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bmhelb Level 1 Level 1

When I updated my iPhone to iOS 6 it got stuck on the "connect to itunes" screen and even when I connect it to itunes it does nothing. So now I can't get it off that screen. I can't use my phone at all. SO frustrating.

  • AnaMusic Level 9 Level 9

    Try Here  >  http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1808


    You may need to try this More than Once...


    Also, if the Device has been Modified... this will Not necessarily work.

  • bmhelb Level 1 Level 1

    Thats where I'm at. My itunes wont restore it

  • jbone8 Level 1 Level 1

    I had the exact same problem, stuck on the screen since I tried the upgrade. I tried everything for 3hrs and found Method 1 in this answer to work. Download iREB r5 and follow the instructions in Method 1.




    This just brought my phone back to life (everything still there) and out of the "connect to iTunes" screen, but still not recognised by iTunes. When I try to connect iTunes says "iphone cannot connect to itunes apple mobile device service not started". I'm leaving that challenge for tomorrow.

  • bp9451 Level 1 Level 1

    try a differnt computer with iTunes. Worked for me. once phone is up and running, go back to original to restore settings

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    I just went through this and found that all the apple sponsored solutions were bs.  Here is how i fixed the issue on my Windows seven computer.  I noticed that even though itunes was not recognizing my device, my computer was still making the device connected sound.  so i opened up printers and devices, and low and behold at the bottom was an unspecified device.  I right clicked it and hit trouble shoot, Windows told me a driver was needed and automatically fetched the driver and installed it. Literally as soon as the driver install was complete, itunes recognized my phone (which was already in recovery mode thanks to the solutions above) and recovered it from the cloud.  It actually recovered and completed the software update at the same time for the record.


    So there you go, give that a shot and save yourself a trip to the apple store.

  • gillianfromedinburgh Level 1 Level 1

    Just had this issue with the latest update (IOS6.1.3) and none of the apple solutions for restoring my phone worked.  As a last resort (only because I'm wary of 3rd party software doing anything with my phone), I followed Jbone8's advise and downloaded iREB-7.  Was fixed (Back to previous state, no update taken) within minutes!

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    If you recently updated iTunes or just installed it SHUT DOWN the computer leave it off for a minute and turn it back on. That may work. Also Jamboadams solution will work if your drivers are not installed correctly. Also you may try manually putting your device into recovery mode.


    Recovery mode: Unplug iPhone>Leave iTunes open>Turn off iPhone Manually>Once iPhone is offhold down your HOME button for roughly 15 seconds>KEEP holding the home button while plugging the device in> CONTINUE to hold the home button and wait for iTunes to pop up a message that says it as detected an iPhone in recovery mode. As a side note it is important not to let go of the home button till you see the message on your computer.


    Best of luck!

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    I have the same problem, but this time with iOS7, my iPhone doesn't work, the only solution I have read is this http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1808, unfortunately It doesn't work, actually I don't know what to do.

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    One of the fastest & easiest fixes to this issue is trying to re-connect your phone to your computer using a different USB port (if available). I tried everything on this thread and also wasted over 2 hours searching discussions on google and yahoo. When I called Apple, the first thing the agent told me to do was try connecting with another USB port because they are all configured differently. My phone was updated and restored within 15 minutes!!!

    Apple's tech support pages should have better visibility towards this easy one-step fix.

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    Connecting to a different USB worked for me! Some USB ports are tied together on the motherboard (I think, not a computer builder) so try plugging in on the other side of your laptop or maybe the back side of your desktop (which is what I had to do, to make Windows download the restore iPhone driver).

  • Rebnan Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you! this worked for me.  I tried 2 out 3 usb ports (after trying a whole lot of stuff recommended in Apple help) and it was so easy.  3rd port was on the other side.  Thanks again, you made my day!

  • kmw37 Level 1 Level 1

    New USB port connection worked like a charm...