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    I don't have time for this crap. My schedule is a total mess, and its taking all my time just to keep it all together. Apple broke this, Apple should fix it! And fast!!!!

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    iPhone restore, followed by restore from iCloud backup, worked for my iPad. Calendar invites tested and functioning normally now.

    Onto the iPhone.

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    Having same problem with our ipad2's and brand new iphone5's. As we are retired, and only use this to keep track of each other's appointments, we will just tell each other when we've set up appointments. The calendar entries are going on the calendars, but the notifications aren't bing received. We'll hope that companies trying to use Apple devices will put pressure on Apple to get this fixed. If its not working on iphone5's out of the box it's not an upgrade issue.

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    I have the same issue with my wifes iPhone 3GS and iOS 6. I did a complete reset from the phone last night and still have the same issue.


    Origional calendar invites are not sent, if you edit it immediately afterwards it is sent.


    For the guys that did the iPhone restore, did you do it via iTunes or on the device?





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    We are running Exchange 2010 SP2 and started seeing meetings where an attendee becomes the meeting organizer and declines the meeting which removes the meeting for everyone.


    Has anyone experianced this issue?



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    Yes. I have the same problem running my mail and calendar on iOS 6 using Google's exchange server.  I followed the instructions to change the date and then correct the date.  It sent out an updated invite for 1 out of 5 calendar events.  Major problem as it renders the calendar fairly useless for me.  I guess I'll have to resort to using Outlook on my work PC and inviting myself at my Gmail address.

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    I have noticed a couple of things that work differently since I installed ios6 on my iphone4.  First of all, I did a complete fresh install/restore. I too like the look of the new decline/accept/maybe buttons but find they don't always seem to respond. My primary beef however, is that it used to be that when you accepted (or any action for that matter) the email with the invitation would move to the deleted items folder, as it does in Exchange. This issue has nothing to do with Google sync, as I am not using that. I use standard Exchange (Active Sync).

    I have had other issues that I cannot recall accurately enough to report at the moment but they definitely have to do with sometimes finding that I have to accept the invitation on my iPhone and then again in Outlook on my PC.

    Almost all the invitations I get are sent from Exchange (either from a PC or a Blackberry user going through The Blackberry Server. I also get some from my wife's iPad. I will try to make a note of the source when I observe these different behaviors as I hadn't considered that to have been a possible cause.


    Either way, it doesn't work as efficiently as it did in ios 5.x

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    Have you figured out this issue?  We're having the same thing happen with Exchange 2003.

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    Same issue here - daughters ipod, ios 5.1, syncd via echange, initial calendar entry does not triger invitation - if the invite is moved it then triggers the invite.

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    I've also found this workaround. Enter new event and invite only yourself. Then edit event and put other invitees in. Then it sends the notifications. I can live with this until they fix it. But I'll say gain, if I were an IT manager trying to use iPads and iPhones in a company, this would be a deal breaker and I'd be screaming bloody murder at Apple.

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    Yeah were still expereiencing issues....were also on Exchange 2003 and spoke to Apple for about an hour. Tech 2 didnt know of the problem and the only way for us to get support is by paying $700!!!....


    Any ideas or thoughts????

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    Maybe we should start posting the problem on Twitter.  I've already posted it on Facebook, but most of my friends are technology-impaired.

    First we should "follow" every Apple related site and then post the problem.

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    Do any of you remember that when iOS 4.0 was released there was a bug that in some cases caused some Exchange users (I was one of them) to be subjected to various "hangs"?  If I remember rightly part of the issue was that Mail on the iPhone was polling the Exchange Server for so long that some Exchange hosts decided to disable users as it was clogging up their servers.  Now, just as then, Apple will almost assuredly, put out a 6.1 update that addresses this issue, or at least even a specific download for Exchange users which is what they did back then.  After all, iOS 6 was released a mere 14 days ago.  I can't remember what the lag was back then, but the purpose of postings such as these are to attempt to resolve issues and not spew venom.  The Wall Street Journal even brought this topic up in the past 48 hours which can be found here  The Internet provides a certain anonymity, a facelessness, that seems to make it easier for people to be negative than positive.

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    All that said, when ios4 was released, most companies were still using Blackberries. Now companies are trying to use iPads and iPhones.


    This is not a lag. This is not working. 14 days is a long time.

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    has anybody else raised this issue with apple support...?  I have done so about a week ago, and also pointed them at this support forum entry.....  but no update/no response so far....