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    Thanks, great workaround. But APPLE bring back the old version of iTunes Match or i'm gone Also!!!

  • ericmc2009 Level 1 Level 1

    steve.lawrence I am very unsatisfied with the way itunes match is never explained.  When itunes match first came out I went into the Apple Store and 4 tech's couldn't explain it to me.  I finally found the answer on this website.  I completely agree with you.  If apple isn't going to give me control over my music then I just won't renew in December.  The music that I want on my phone really doesn't change that much.  So, I'd rather decide for myself whats on my phone instead of letting the phone think for me. 


    Additionally, I've only been an Apple user for about 2 years now.  With multiple screwy updates, and feeling like I've had the carpet pulled out from under me on a weird itunes update like this, I'm actually pondering (and I NEVER thought this would happen) the competition.  I love google maps and there are some great options out there that are genuine rivals to the iphone.  Apple!  Please try to keep me as a client, because I don't really want to break up, but I will if I have to. 

  • eng.logik Level 1 Level 1

    Is Apple crazy doing that ... probably it has some relationship with the new itunes .... I will not renewing it, if they don't solve that ...

  • samletuk Level 1 Level 1

    Hi all


    I realise a lot of the discussion on here is about iTunes Match on mobile devices, and I have experienced all what has been mentioned previously e.g. less control of downloading/redownloading tracks etc


    However my major complaint at the moment is that iTunes Match isn't working on iTunes 10.7. When iTunes on my Macbook Pro is trying to 'match' it just keeps looping when I finally get a 4002 error code. Looking at some forums on macrumors losts of other users seem to be experiencing the same issue. Therefore there are hundred of tracks in my library that aren't matched/uploaded yet.


    I have contact Apple Xpress Lane who stated to turn off Match and turn back on and try again. Still no joy. So waiting to hear from Apple again. Will keep you posted.




  • Mr. Luigi Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Jules,


    This may not work for you, but it has for me in similar circumstances.  When iTunes appears to be working and working on matching (or updating if it can't find a match), I don't wait for that error code to pop up.  Instead,  I have stopped the process.  Then I went to "Store" in the iTunes menu bar.  Then clicked on "Update iTunes Match."  For whatever reasons, that seems to force iTunes to finish the matching least for me.


    Sorry if this doesn't help, Mr. Luigi

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    I have an iphone 4 on which I could not delete music or get itunes match to update (big cloud with no movement in the progress bar) after upgrade to IOS 6.  After trying many other fixes I finally came up with this procedure : (this will delete all your local music).


    1) turn off itunes match on the phone

    2) power off / on

    3) connect to itunes

    4) on the phone summary page scroll to the bottom and check "manually manage music and videos" , don't click apply

    5) click music under your phone, there should now be a bar at the bottom for auto fill

    6) click settings in that bar, autofill settings box should pop up

    7) drag the slider to reserve all space for disk use, click ok

    8) you should get a pop up asking if you want to delete songs to make room for data, reply yes and all your local music will be deleted.

    9) click settings again and drag the slider back to 0, click ok

    10) eject your phone from itunes

    11) power off / on

    12) re enable itunes match on your phone

    13) itunes match should now be able to sync on your phone ( you will see progress on the big cloud icon)

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    Hi Mr Luigi


    Thanks for the info. I have tried that before and I'm sure it worked once for me, but tried it again last night with no luck. I'm just hoping that when the next release of iTunes occures in October, this problem will be sorted out.


    I'm still waiting for a second reply from Apple's Xpress Lane.


    I'll keep you posted.


    Thanks again



  • Jeff Artiss Level 1 Level 1



    I was having problems with iTunes Match not syncing to my two iPhone 4s. I noticed I no longer had the cloud icons under iTunes, so I resubmitted my iTunes Match request (running ML & iTunes 10.7). Once the task was finished reanalyzing my music collection I noticed that I couldn't access anything on my two iphones, but the iPad worked fine. I found this website and it fixed my problems. Thought I'd add it to the list of support. It worked on my two phones, so maybe someone else will benefit from it as well.

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    Hi Jules,


    Well, that's a bummer.  I'm finding that I have to "Update iTunes Match" almost every time now or else the iCloud status of any newly synced song gets stuck forever on "Waiting".


    I agree, I hope the next release of iTunes sorts things out.


    Sometimes, when I'm in a pessimistic mood, I get the feeling that Apple is intentionally trying to sabotage iTunes Match.


    1.  The service is unknown by most iOS users due to almost no promotion of it by Apple after it first came out.


    2.  The changes in the service in iOS 6 couldn't have been more counterproductive even if you tried.


    3.  The documentation explaining how the service works in iOS 6 is almost non-existent.


    4.  It fails to "play nice" with iTunes.  (I have way too many songs that fail to "match" even when they've been ripped from the "official, store bought" CD's that are also for sale digitally in Apple's iTunes library.)


    Despite all this, have a good evening...Mr. Luigi

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    I couldn't agree more. Hopefully things get sorted out sooner then later. I was rather frustrated when I suddenly had 0 songs on my iphone, and nothing was available. Ugh. I don't understand why the download a single song option is not available any longer either.


    I have also noticed songs that were available before no longer exist or I'm now missing tracks. Not sure what the solution is.


    Have a good night all.

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    Morning all,


    I spoke with an Apple Customer Rep last night on the phone who said the service wasn't good enough especially considering it was a paid-for service. Therefore I'm supposed to be having a Senior Engineer from iTunes Cloud phoning me later this morning. Will update you if I have any more news.




  • gmansc1 Level 1 Level 1

    @Jules -- since you'll have Apple's ear for a few minutes, perhaps you can tell them that the new implementation very much destroys the Airplay capability.  I used to airplay music from my phone to stereo, and it usually ran without a hitch.  However, now that we are supposed to run in this lame stream mode, there are long pauses while my phone tries to simultaneously download a song and send it to my stereo. 

  • Mr. Luigi Level 1 Level 1


  • jcmel Level 1 Level 1

    Why even launch a new OS when the service won't work. We might as well all join Spotify and I agree with several others here to canceling iTunes Match it clearly seems worthless if it won't work properly.

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    I feel exactly the same. If this is how it is going to be I will not continue using iTunes Match anymore. I mean it is now more complicated than syncing with iTunes.

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