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  • V.S. Level 1 Level 1

    That *****. I'm sorry about your horrible experience. I've gone through five total iPhone5's. I've gone to the store twice. I might try one last time, but after that if I still can't get a phone...I might be forced to admit that I need to buy a totally different phone.

  • Chris092881 Level 1 Level 1

    I was just reading the article below and I got sick to my stomach. I actually almost vomited. Look at all those happy people with their iPhone 5's in hand. My experience has been anything but that so far. I'm still waiting for someone at Tim Cook's office to get back to me. Yeah, right.


  • chocogummybear Level 1 Level 1

    they didn't let you look at the phone to make sure it was free of defects before you walked out of the store with it?

  • Anthrax82 Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah also looking the pics of the so called happy customers makes me pretty upset. Im sure a lot of those opened those brand new iPhone's and found scratches and dents. Those smiles turned to frowns for a lot of those customers once they arrived home. Crazy how a few people paid $1500 to have the first spot in line. Wow pretty pathethic. Only to arrive home and see dented and scratched phones. I bet afterwards those guys were pretty upset they paid to have first dibs in line after they seen they crappy quality of the dented and scratched iPhones

  • anuragrsk Level 1 Level 1

    A company who vouch for aesthetic product design is now hiding there design flows. My iPhone 5 is showing scratches in normal daily usage in just 2 week. Forget about the other issues. It seems that apple is losing its stream and throwing half baked product to consumers for there money.


    My 3GS does not had any issue with any app or any scratch in more than 3 years.


    What a point in having a beautiful device which keep on loosing its esthetic value on daily basis.


    On top of it apple store guys are interested in keeping device operational only any way what else they can do if the very product is having design flaws.


    I do not know what to do with this phone.

  • cholifoli87 Level 1 Level 1

    I never imagined myself buying anything other than Apple, but you have to do what you have to do. I guess we will see how the Note 2 turns out, as I preordered one at full retail pricing. Not sure about Android so I chose to be without a contract until I know it is something I can tolerate. I truly hope that Apple will do better next time, but I am not holding my breath at this point.

  • cholifoli87 Level 1 Level 1

    @chocogummybear They don't care that it comes with scratches out of the box. They told me that it should not be that way, but in the same sentence tell me that scratches do not make it defective. Allot of people were offered service part phones that looked even worse. I was denied a replacement even though mine had scratches as well as a static noise in the ear piece and was getting hot. The stores around here are being horrible about this. Not to mention treating their customers like **** when they go in asking for help.

  • Chris092881 Level 1 Level 1

    I am giving Apple one more shot with the iPhone 5. If I get the next one and it's scuffed up/dented badly I'm returning it to VZW and asking for another device. I'm not going to repeat this process 4 or 5 times as many here have done. Sure, things can happen once in awhile. But this is clearly happening FAR too often. I have better things to do than hang out at the Apple Store while they debate amongst themselves over what to do about replacing my phone, or on the phone with VZW customer service reps exchaning iPhone 5 after iPhone 5. No thanks, I'll pass. My next step if this doesn't work out is the Moto Droid Razr M or the Droid Razr Maxx HD. It's a shame too. Because underneath all the issues the iPhone 5 could indeed be a fantastic device. It's just not fantastic enough to endure all the headaches for. And that's the bottom line.

  • Chris092881 Level 1 Level 1

    As a sidenote to acquire the iPhone 5 from VZW I had to:


    Pay $199 for the device itself (16GB)

    Pay $35 simply to upgrade to the iPhone 5 (VZW Upgrade fee)

    Lose the unlimited data plan I've had for the last 6 years


    The best the folks at the Apple Store could do for me was to replace my day old iPhone 5 that had a defective camera and two cosmetic defects out of the box with a service parts phone? No thanks.

  • cholifoli87 Level 1 Level 1

    I don't blame you, accepting a service parts phone for something so new can be hard to stomach. I think I have easily spent $200 in gas driving all over **** and back to exchange/return these iPhones. I cannot do it anymore, especially not when Apple is pretending these issues do not exist. If Apple would admit they are wrong and work to fix the problems, I would consider just using the 4S until they straighten things out.

  • D'Mak Level 1 Level 1

    What Apple claims: "iPhone 5 is made with a level of precision you'd expect from a finely crafted watch--not a smartphone."


    What I received from the Apple Store: iPhone 5 32GB Black (AT&T) with visible scuffs on the reverse side, but most noticeably, a finger nail sized smudge under the glass near the earpiece. Returned and waited 3 weeks to reserve a new one to pick up in store; refused to accept a service part within my 30 day return policy after paying $600 for early upgrade. 2nd iPhone had machine scratch on bezel, scuffs near the headphone jack, a small nick on the edge of the glass screen, and a chip on another side of the bezel; I noticed these right after opening the brand new phone at the Apple Store before even turning it on. Notified manager and she promised to call me when a new iPhone was in stock. I picked up my 3rd iPhone replacement today and immediately noticed a deep gash on the bezel near the bottom of the phone as if it was dropped onto chunky asphalt. The manager was very accommodating and replaced it one last time. I'm on my 4th iPhone 5 and noticed various scuffs on the bezel around the phone, and again, this phone has a similar smudge as my first iPhone 5 under the glass screen near the earpiece; back to square one.


    I am returning my iPhone 5 today and will not be purchasing another Apple product as long as the quality control is so poorly handled. I have been a loyal Apple customer for over 5 years and I am very disappointed.

  • AdemB Level 1 Level 1

    Im on my 4th iphone too and this one has scrathes on the back all over the place, Looks like ill be returning mine too.. im sick of driving to the apple store for 2 hours!

  • KiwiAdventure Level 1 Level 1
    Apple TV

    Why don't you guys tell Apple we will be back for a replacement iPhone 5 once Apple has better quality control and just use the iPhone 5 you have until this happens. It seems ridiculous going bank to the Apple store time after time. 


    All the iPhone 5's I've seen in New Zealand and Australia have been perfect.

  • iinami Level 4 Level 4

    KiwiAdventure wrote:


    Why don't you guys tell Apple we will be back for a replacement iPhone 5 once Apple has better quality control and just use the iPhone 5 you have until this happens. It seems ridiculous going bank to the Apple store time after time. 


    All the iPhone 5's I've seen in New Zealand and Australia have been perfect.

    what if their return period and/or warranty is up before the problem is solved?

  • bheiser1 Level 1 Level 1

    That's essentially my position too. I haven't upgraded to the iPhone 5 yet because I'm reluctant to do so until this issue has been resolved. I don't want to get caught up in this cycle of returns & exchanges.  If it doesn't get resolved I will just stick with my iPhone 4.  It still works fine, just a little sluggish at times, and of course lacks LTE...  But it looked like new out of the box, and still does today, almost 2 years later.

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