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    Same problem here, with the same head unit!


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    Trying to consolidate threads... please see here:

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    I can't either after upgrade and the new podcast app will disallow Bluetooth connections and Bluetooth device functionality; voice dial, last number dial and reconnect to car stereo.  You have to cancel the podcast app to start over/connect again

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    Pioneer Customer Service told me yesterday that Pioneer now has a firmware upgrade for my P8400BH car deck, BUT the agent said the upgrade required that I remove the deck and have a service centre upload it under warranty. I asked if it could be updated through the USB port on a thumb drive, and he said it had to come into service! 


    Any confirmation of this from anyone else?  Seems a stretch that we have to remove the deck!!!

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    I have successfully updated my NORTH AMERICAN Pioneer AVH-P2400BT using the file from Pioneer's website.  All meta-data is back, all controls are working as befor IOS 6.  The issue of "clogging" when switching from Music to Podcast (because of the new Podcast APP) seems to have been addressed as well.


    Pioneer's instructions for updating (Only available in Windows) are a bit kludgey, but if you read carefully, you can figure it out.


    I D/L'd the update file to a desktop PC running Windows XP.  I don't have a Windows product with Bluetooth capability, so I transferred the file to a USB thumb drive.  I used my wife's MacBook to do the updating, following the Pioneer instruction sheet TO THE LETTER.Also, to make sure there were no interference issues, I POWERED DOWN my iPhone COMPLETELY.


    When it came time to transfer the file from the MacBook to the AVH-P2400BT, I tried to drag-and-drop it from the thumb drive to the "update" folder in the AVH-P2400BT hierarchy.  That did not work - I did get a brief "transfering" dialog window on the MacBook, but nothing actually happened.  I had to use "Send File..." on the MacBook's Bluetooth menu and BROWSE to the update file on the thumb drive and the "update" folder on the AVH-P2400BT hierarchy.  The file began to transfer - That took less than a minute and the AVH-P2400BT display changed to "Updating" after the transfer was complete.  (Yes, there WAS a lost connection error message displayed on the MacBook, following the transfer - Pioneer's instructions say to ignore it.  It's logical, because Bluetooth would have to be turned off to be updated.)


    The "Updating" took a little over a minute, and the display went to "Completed".  After verifying the correct software version, I powered up the iPhone and tested it.  Thank you, Pioneer for taking care of your customers for an issue you didn't cause.


    I am still very disappointed in Apple for "breaking" Bluetooth compatibility.  Pioneer has made it right, but I know from reading all these forums that hundreds of other devices no longer function as desired or expected, and many will have no chance for a firmware update.

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    I just successfully updated the software on my AVH-2400BT (North America) using an early-2011 15" Macbook Pro over Bluetooth.


    Just make sure you follow the directions EXACTLY or you will error out.  It took me 15m with 3 failed attempts (not following directions precisely).  Should only take ~5min if you do it right the first time.


    The track data is back, and it even adds the Track Number info if you have correct meta-data engrained!


    Thanks Pioneer, for helping to restore this feature, as it was 90% of the reason I bought this headunit in the first place.


    Now, back to the music....

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    Glad to hear that some of you are seeing progress with Pioneer.  Unfortunately, my deck (AVH-3400BH) does not have a solution on their site yet...

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    Still ****** about this...and no fix for my deck yet.

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    Just wanted to say thank you for your posts on this. I successfully upgraded the bluetooth firmware on an AVH-2450BT, using the firmware upgrade for the AVH-2400BT (there is no 2450-specific upgrade listed). Am getting track info over bluetooth now. One question - do you guys get album art via bluetooth, before or after the upgrade? I don't, only via USB, but maybe that's how it always is/was I don't know.

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