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    Mac OS X

    Oh heavens I hope so. I raged so much that my favourite feature was crippled I almost did something stupid and joined amazon music.




    Bring on 6.1. Can't wait. I can now sleep tonight.


    Thanks Steve.

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    Mac OS X

    Sorry my bad. New to this forum. Normally the most recent news is on the last pages but here the answer is in the first. Ill have a better look next time.


    Also not sure how to edit my posts so replied to myself instead.


    Thanks again.

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    I have the same problem with "playlist management" I think.

    tokyoteacher wrote:


    Hi gmansc1 (and many other contributors)


    Similar experience. I've got an iPhone 4, using iOS6 and a subscription to iTunes Match. Despite activating all the switches one would logically use to prevent non-wifi downloads, my phone continued to download my library overnight and into the next day and in addition to depleting a full charge in hours, it wiped out an entire months data plan (never previously done before). I topped up with extra credit and that disappeared promptly. I was unable to use the phone for any internet based work for another two weeks until the next lot of allowance arrived. Very disappointed.


    Previously I had spoken to senior tech help for iOS devices re. playlist management. That issue was eventually resolved. Further problems, "big or small," I was told, "get back in touch." However, I tried, via email, with the problem I've outlined at the top of this mail, and I am still waiting.


    (Playlist management itself on iOS devices has become counter intuitive. In trying to remove songs from my phone, either because I wanted to change the music or had to create space, I inadvertently deleted playlists that in some cases had been built over years. I've included this particular matter not because it is irreparable, because it isn't, rather, it shouldn't have happened and together it adds up to a lamentable user experience.)


    Similarly then, I find the hassle of using iTunes Match are too great and the other issues - so many outlined in this thread by others, things like not knowing whether songs are being stored locally or not - have undermined my confidence in the iTunes Match system.


    Good luck,




    I created a 50GB playlist in itunes to sync most of my music to my phone. The idea being I could then add other music to my phone from musicmatch as needed. I made the mistake of trying to download the playlist from musicmatch after I had already added it via itunes. My phone was then full and still trying to download a 50GB playlist. This caused the music app to stop working and keep crashing. After resyncing and removing all my music the playlist is still trying to download from musicmatch. I have stopped it from dowloading by turning off "use cellular data" for music and turning of my wi-fi, but whenever I turn them back on it continues to try to download the 45 odd GB's of playlist left. My data plan is now throttled after downloading more than 5gb and I don't want to use up 45gb of my home internet usage either. How do I get it to stop downloading? I've tried resyncing and deleting the music fromn itunes but to no avail. I am not sure what else to do without restoring the phone. Any suggestions? Anyone else have a similar problem?




  • Michael Allbritton Level 6 Level 6

    iTunes Match downloads are managed by the iTunes app.


    Open iTunes, go to More > Downloads. This is where you can stop and delete downloads. However you'll have to do it one at a time.

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    I will definitely not renew my subscription to iTunes Match. The Apple mantra of simplify has gone too far. It's so simple a four year old child could figure it out...go get me a four year old child, I can't make heads or tails of it.


    Thanks to Groucho Marx

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    Check out the entire thread. Before you know it, the service will be exactly as it used to be again.

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    Mr. Luigi,


    I read your "dream" post and coincidentally had the same dream except there was a nightmarish fisheye image of an Apple executive telling me the new version of iTunes Match will be so simple to operate I won't need any documentation. I woke up trembling in a pool of perspiration.

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    Dear Unquity,


    No documentation!  I perspire AND weep. 


    BUT!!!!!!!!! I am optimistic about iOS 6.1.


    After all, Scott Forestall is gone.


    I would say more, but my last two post have been deleted by the moderators because I am registered as a developer.


    As it is, they will probably delete this too.


    I am in their crosshairs.

  • Unquity Level 1 Level 1



    I don't find it a bit surprising that you are in their crosshairs. I think it's wise to keep in mind that a corporation's stock-in-trade is deception, and that includes Apple. Removing posts is part of that MO.

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    I stumbled across a fix for this. I recently found 4 missing songs on my iPad that were not showing up. They were matched songs in iTunes. I found that each of these 4 songs were marked as "part of a compilation" (right click or control click the song in iTunes and click "get info", then click the "info" tab in the song window) I unchecked the "part of compilation" box. Next I went to the "Store" menu in itunes (in top menu bar) and clicked update itunes match, within a minute all the missing songs appeared on my iPad! At least this is a solution, but this is not ideal. I'm sure I have more songs missing but I will have to wait until I find them misisng to fix this since I obviusly cannot go through all 3000 itunes songs to look to see if the compilation box is checked! Hopefully Apple finds a work-around for this.

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    Finally, this issue is solved. iOS 6.1 has now been released. I have installed it this morning. Upon starting the Music app after the updated with iTunes Match still switched on, the big cloud icon appeared with progress bar. About two minutes later all of my missing artwork was there and I was able to swipe to delete albums  and songs. When turning 'show all music' on, I was able to download individual tracks.


    Finally, the service is working as it should. Thank you for fixing, Apple, and thank you for everyone that contributed to this thread.



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    Yes, if you read the release notes, it says

    - iTunes Match subscribers can *now* download individual tracks from iCloud.


    neglecting to add "like they could with iOS 5".


    Maybe they fixed the "March Madness" calendar problem, too.


    Now if only they fix that godawful podcast app, things will be almost as good as they used to be.

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    Actually, and I hate to admit this , but iTunes Match is now BETTER than it was in iOS 5.  Not only do we have the individual download and delete from the Cloud functionality back but let's not forget...we still have STREAMING!  Yeah STREAMING .  That came with iOS 6 (although it was confusing as heck at first...streaming cache, etc. remember).  Anyway, I just updated and confirmed that we are still go for streaming.  If you just tap on a song the Cloud icon remains.  It is not "truly and permanently" downloaded although it probably is still downloaded temporarily to the streaming cache.


    You have to tap the Cloud icon to "truly and permanently" download a song from the Cloud to your iDevice.


    Sweet Judy, I have died and gone to heaven.


    It's been a heck of a ride.


    See ya' gang.

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    And just to add to the love fest, if you have ITM off but with a bunch of music on your iphone, turning ITM on will not delete the music!!  This means that you can quickly load music the conventional way from IT on your computer to your phone, then turn on ITM to have everything else in the cloud available.  Very nice.

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    It's been that way since iOS 6 came out, at least it was one thing that that DIDN'T suck.