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    I sure hope not!!! The genius who helped me at the store clearly acknowledged that the interlacing on the screen should not be happening. I am going to get Apple to express ship me another brand new iPhone 5 as soon as they receive the iPhone that I shipped back to them. So far I have had 7 white box service phones and 3 retail new phones. I don't know why Apple can't get the Retina display right on the iPhone 5. The iPad 4th gen has a wonderful Retina display and so does the MacBook Pro Retina. I am going to keep trying.

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    After 4 years the same issue. After 3G and 3GS the iPhone 4 it was with yellow screen. After, i was lucky with refurbish iPhone 4 (Clear retina display with pure white colour). Recently I purchased an iPhone 5 and i have the same dissapointing feeling with low-cost display. I was unlucky. The customer care also dissapointing.  Despite the fact i believe when you buy one cellular so expensive quality control should be proportionate. I am switching to SAMSUNG Electronics and guess what? i am now a happy customer. I will never buy again an iPhone. It is unacceptable to buy an iPhone and got the feeling that playing in fortune game (supplier of screen) Good bye Apple.

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    I received another retail iPhone 5 in the mail today. The screen still has a yellow bias but the interlacing is not as noticable. I have come to the conclusion that all iPhone 5s manufactured in 2013 have these inferior displays.

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    OK, the plot thickens....

    Background:  I have two iPhone 5's.  One for work, one for personal.  My original iPhone for work was a 4 on Verizon.  I upgraded it to the 5 (from Verizon) when it was up for renewal.  That iPhone 5 from VZW had a PERFECT display.  The color was just right... no yellow at all.  That was a model A1429 locked on Verizon.  Moreover, the polarization on the glass was not a harsh 45-degree angle that is known to produce a blue, green, and often red tint on the screen when viewing through POLARIZED sunglasses.  When I got my personal iPhone 5, it was an unlocked A1428 model which I put a T-Mobile SIM into it.  The display was horrible.. yellow, bad polatization...just bad.  Went back to the Apple store the next day, had the sales rep look at my two iPhone 5 screens through my polarized sunglasses and agreed it was horrible... they replaced the A1428 on the spot with a brand new one... guess that..that was bad too... aftre the 4th brand new one they opened up, we found one that wasn't "that bad", but still noticeable with a greenish tint when looking through polizaed sunglasses (which are my prescription sunglasses as well).


    Fast forward 5 months to 1 months ago... the power button on my unlocked A1428 model started acting up..the "right" side of it would not activate the button (i.e. turn on/off the phone/display, etc).  Took it back to the store...they replaced it under warranty...the replacement one had another bad screen....I called the manager over to look at it and he said they couldn't help me.  After convicing him the issue was there, he said "We'll bring out just one more and open it....if it's better, you take it... if not,  you decide".   Well guess what, it was bad/ I kept the replacement they gave me.  Bummed!


    A month ago, I bought my wife an unlocked iPhone 5 from the Apple Store to switch her over from her crappy Nokia Lumia 710 (T-Mobile).  Hers had yet another bad display.  Mind you, when I say "bad display", the screen isn't as "yellow" as much as the polatization issue that I'm referring to.  I wear my prescription sunglasses when I drive and all the time outdoors and it makes it impossible to liik at the iPhone screen with a bad polization oin the display. 


    Apple sets the polarization on their iPhones to a 45-degree angle, but the polarization "level" is too harsh on some vs others.  Every unlocked model A1428 I've seen had bad polarization.


    I kept rueing the day that my perfect display A1429 Verizon iPhone 5 would have any issues.  The camera lens even got filled up with dust... but I dared not attempt to have it "repaired" or replaced....I simply dreaded giving up that iPhone with the perfect display.


    Well last week, the inevitable happened...that darned "bad right side of the power button" issue happened to my Verizon iPhone 5.  DANGINT!  I had no choice but to call Verizon and get a replacement under warranty.  The tech support rep on the phone was very understanding and I even directed him to threads on the 'net about the power button issue.  He RMA's the phone and ordered a new one.   I was really bummed as I was expecting to get another horrible display iPhone 5.


    Well it arrived today and gosh darnit...the display was ANOTHER PERFECT ONE!

    Now at first, I asked myself "what are the odds of that?"....but instead, I began to think.... are the UNLOCKED A1428's actually Apple's "SECONDS"?  Known quality issues that they sell in the stores and online?


    Now I've not yet tested with my sunglasses looking at a carrier-locked AT&T A1428 or one from T-Mobile or Sprint.  My brother and his wife both have carrier-locked AT&T iPhone 5' time I see them, I'll check theirs out. 


    But I'm starting to think that Verizon has the "Top Grade" units and the unlocked versions are crappy "seconds" that Apple had to get rid of vs destroying them.  Or that they even don't "know" they are bad because they certainly don't quality test EVERY unit.


    I know, quite a write-up, but I think I'm on to something.  I was blind-sided by my replacement Verizon iPhone 5 having another perfect display.  Totally unexpected.  Really suspicious.....

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    Hey Jimrod,


    Your method of color calibration with the color profiles app won't work for those of us with ios 7 at the moment right? Not until a jailbreak is available? Are you just not upgrading to ios 7, or is there some other way you are approaching this situation?


    Thanks in advance for any feedback you can provide!

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    Hi Christopher,


    I've upgraded to iOS 7 and lost the colour profile for now. It's a shame Apple can't just include something like this in the settings, it's extremely simple and would solve a lot of complaining and returns which they must at least be aware of judging by the number of swapped units in this thread. (of course most iPhone owners won't notice or care). I can't see it happening though sadly since that would be admitting the possibility of imperfection which Apple aren't keen on. :\

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    Thanks for the reply. Last week I purchased an iphone 5 from my local Verizon store and was somewhat dismayed to notice that it appeared dimmer and yellower than both my iphone 4 as well as the other iphone 5 models on display in stores. So I did some searching and happened upon this thread and several others on various other forums like macrumors. I followed some of the suggestions about giving the screen a few days to "burn in" and I took it back in to the apple store today to compare with the 5c and 5s's which have the same display.


    I was fully expecting it to still be dim and yellow in comparison, but to my surprise my phone actually appeared a tad bit COOLER than the display models (though the contrast might not have been quite as good). So either Apple changed the display models (which I feel is unlikely given that my visits were just a couple days apart) or my screen actually did get a bit cooler after several days of use. This is consistent with other posts I've seen where a guy measured his screen with a colorimeter and actually found that his screen did get a little cooler after a little while.


    But the fact remains that my Google search results still look more purple than they do blue. No bueno! So I may end up fiddling with the color profiles app once that is possible. Thanks for all the constructive posts everybody, I will follow this thread closely in the future.

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    Actually while we're on the subject: has anyone had a chance to look at the screens on the iphone 5c and 5s in comparison to the 5? From what I have been able to see, they appear to be warmer as well.

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    Very important! Look at what this guy did:



    It's with an ipad, but it's the exact same issue. I'm trying this on my ip5 right now. I will report back with results and pictures after giving it a few days.

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    Just put your i phone in the fridge for a few minutes until the yellow tint has gone worked for me its almost instant

    hope this helps new member.

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    put in in the fridge for a bit that will sort it

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    It's LG thier displays a cheap and low grade. Apple should just go back to samsung they know what thier doing. Sharp and japan display are good enough to stay as we'll.

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    That's true it's 100% bad supplier i had iP4 which had idal display pure white without yellow screen don't know if that was Samsung but comparing to other iP4 it was ideal. I sold this one and it was my worst decision but since iOS 7 he it was running very slow. Now even without comparing to old 4 I see that my 5 looks bad yellow I will not say how what. I have also 5S which is even worst then 5 only one case why I don't change to android is iOS, but even Ascend P6 got in menu possibility to regulate color temperature. When I had iOS 6 with JB and color profiles it was easy to set up good color tint now you can forget about it.

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    Thought I would add my experience to this post as I think I figured out what the problem is. My first Apple device was the 5th Gen iPod Touch.  I ended up buying the iPhone 5 a month or so after and immediately noticed that the iPhone 5 screen was a warmer color temp than the iPod Touch.  The iPhone 5 had a duller yellowish tint to it and I spent a week desperately trying to ignore it  But deep down I was annoyed that a way more expensive device had a lower quality screen.


    FInally I sold the iPod Touch and was too busy enjoying the iPhone to think about it anymore.  Months later once I had forgotten about it,  I randomly realized that the iPhone 5 screen was perfect and looked really nice.  It was bluish, bright, and reminded me of the iPod screen.


    I figured that maybe it was just because I didn't have the other screen next to it to compare anymore...


    But fast forward to today:  I just received my iPhone 5S to replace my iPhone 5.  What do you think happened?  The 5S screen was warmer than the iPhone 5 and had a yellow tint to it.  I once again found myself annoyed and contemplating whether I should go to the Apple store this time and get it replaced.


    But then I started thinking that MAYBE this whole concept of "burning in" the screen is true.  Simply because my iPhone 5 screen  looks perfect to me and the 5S looks yellowish.  Yet when I first got it the iPod Touch screen looked perfect,  and the iPhone 5 screen looked yellowish.


    So I'm thinking maybe every screen starts out with a yellowish tint and naturally burns in over time.  But the only people noticing it are the ones comparing an old device to a brand new device. 


    I know that most people sell their old phone before buying a new one.  So not many people actually have both devices to do a comparison with.  They are usually concerned with just swapping them and so their screens naturally burn in over time and they never notice it.


    I always keep my old device until the new one arrives since I need access to my phone at all times.  So maybe that's why I noticed it?

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    I also have the same issue. I bought my 5s and the screen is not as white as the other iphones that my friends have. The problem is, i cant return it right away because im working on the ship and it's not  possible to have a shore leave anytime