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    People going from iPhone 4 to the 5 will notice a yellowy screen, the 4S had a yellowy screen also, this is because the iPhone 4 had a blue white screen, bluer screens looks ok with whites but its not great for representing real colours, if you look at a blue sky on the 4 is a bit pinkish where as the iPhone 4S and 5 show blue without a tint in fact the 5 has a better screen than the 4S and has been said to have one of the best calibrated screens in the mobile market, even better than some monitors.


    Obviously if its yellow horrendously then yes change it, but a lot could be to do with the transition to a warmer screen colour, even a proper calibrated HD TV screen looks warmer colour wise. This happened with the 4S, same posts same worries, so unless it looks like a yellow sweet wrapper its meant to be like this.

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    Every new model has this 'glue' line trotted out, and it isn't true - at least it doesn't cure over time. I bought the 4, 4s and now 5 and all had a yellow tint. I left the 4 and 4s for a couple of weeks respectively and they did NOT change. I got them swapped and each replacement was blue tinted! My 4s replacement was not 'warmer' than my 4 'replacement'.


    I compared about 10 4s side by side and 3 has a yellow tint and the rest were blue, but there were degrees of variation.


    In short, the tints will vary and uniformly yellow screens will not get better. We have to either live with it or take pot luck on an exchange.

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    Mmmmmm ...after a whole days usage and the feeling something isn't quite right....I'm NOT happy after reading different perspectives and will be calling my local Apple store in the morning! :-/

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    Then why is there such a huge difference between two units from the same batch? The store opened two DKXXX units. One had a horribly yellow screen and the other one which I subsequently picked had a neutral white screen. The serial numbers didn't differ by much.


    While I agree that not all screens are made at the same time, there's something else here that's also a big factor in these yellow screen problems. They can't point to the curing story for every single yellow screen problem.


    modular747 wrote:



    If it's all because of the glue curing, then how come there's such a huge difference between 2 new screens? They should all look the same.


    Wrong. The screens and the phone assembly are not all made at the same time, place or even by the same supplier.  The phones delivered 9/21 were assembled over a 6-8 week period (based on reported S/N in another thread here).  The "curing" time could be different by 2 months or more.

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    I had this issue too, I ran to Apple store and changed my phone. I think it's cheap assembly that causes this glitch.

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    Ok well i've waited 2 days. Where I am still getting used to using the phone i notice the issue less and less. But. Even now when I compare it to my 4. It's a massive difference in colour. I'll be going to the apple store probably on tuesday and see what they can do.


    The main reason I notice this, is that in my phone lock background I'm wearing a white shirt. Which looks perfect on the 4. Yet looks like an ivory shirt on the new 5.

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    I had a couple goes at that. Seemed to me like it worked, until I compared screens again. Lol

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    I cant believe Apple did this again!!


    We had a long discussion about this on iPad 3! Dont believe the lies about the glue thing. My Retina iPad still has issues and its half pink/greenish . I look at my friend's iphones and the screens are beautiful and the colors are sooo birght. Now that I decided on getting iphone 5 they implement this problem into the iphone 5's?


    What is wrong with Apple?! This kind of stuff never used to happen back in the mid-2000's and earlier. Even if a product had an issue, they are in the low percentages. Today consider yourself lucky if you get a correct color display.


    Look at this long discussion:

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    I compared my iPhone 5 to nearly every one of the couple dozen display iPhones at the Apple store where I had purchased mine. I also checked the Verizon kiosk nearby. Every screen had comparable white levels. Some where just a touch less yellow, some were just a touch more blue, some were just a touch more pink. None were as significantly different in the way that my iPhone 4's cool white level is from the my iPhone 5's, which appears to be calibrated to the D65 white point (matching my iMac 27"). While I slightly preferred some of the diplays compared to mine, they were all very, very close. Some of the screens appeared to have very slightly muted colors by comparison, though. This could be due to the difference between the LG or Japan (or Sharp, if they made it into the launch units) displays. I decided not to return or exchange my iPhone 5 since I didn't think that I would end up with anything significantly different.


    I tried the auto-brightness suggestion and it didn't have any effect on the white level of my iPhone. Likewise, leaving the display on with full brightness hasn't done a thing. As far as glue curing, I would only accept that as a reality if I saw actual blotches of yellow on my display. I believe that the white point calibration is intentional.

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    I bought 2 iPhone 5s both in 64 gig versions (at&t) at my local Best Buy Mobile on Friday night.  I get them home and put them side by side and low and behold, one is yellow/ivory looking compared to the other one which is perfectly bright white with a slight purple hue to it which looks way better and the way it should look and looks just like our iPhone 4 models.  We didn't have iPhone 4S models.  The one that is perfect is my wife's, while mine has yellow/ivory tint in the white areas when I compare them side by side in various brightness levels and in the settings menu where you can really see the difference.  I mean it looks terrible when you compare them side by side.  


    I did what others recommended and used the phone non stop so that the phone would get hot and so the glue can cure and no luck at all.  I made sure the phone got hot and used the phone for hours in the highest brightness levels.  When I compare them side by side, it still looks the same. 


    To make matters worse, I went to the Apple store last night and they said that since I bought the phone from Best Buy and not direct from Apple, they were unable to exchange it out for me.  I was so angry that I wasted all that time at the Apple store waiting to be helped and was pretty much turned away when I should have been prioritized, since I purchased a defective item.  I think I was there for 2 hours and even the Apple rep went to talk to his manager and nothing.  They refused to help me!  The Apple store told me to return the phone at Best Buy and then come back and buy the phone from them.  I had to leave with a defective phone.  Such crap!  Apple's customer service needs an overhaul to say the least!  They think that since their products are in such high demand, they can treat their loyal customers like that.   


    I spend $1000.00 on two new iPhones and Apple wouldn't stand behind their warranty for the product they made.  Best Buy didn't make the phone.  Best Buy simply sold me the phone!  Apple wouldn't honor their own warranty and I hadn't had the phone even 24 hours when I went to them for help! 


    In my household, we had 2 iPhone 4 models, now we have 2 iPhone 5 models, we have two of the new iPads (64 gig Verizon LTE versions) and 3 iPods.  I am starting to think about if I should still remain an Apple loyal customer.  This whole ordeal has really ruined what was supposed to be an exciting event getting new iPhones.  I will be sure to tell everyone about my ordeal!



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    I see a lot of forum discussion about this issue on a lot of web sites, but I don't see anything "official" from either Apple or any kind of site that has done testing on any of the alleged fixes. If its a glue issue, shouldn't some authoritative source somewhere have put up before and after photos? Does anyone know of such a site?


    I am very dissapointed that the two iPhone 5's (a black and a white 16GB) we purchased both are clearly yellow when compared to our iphone 4s. I'm willing to wait to see if it clears, but the glue excuse sounds like urban legend.



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    well i noticed the yellow screen too but on pictures all looks okay? wierd as i definetly see it on web pages etc. and it was worse on first day friday as i was #2 in line at apple by Yale University after waiting a good 9 hours. got white 32gbs ATT


    glad to seee it does seem to be going away.


    kind of crazy apple had no accessories case, screen covers, etc and verizen,att,best buy all had some???? i had used apples third pary for my 4s which sends an Apple gift card for $335 when I got my qoute and shipping. I see they are at $285 now. guess i'll wait for car charger, etc so i can use the card


    honestly after 3 days of use I do believe the yellow got a lot better on screen so maybe there is something to the drying although I have worked for GM for 17 years and our paint was dry went car was shipped and it was in shipping for awhile so anything would have dryed so don't really know which way to go on this claim of glue drying?

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    I have the iPhone 5 32GB black and it has a yellow tint! Real bad.


    I had this issue with the iPhone 4S and it did NOT go away over time! A certain percentage of iPhone diplays have a yellow tint.


    Apart from that the iPhone has scuff-marks at the bottom. So I have to return it anyways.

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    Here’s the answer: You can calibrate your iPhone with an app called "Color Profiles" to match the white screens and get rid of the yellow tint:



    So it’s not a glue problem, it’s a calibration problem and can be solved via software. BTW: Apple won’t let you use the software or bring an official patch. You have to find your way AROUND :-) (See video).

  • icon707 Level 1 (0 points)

    Here are other videos that proof, it’s a software issue:


    Color Profiles app



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