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    Apple recommends doing this monthly.

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    Its almost like owning a Windows product again.

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    IOS 6.0


    On ipad 3 becouse i have a problem short battery life , i restore my ipad 16 gb wifi and set up as a new ipad on ios 6 . This ipad is NEW. One mounth old! 2x times RESTORE .  BUT THAT DIDN'T FIX BATTERY SHORT LIFE !!!!! 4h Hours SHORTER  at the same usage and same settings I realy love apple product's , but this is not first time that apple have a big problem to back previously "good" BATTERY . IT'S HORRIBLE !!!!!  IF THAY DON'T FIX BATTERY ISSUSE VERRY SOON this is my LAST product i bought !!!!!! I am a user which i have  iphone 4, 4s, now iphone 5 and ipad 3 (new ipad). USER WICH GAVE A APLLE BIG MONY FOR THAT PRODUCTS!!!  I hope so that someone in apple read this  becouse they will lose a big coustemer in future whith mistakes in battery life ,maps ...

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    Chiming in ...


    I updated iOS 6 last Thursday (9/27) and on Friday suddenly had no signal.  Could not make or receive calls or non-iMessage texts.  Went back and forth with AT&T on Twitter, eventually the signal moderately improved several days later.


    On Friday (10/5), I noticed a rapid battery-life draining.  I have nothing running in the background, no SIRI, location services off of nearly everything, notifications off except for messaging, BlueTooth off, WiFi off, screen dim, etc. etc.  And my phone will last only about 3 hours even if it is just sitting here, not playing music or running anything.


    I am trying to run the battery all the way down in hopes that this fixes things.  If not, I will have to get a batterfy backup option to tide me over until I'm due for an upgrade in May. 


    Meanwhile, I have lost transit directions on my Maps app (I'm in an urban area without a car), Passbook is underwhelming, and no other iOS6 feautures seem to work or add value. 



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    +2 to the list of those affected.


    Both my wife and I made the mistke of upgrading to IOS6 on our 4S's and now we can watch the battery % drain as the phone heats up. I actually wiped my 4S and set it up as a new phone...battery life was back to normal for a couple days, but it just started dropping like a rock again. ;-(


    Really need Apple to push out a fix to this nasty bug...makes the phones basically unusable...

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    Make that +3....just found out my daughter had updated her 3GS and it too is now burning through its charge. Strangely though it didn't start until after she agree to download the updated set of Apple apps from the app store (iBooks, Find My Friends. Podcasts, Apple Store, Find My iPhone, etc).


    Maybe instead of free bumper cases this time Apple can issue us all *really* long charging cables so we can just keep our phones plugged in all the time ;-)

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    Ok, many people are saying that restoring your iphone 5 from an icloud back up is culprit in its battery issues and to fix it restore as a new phone. UUUHHHMMM NO, right? anyone? what does that have to do with your battrery life, its hardawre right? anyone again? ive have tried the restore, but at the same time i turned off ALL notification and location settings, alerts, ect,, I charged it monday morning, i just text and phone with it and calender and mail, i use my ipad for most everything else. At night i put it on airplane mode and just this morning THURDAY, im at 13%,, awesome? anyone? im thinking alot of people are restoring there phones and turning off location, ect, stuff at the same time and think the restore did it!  DOES ANYONE KNOW SPECIFICALLY IF DOING A RESTORE AS NEW PHONE ALONE! AFFECTS THE BATTERY AT ALL???????????????????

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    My Ihone4 battery quit with the ios6. I have apple care and they connected to my phone and determined my battery had died . They sent me a new iPhone 4 under warranty. I downloaded ios6 and have been using it normal for a week. All looks good. I don't know what the difference is between my old 4 and the new 4 but all is well so far. I have a iPad 2 and downloaded ios6 no issues so far. I think Apple fixed my problems?  

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    agreed its not a matter of restoring your phone as new, the battery just *****(literally energy)

  • appleteam6 Level 1 (10 points)

    then that means its defenitley in iso 6, because my iphone 4 rocked too, until the update, i think all the notifications and intergrating facebook and twitter really uses the juice

  • appleteam6 Level 1 (10 points)

    i just dont understand why people are saying to do a full re install, thats not the problem, placebo maybe, the battery is hardware!

  • appleteam6 Level 1 (10 points)

    Its also hard to tell if the iso 6 update affected the ipad battery, because the battery life is so long to really tell, if i use my iphone 5, just as a phone, everything else shut off its last 3 to 4 days

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    thats what i think, my iphone 4 battery rocked! then i got the ip5 and booooooo, everyone is saying restore as new but i dont think thats the issue!

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    @appleteam6 - people are saying that it is an IOS 6 bug because the problem is not tied to just new iPhone 5's. I can personally attest that the battery drain problem appeared immediately after an upgrade to IOS6 on both a 4S and a 3GS...which means it is a software bug, not a hardware problem.


    People are suggesting a complete DFU reinstall as a new phone as a way to get a clean install of IOS 6 to see if that helps solve the issue. Again, I can attest that for me personally it solved the problem completely for a few days on a 4S but then the issue reappeared. The fact that the issue came back after a DFU reinstall, along with the fact that it is appearing on many brand new iPhone 5's that theoretically had a clean IOS 6 install to begin with, suggests that the underlying problem is indeed a complicated bug rather than just an upgrade from IOS 5 that didn't go perfectly...

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    As an IT professional with over 38 years of experience with computing platforms, may I suggest that we all hang tough until a patch is released?


    I'm reading a lot of conjecture and non-factual information that is just going to aggravate folks and waste a lot of valuable time. There is a code issue with iOS 6 affecting some platforms. While some may also have underlying hardware issues with their devices, the problem with power drain on iOS 6 with some phones is a known issue to the carriers and Apple.


    I recommend turning off some of the services as some of us have already outlined as a stop-gap measure. Hopefully, we will see an update in a few weeks.