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TheresaAJJ Level 1 Level 1

that is all.

  • caloosa4 Level 1 Level 1

    There's a free app available in the App Store called iFindView.  It's Google maps, and a better version on the one that was present in IOS5.

  • norman_bates Level 3 Level 3

    Google maps will still work via Safari. Just go to and it will have all the functionality of the old app

  • luc_le_belge Level 1 Level 1

    Google maps via safari has nothing to do with the old apple maps app...

    What a shame!

    No communication about that before the update to ios6!

    Thank you very much Apple.

    Good job !

    As that tool was my major interest (i bought my IPad therefore), I plan to sell my IPad and change to annother solution!

  • Rory Jacobs Level 2 Level 2

    Please find some small consolation in the following -

  • luc_le_belge Level 1 Level 1

    Apple should stop to take customers as dummies !

    I'm convinced that the new app is born to separate Apple from google!

    Pobably due to costs.

    But such an app without metadata, I wonder where is the interest!

    Concretely it's not usable anymore.

    Imagine I'm in a country and I search for a place to sleep!

    What do I do with my Ipad ?

    N O T H I N G.

    I just can put it on my head to prevent from rain!


    Whant a nice tool !!!

  • FelipeV Level 5 Level 5

    There are serveral solutions on iOS6 for your problem. Do a search on the forum and you will find them.

  • anilsudhakaran Level 4 Level 4

    Oh you have insider knowledge of apple and google negotiations. Good to know that. Stop being melodramatic.

  • luc_le_belge Level 1 Level 1

    No melodramatic.

    Just to understand the interest of such a regression !!!

    Not easy to understand that's why it's the only reason I can imagine. For the rest, I can't find any good reason to go backwards.

    But reading you. i'm sure you have good reasons to understand that, please let us know...


    Just a last hope for my case : I will restore my IPad and I hope to get back the old usable software

  • matttye88 Level 2 Level 2

    Not going to happen


    I'll keep using my sat nav until iMaps are usable.

  • FelipeV Level 5 Level 5

    luc_le_belge wrote:



    Just a last hope for my case : I will restore my IPad and I hope to get back the old usable software

    You can't. Sorry.

  • luc_le_belge Level 1 Level 1

    To Felipe,

    If you know where to find a solution, it would be better to give the link...

    Thanks for understanding

  • FelipeV Level 5 Level 5

    There are thousands of threads here talking about alternate solutions to the Maps problem. Do a search. Also you could always do a Google search as well and you will get solutions from various sources.

  • fromsouth Level 5 Level 5

    Apple doesn't. Google is separate, anyone with opinion is not dummy. Anyone who uses iPad as umbrella to my opinion is, what was that word? Please stop whining and use other apps. There are 650 thousand apps. One of them will do what you want. I hear complaints from ppl every day, that every new office edition, Microsoft started charging more for previously free feature. Apple builds up a new app from the ground, just not to move cost on us. Just like any computer user, if OS takes feature of the table, you go and find alternative. But with Apple customer it is different, the whine. That is the actual apple fault, creating customer base who can't think for themself. I drove yesterday using maps and directions. My gps needs to be updated 69 bucks. Maps are getting better as we speak and saving me money.

  • luc_le_belge Level 1 Level 1

    I'm sure I'm not understood!

    I don't know why I should have to serch for annother app...

    In the previous version of Maps, I selected an area, and after I searched for the letters "b&b".

    Then Maps, returned a lot of point of interest corresponding to my search.

    Now all have disappeared.

    Strange, all b&b stopped their activity ?

    No... The tool regressed ans is not able to respond to the service expected by the customers as in the past.


    That's all.


    And if you name that the progress, indeed we don't have the same values !

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