: to the moderator, are you removing my post since I mention "class action lawsuit" ?

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    kareldc2 wrote:




    ps: to the moderator, are you removing my post since I mention *****

    Most likely.