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    Bluetooth with my 2012 Subaru Forester does not stay paired and every time I get back into the car I need to go to settings and re-pair the i phone 5 with IOS 6. I also lost ability to control everything but the volume.

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    I have the same problems with my Beats Wireless connect to iPhone 5. Please fix

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    If anyone has a Camaro, here is how you pair the phone......



    To pair the iPod part of the phone it's under the Aux button. If its the phone part you want to pair, then it's under the config button-phone settings.

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    I am having the same problem with Parrot Mki9100 running 2.11 and iOS 6 on iPhone 5.  Is there a bug and/or software update coming to fix this??

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    For those with Pioneer Products:


    See the other post on this topic:





    Re: bluetooth music issues after iOS6 update


    Oct 10, 2012 7:19 PM (in response to nikB123)


    So good news to anyone else who has a Pioneer head unit. Pioneer has completed their compatibility testing of most of all of their newer head units using iOS 6 running on iPhone 4/4S and 5. So it looks like there is a clear AVRCP issue with a number of their head units (including mine unfortunately) for all iPhone models and it looks like Pioneer is planning to release a firmware update to address the issue, although an ETA has not yet been announced. Maybe this actually is an issue with the software on the other devices and not iOS 6. Either way Apple needs to be working more closely with device manufacturers to ensure compatibiliy with features prior to public release.


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    This seems like the tail wagging the dog surely its Apples update that has caused the issue with so many users of these products why can they not put the AVRCP issue right via an update this is ridiculous!

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    I am not clear how one would do a firmware upgrade on an in-dash Pioneer unit?  Do you have to pull the thing?


    Has anyone done this?

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    Well, first, there would need to be a fix of some sort, but I believe it would be done by downloading the patch to a thumb drive then sticking it in the USB port.

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    You're correct...the patch is loaded on a USB drive and then applied via the USB port on the head unit.


    I checked with Pioneer, and they have not released any updates.  Gentleman, we are dead in the water with our Bluetooth interface until an update happens.  If you wanted me to guess, I'd say that it's far more likely for Apple to get an update on backwards compatability for Bluetooth out sooner than Pioneer or the other manufacterers. 

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    They only updated the apps that work with the pioneer cable for iPhone but they haven't done anything about Bluetooth

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    Bluetooth doesn't work with iOS 6 and iPhone 5. I had iPhone 4S  with iOS 6 beta working flawlessly, but the release version on the iPhone 5 killed the functionality in my 2012 Lexus. I cannot believe this isn't a huge problem for thousands of users. Siri no longer works over the sound system either. Even tethered with the USB to Lightning connector it still won't work.

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    Hey APPLE, get your phone software fixed!  This problem affects a lot of different hardware units and it's simply not fair to your customers to leave this hanging for a month or longer. 


    Get the lead out, people.

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    Does anyone know if the Galaxy s3 is having this issue. I am getting rid of my iPhone because clearly apple isn't going to fix this issue with the Bluetooth audio.

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    I think u need to go to Galaxy s3 to ask that question. Not here.

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    Actually I can ask whatever question I want wherever I want. Thank you. If you don't like it then don't reply to my message