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    i got the same problem


    i don't know what order the photo's are sorted, seems to be none of the previous sorting orders like, name, date created etc. please help !!!

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    Noticed the same problem when synching photos to my ipad. I use Iphoto for my ipad-photos. When searching Apple support it only tells me that it synch by modfied date by default. Who use modified date as default sorting? Capture date or filename I could understand, but not modified date.


    Really annoying. I have to manually set the modified date on all photos to get it to sort properly...

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    Excuse me my English, I only take a internet translator.


    Had the same problem,

    tried second level Apple support. After their conversation with many tests, we came to the conclusion:

    -The problem is not iOS error (not only in my iPhone 5 with a 6.01 and iPad 2 with 6.01 but also with iPhone 3 g with 4.2.1 it occurs) or iPhoto error but an iTunes bug.

    -Also occurs when some photos that were made with a single camera. But mostly for photos with two different cameras.

    -When you synchronize it with iPhotos events it can at occur not avoid, because the events are sorted always date and time.

    -Workaround if you use Mac and iPhoto. No idea with Windows syncing photos in a directory:

    Create albums, for example from the event in the library to create an album.

    Then there is the album as well as the events sorted by date.

    Now switch to manual sorting, e.g. through moving image on position 1 to position 2 and moving then back on position 1.

    This is the sorting (iPhoto menu, photos sort) set to manual.

    You can also just above the menu in iPhoto, sort photos "by date" switch to "Manual" but sometimes the pictures are then sorted totally messed up.

    So rather on display, sort photos by date or time so set and then move a picture in this album to a position immediately back slide and. This will be converted to manual sorting.

    Then, the photos in iOS devices are displayed correctly.

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    When I use iTunes, all the photos sync by name and sub folder.


    When I upgraded to 10.7, they sync by date. I have over 40,000 images and need them organized so sorting by name is the best.


    I can't update my phone to OS6 because I will need at least 10.6.3 and I think that syncs by date also.


    It's definitely an iTunes bug!!!!!

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    I'm confused with Turgi's response. I've been with 4 genius bar experts a 2nd tier i0s6 person and a second tier apple expert and all have the same problem where items won't sync anymore by name, only date right now. I'm praying that it's fixed soon or I might as well throw my ipad away.


    Also, if you sort each album manually (in i photo), it usually goes back to the exact order that I imported the photos or scanned images at, which is not always by name. It makes no sense about how things sync correctly if done manually. I did recently get all of my albums and photos in the albums to sync in order by doing the following.

    1. I did a whole new iphoto library with newly named albums. 2. I imported all photos to each album by name order. I then had to go to view and sort by name on each album. 3. I then trashed the i photo cache. 4. Then I synced with i tunes (note: I have all the latest of mountain lion, i photo, i tunes etc...). Then all albums and photos in the albums did sync correctly. -----------But now if I add photos to any albums, they won't add when I re-sync. And I've tried re-syncing unchecking the album and then re-checking it too. Also, this only works with i photo. I tried doing the same with aperture and files on my mac, and the albums will sync in order but not the photos in them.

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    The workaround to the bug is that you have to sort the album to manually:

    First sort the photos in album like you want (Date, Titel, Points, ...)

    Second switch to manual sorting through moving image on position 1 to position 2 and moving then back to position 1.

    Don't switch to manual sortin over the iPhoto menu.

    Then sync.

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    Here is my observation on the iOS 6 photo sort order problem - when I view the photos of my latest vacation on my iPad or iPhone, they are are sorted in very strange ways:


    1. First, they are sorted by camera type (Nikon D7000, Canon Powershot S100, iPhone 4S)


    2. Second, they are sorted by picture orientation (landscape first, then portrait)


    3. Third, they are sorted by creation date


    I'm at work and I don't have access to my MacBook Air (latest versions of Mountain Lion, iTunes, and iPhoto installed), so I can't check any of those settings.  I'm interested to find out if the above criteria are actual sorting options.

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    This is a bug on itunes 10.7 now.

    Synchronised albums in iOS had the same sorting as in iPhoto if you use early itunes versions!

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    I still don't understand how you sort manually without using the i photo menu unless you are going into each album and moving the actual photos around-----which I can never have time to do, since I have about 88 albums with anywhere from 50-4000 organized photos in each album for a rough total of 23000 photos.

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    This is precisly what's happening to me, and it definately changed with either the last iTunes update or the last iPhoto update.  I can't be sure.  I'd be willing to bet it's iTunes, since the photos display in iPhoto just fine.


    I can confirm there's an issue with one of those programs, NOT with iOS 6 specifically. iTunes and iPhoto are up to date as of this post, having updated both within the last week or so as updates were available. All photos are grouped into Events within iPhoto.


    1. I removed photo synching from all iOS devices, and deleted the iPod photo cache.

    2. In iPhoto, I reset manual sorting, switched from date descending to date ascending (what I want). Everything in iPhoto displays correctly.


    Those two steps have fixed sorting issues in the past


    3. Sync photos to iPhone with iOS 6.0.1

    4. All photos are correctly ordered, with the exeption of the photos imported SINCE the last iPhoto (or iTunes) update.  THESE, and only these photos are sorted by import date, NOT date taken, so they are appended to the very end of the event.

    5. I repeated the process with an iPhone still on iOS 5.1.1 - same result.


    So, this issue is sync related, not iOS related.  Again, I can't be sure if it's an iPhoto or iTunes thin, but a recent update of one of those (or both?) has messed this up.

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    As a Win user this wasn't a problem on a device running iOS5 device that was synced to the latest iTunes.  However, when I  to iOS6, the problem became evident.


    Perhaps iOS6 and/or iTunes7 use  different sorting parameters for MacOSX and Windows OS.


    I just hope that with enough forum and feedback noise, Apple notice and decide to fix this very annoying issue.

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    I also have not found a way to order the photos within a folder using the ipad photos app, however I have been able to do this using the app "photoMgrPro". This provide several sort options, including sorting manually or by file name. It's slide show options are similar to apple photos album. I find sorting by filename convenient because of my work flow. I use collections, within Lightroom, to organize my photos. I then export them to a folder. While exporting one has the option of renaming the photos with a custom name. I chose sequence number (01, 02, etc.) followed by file name. After exporting the photos, they are imported to the ipad using iTunes and the "photomgrpro" app. Finally, within photomgrpro I sort by filename. Of course you can apply a custom file name many other ways, or sort manually within photomgrpro. Yes, it is frustrating that Apple Photos app does not provide a simple way to order photos, but at least there is a way around the problem.

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    Turgi's workaround fixed the issue for me. Thanks a lot. I am syncing iPhoto (9.4.2) albums with iTunes on a Mac. The trick is as he explained. Use manual sort. But do not switch to manual sort with the View -> Sort Photos -> Manually command. Instead do as he described: move one photo then move it back. You will then retain the previous order but you have then switched "automatically" to manual order.

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    Your suggestion worked beautifully.  I knew someone on this Discussion Group would find a reasonable work around until Apple gets it fixed. Your suggestion was simple.  Thank you for participating, finding and posting this work around.  I am forwarding this work around to the Apple engineer I have been working with on this bug.  Now at least Apple Support will have a work around to offer their customers until it is fixed.


    Thanks Again!

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    If I read the suggestion correctly, it needs iphoto.


    Some of us are on PC's and simply use itunes to do the syncing with the ipad.  :-(

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